tyre wear

  1. D

    Excessive tyre wear

    I have a Caravelle 2019 executive 204bhp and it seems to wear out tyres very quickly, i now have winter tyres on the front and the FNS in is basically falling to bits with pieces dropping off it....any advice as new to the forum ??
  2. Neil Stichbury

    Epic Tyre wear

    Hi all, I've got a 2018 T6 4Motion Multivan running 20" wheels and 245/45 tyres. My issue is with rubbing the edges off tyres in no time at all. Regular wheel alignments, correct pressures but man do I go through tyres. I assume this is not just my problem. Question is has anyone upgraded...
  3. 18T6

    Mileage on fronts

    Hi, still got the same hankooks the van came with, but what sort of mileage are other getting out of them please.
  4. T

    Tyre hum or wheel bearing...

    Evening all. My 2016 LWB T32 has had an annoying hum from the rear since I purchased it last year (and probably earlier...). I noticed on the long drive home but wasn't too concerned as a hum from the rear can only really be tyre or wheel bearing related. With new alloys on the list of mods I...
  5. S

    Tyres Wearing Out Too Soon!?

    Hi all, I have a T6 high line and I had it lowered when it was getting converted. However, I have changed my tyres (all 4) twice in a period of 2 years. Is this right or is my van not lowered or configured correctly? I have used my van for various trips around the uk and a long one to Croatia. I...
  6. Insert Coin

    A Painful Reminder To Check Those Wheels/tyres!

    So after @BognorMotors fitted my beautiful BBS wheels, they did a 4 wheel alignment, really thorough job which included taking off my ABT snow plough to ensure the alignment was 100% spot on. I'd covered about 8,000 miles when the new wheels were fitted. I took the van in for a service about...
  7. BognorMotors

    20” Tyre Pressure

    Hello all On 275/35 and 265/40 applications we’ve always gone with and recommended 40psi all round. Recently we’ve been experimenting with different pressures. We’ve had two t32 Kombi s running Bilsteins and 265/40, one on 36psi and the other on 40psi. Both have covered 12000 in a year. The...
  8. Stay Frosty

    Going Faster Around Corners...

    Right, I've had the B14s and 18" wheels (Momo Revenge 8.5 x 18" std ET) then H&R ARBs so now go round bends to the point where all of the campervan accessories ie. pots, pans, kettle and cutlery are turning into debris in their respective cupboards, thing is after a couple of thousand miles it's...
  9. Wildcamper

    Rear Tyre Wear

    Hi all, first post Have an 18 reg LWB T6 T30 DSG van conversion, converted from new. After only 12000 miles the tread on the rear passenger side is down to 3 mm while all the others are at 6mm wear. Van serviced by VW and all the tyres maintain pressure which is checked weekly. Van supplied...
  10. Gavin Mac

    Standard 16's Tyre Help... Please!

    Hi, Got standard 16'' alloys, with the hankook's on and all 4 need replaced after 13000 miles (approx) Looking for recommendations for a replacement that will maybe last a little longer? I'm rubbish at this stuff and the van has 1 illegal tyre so the OH doesn't want to drive it! Not sure if...
  11. Stay Frosty

    Lowering And Wheel Alignment Issues?

    I know I shouldn't ask as ignorance is bliss but after reading a few threads and with barely a month to go until dropping my camper by 50mm and fitting 18" wheels I'm wondering if that will be the last time the wheels all point in the same direction? The van is a T6 T28 and sits miles in the air...
  12. Neil Nicholls

    Weird Noise

    I have a weird sound going on, with my 204. Between 45-55 there is a noticeable drone, sounds like gearbox or axle whine. It happens again between 85-95 I`ve knocked the box into neutral, and that makes no difference, same sound. I`ve not run it back to Vw yet, as I don`t want to be fobbed off...
  13. JimVee

    Tyre Wear consistent with mileage?

    I have a Gen 6 Caravelle which I use as my daily car so does around 100 miles a day to work and back. it runs on OE 18's and empty about 99% of the time with the odd heavy load in it, I drive it like a normal car and it regularly sits at 70 mph ;) where allowed or usually within the speed...
  14. Dave Coughlan

    Tyre Wear on outer edge

    Hi all, Front left eating the outside of the tyre. Tracking and pressure are 100 %. Any ideas anyone ? 2017 T6 4 motion 12000km on Devonports. Thanks