1. Oldrat

    S5 tracker needed

    I’ve already got deadlocks and a ghost auto watch immobiliser, so I think that it’s well protected. Insurance quotes are asking for an S5 Thatcham tracker. So far I’ve got a Metatrack at £429 install and £150 pa Can you get a category S5 cheaper?
  2. Andyman

    For Sale Tracking devices

    Happy weekend!! just testing the water, I have some portable tracking devices that I have previously used to keep an eye on some assets, seeing if there is an interest in selling them on, all but brand new They are magnetic device, can be controlled by phone computer iPad whatever, require...
  3. RayF

    Meta Trak

    Does anyone have any experience of using Meta Trak S5 tracker? Are you happy/unhappy with it? :thumbsup:
  4. Vanda

    Cat 5 Tracker Recommendation

    hi I want to put a cat 5 tracker on my van. Anyone got any recommendations or advice? Thanks
  5. Ricardo T

    GPS Tracker, self fit....any good?

    Morning all, Have not done any research on self fit trackers but came across this one on a Micks Garage email....does anyone know if they are any good? Could you use a pay as you go sim?...and would it cover Europe...
  6. A

    Black box found

    Any idea what this is ? Found taped inside roof lining rear of van T6
  7. T6Jay

    Tracker Sim Card

    Can anyone recommend a sim card for a GPS tracker. Obviously I want the cheapest and best :) On a similar subject, the tracker has a relay output which can be used as an immobilizer. Where would I connect this (T6.1), fuel pump? starter relay? or somewhere else? Is it best to prevent starting...
  8. DarrenTT


    Hi, have any of you out there experience of the above tracker? I’m have a ghost 2 fitted to my t6.1, apart from towing the van or sticking it on a low loader is the extra expense necessary? What price for peace of mind?
  9. DarrenTT

    T6.1 security - We Connect tracker.

    Hi all, has anyone started using the We Connect as a vehicle tracker? Is it any good or have you installed a stand alone tracker? Or have I misread the blurb on the vwcv website. Is the standard alarm and immobiliser thatchem approved on the highline? lots of questions as lookingat insurance...
  10. andthedogcomestoo

    Any Insurers Happy To Accept Ghost Immobiliser Instead Of A Tracker?

    Just upgrading my policy from panel van to camper following a Bilbos conversion and current insurers are insisting on the fitting of a tracker. Having looked at the various Security threads and posts on the site it seems that Ghost Immobilisers are preferred by several T6 owners and obviously...
  11. D

    Cantrack Price Increase

    Hi I have had a CanTrack tracker fitted to my van since new (2 years), I bought the device which is self contained no wiring and has a 7 year battery life. You have an annual subscription to pay last year it was £87.98, however I have just had my renewal and they are now asking £178.70 which...
  12. Mickymiff

    Security Tracker.

    Hi all, Im about to get my van soon and was wondering if anyone has had a tracking device fitted to there van or done one themselves? Are they hard to fit? What is the cost of these? Is it worth getting one? If not fitted by oneself and recommendations on people or firms that fit them?
  13. Sabre

    Scary Stolen Van

    Just wanted to let you know what a tracking company recovery team found whilst going to recover one of their stolen vans. Once your van gets to this sort of place you aint gonna get it back, at all! and nothing will save it. :eek: (:smug:) no other tracker company was able to find this but these...
  14. Daviesmd

    Help Wiring A Relay For The Fuel Pump

    hi I am in the process of installing a tracker in the van and it comes with a relay to disable the fuel pump. Has anyone wired this in and if so how do I do it?!