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  1. T6Jay

    T6.1 Lock button for sleeping / leaving dogs inside / windows open How-To Guide

    I need a button in the rear of the van to lock the doors, without arming the alarm, as many seem to have fitted on the T6. Credit to @Willoughby for figuring this out on the T6 here; https://www.t6forum.com/threads/locking-doors-from-the-back-of-the-van-stop-me-before-i-do-something-silly.3939/...
  2. paulfr

    Tailgate wont open.

    I know what is causing it (had a broken window in the back and it's the glass chip's getting into the mecanism),But does any one know how to disable the lock mech?It's a converted van so can't get anywhere near the back without taking out the bed!
  3. A

    Tailgate, open from inside?

    Stupid question #1 of 1: Is there a kit or modification that can be fitted/done so one can unlock and open a T6 tailgate from inside? Would prefer to be able to do it from 'above bed level'.
  4. Dannyb6467

    T6.1 power tailgate - internal release switch??

    Evening folks. Can the electric tailgate be opened from the inside but from the back? Not using the drivers door mounted switch or key fob? If not, can a switch be put into the card and does anyone have experience of what wires to splice into? TIA Danny
  5. Montecha

    Tailgate won't unlock - what am I missing ???

    I've been trying to fix my tailgate lock for a number of weeks, and I'm now totally confused ! Maybe a couple of times late last year, it wouldn't unlock straight away, but then by pushing the door down into the latch slightly, it would eventually give in and work. I then had a flat battery...
  6. N

    I have an issue with my tailgate release

    Hi. I have an issue with my tailgate release. It doesn’t work! However, bizarrely, if I hold my fingers on the release ‘panel’ for anything between about 30 seconds and 5 minutes (!!) it suddenly opens! Can anyone please offer any advice on how I can diagnose the fault and maybe fix myself...
  7. A2dczealous

    [Guide] Tailgate switch retrofit How To Video

    Hi all, I’ve made a video on my YouTube channel to show how to retrofit a tailgate switch to open it from the inside, take a look and subscribe if you like what you see Cheers, CDAT
  8. CaptainZag

    Tailgate opens from the inside but not the outside?

    My T6 Shuttle Tailgate has just today stopped working i.e. I cannot unlock it from the outside, but I can press the OE button on the inside of the tailgate and it will open? If I try to open it using the keyring (either the open van or open tailgate buttons) the indicators flash. The doors all...
  9. Loz

    T6 Rear Lid Door Release Switch & Motor Wiring Diagram 2016

    Rear lid door release switch and motor circuit diagram Handy diagram showing button connections for internal and external tailgate release switches VIP Membership is required to download this document
  10. A

    Replacing External Tailgate Release (internal Works Fine)

    Hi all, I have a 2015 T6, disabled-taxi conversion. It has electronic latch release on the tailgate, both internal and external switches. External release has been a bit temperamental of late - sometimes needed 10+ tries to get it to release - but internal switch still works fine. With a powered...
  11. J

    Tailgate Lock Has Died - Open It From Inside ??

    Help please? I have a Transporter Kombi T6 (March 2018). The tailgate lock has stopped working. When I pull the tailgate handle I hear a short electronic buzz, but it doesn't unlock. Couple of questions: 1) Is there a way of opening the tailgate mechanically from the inside (bypassing the...
  12. Genuine-VW-T6-T5-Switch-Tailgate-Locking


  13. D

    Failed Electronic Tailgate Release On 2016 T6

    Hi. Can anyone help me fix my tailgate? My van is a conversion (van with windows) that only has the external latch. When I operate the external handle nothing happens - there is no whirring sound as there should be, and the tailgate does not release. The button on the remote does nothing either...
  14. S

    tailgate - opening from inside?

    Hi, has anyone done a mod to be able to open the tailgate from inside? whilst I've been converting the van we've had the panel off so it's been easy and practical to be able to do this... i would therefore like to do it for when we camp in it! Anyone done this on the T6? Is there a part number...
  15. DSCN4758


    Rear lid internal opening switch.
  16. Willoughby

    Locking doors from the back of the van. ~ Stop me before I do something silly

    Hi All Soooo. I have a long weekend and plan to do some bits and bobs on the van to make it more of a camper. One of them is to have a go at adding a secondary central locking lock/unlock buttons for the back of the van. Plan is to tap in to the switch on the driver door and run a switch in...
  17. A

    [Guide] Retrofitting an internal Tailgate release switch

    To make up for my idiocy on the H4 thread, I thought I'd post how I added an internal tailgate release in case it's any help to anyone else. My tailgate has a fibreboard covering, don't know whether it was standard or whether the converters removed another panel and replaced it with this...
  18. Willoughby

    Retrofitting Tailgate Handle and Switch

    Hi Team My plan is to convert my van in to a camper and I would like to add a handle to open the tailgate from the inside and a switch to lock/unlock all doors. Something like this, (Pic pinched from google) Preference would be Lock = Lock all doors. Unlock = Unlock tailgate and Sliding...
  19. L

    Alarm Movement Sensor - disabling for sleeping / leaving dogs / windows ajar [thread merge]

    Hi all, Couple of questions: 1) Is it possible to disable the alarm if locking from the inside? 2) If we lock the van with the pop top up, is the alarm likely to go off? Appreciate any advice. Cheers Lee ————————— Answer