1. ahobden

    Stop/Start error after pressing the button !

    Hi all, I’m after some advice if possible please, I’ve a 2016 T6 Startline 130K miles, has been running like a dream, start / stop working with no issues. Sat at some traffic lights the other day with the engine running, I pressed the start/stop disable button - I was fiddling, I didn’t know...
  2. H


    Hi . New owner of a T6 sportline DSG . I’ve had the engine completely shut off when the stop function (start / stop) has kicked in . Once with semi low fuel (light just come on) & once when fuel was 1/4 tank . Can anybody shine a light on this? Cheers
  3. RattyMcClelland

    [Resolved] Start stop error/alternator charge issue ongoing

    I've been chasing my tail with this issue for over a year now. Literally spent a couple of thousand trying to sort it and it still won't fix the issue. The garage I use are at a loss too. I have a start stop error on the dash. Also, if I start the van and let it idle, it won't charge the...
  4. Fazzybear75

    Disabling start/stop radar link

    Can the link between start/stop and the radar be disabled? In traffic my t6.1 starts up when the vehicle in front moves, even if its only a few inches, I’m then sat there with the engine on for no reason. My Passat only re-starts when I depress the clutch, which I prefer.
  5. B

    Auto start stop not working

    Hi all - first time T6 owner here (camper conversion) so not up to speed with the T6 idiosyncrasies so may ask silly questions for a while! Got a 2017 highline and the auto start stop function never works. I’m not too fussed about it but in other vehicles it can be an indicator of a different...
  6. T

    Can I refine the Stop/Start threshold on my DSG?

    I like the option of stop/start but is there any way of adjusting the sensitivity? Fine coming to a halt, but when you restart lift the brake and away you go with a judder, just doesn’t seem very refined.. Using a DSG box..
  7. M

    Stop/Start and Regen algorithms?

    Hi folks, I'd like to know the algorithm for the Stop/Start feature and the Regen. My Stop/Start is so random I can't work out why it seldom cuts in. It also regens 3 or 4 times per tank. It would be nice to know why. Can anyone shed some light please? T6 2016 140 DSG camper conversion with...
  8. S

    What is this on my dash?

    I don’t have a manual, feel like Uber noob It’s the one that with A and OFF next to it the other is parking :)
  9. A

    Won’t start. No fault codes

    Good evening guys, Im wondering if someone could help, I have a 2018 t6 transporter engine code CXGB with 118,000 on the clock van would crank but would not start, i was told to get the injectors tested as an independant mechanic said it sounded as if it was not getting fuel, got the injectors...
  10. Z

    Battery IBS cable

    Is ok to leave the IBS cable disconnected from the battery negative? I have a voltage sensitive relay for charging my secondary battery and the mechanic told me with this cable off I'll have costant voltage (transporter T6 2015). Thanks
  11. X

    Error code 02252 - Battery Generator - error stop start on dash

    hello i have a 2017 transporter t32 shuttle and when i got it, it had a stop/start error code come up on the dashboard i read the fault codes and it has 2 that keep comming back 01 Engine Control Module 1 U014000 Lost Communication with Body Control Module 5F Information Control Unit 1...
  12. mrmortar

    T6.1 VCDS to tweak stop/start behaviour

    I have VCDS that I use on another VAG vehicle and was able to make adjustments to some parameters that the stop/start function operates; essentially changing the temperature range so stop/start will only work when the ambient temperature is between 49-50 degrees. In my region it rarely gets that...
  13. F

    Stop/start not working even with new battery.

    2018 T6, smart alternator. I have the message coming up on the dash at ignition on "Stop/start error", but with no faults showing with OBDeleven. Stop start was working fine up until I had a battery go flat a couple of times. S?S stopped working then, and hasn't worked even with the new batter...
  14. Brindle

    Amplifier cutting out with start stop.

    Hi, really annoying intermittent problem, my amplifier (Alpine RA-90) intermittently cuts out for a second when the stop start re-starts the engine, probably happens about once every 4/5 times. It’s got a direct 4AWG feed from the battery and earthed properly and the switch wired comes from...
  15. K

    T6 low battery after only a couple of days

    Hi, I've been having various problems with my starter battery over the past year and am not sure what to do next. The 2016 van was converted and a VSR was installed by the chap who did the conversion, which I've come to realise isn't suitable for a van with a Euro 6 engine. I replaced the...
  16. dejansuc

    T6.1 Start Stop Memory module

    I just bought "Start Stop Memory module with SERVICE MODE! / Start-Stop SSA memory". Color codes on T6.1 are different from T6, T5.. Does anyone know, which wire on T6.1 is signal, acc/ignition and gnd?
  17. Paddy00000

    Stop/Start restarts the aftermarket head unit

    Hi, I wonder if anyone might be able to give me some advice here. I recently bought a T6, I had the headunit changed to a Pioneer because I wanted SatNav, I'm finding that when I'm pulling up at lights and the engine stops that the headunit also switches itself off only to restart when I take...
  18. rod_vw

    Stabilised Voltage Supply For Dash Cam?

    I have a Mio MiVue 6Series dash-cam which although nothing very clever does all that I want. To enable the camera to come on whenever the ignition is on I have fed it via a USB converter module hidden in the dash its outlet just available under the front lip of the dash tray. The module is...
  19. C

    Brake Failure!!

    I have a 19 plate kombi and this past weekend was out and about working in storm Ciara and after driving through plenty of large puddles in heavy rain i came to a junction to turn and was surprised to find my brake pedal was rock solid!! like i had zero vaccum and i sailed past the junction...
  20. TIPI

    Blue Motion Charging Hack

    Hi People, New member here, I've had my t6 2 years now and have odd issues with battery going flat over a few months of short journeys etc so I wonder if you could just disconnect sensor on the neg post of battery so alternator charges battery all the time? I've had battery and van checked and...