1. Jaschofield1

    Error Start stop.

    Just had a door lock problem so after some advice disconnected the battery to see if any errors were cleared. Errors on the door lock have gone. Job done. BUT I now have “Error start stop“ a few seconds after turning on the ignition. Been to the van centre. no faults on diagnosis. Told it...
  2. Paddy00000

    Stop/Start restarts the head unit

    Hi, I wonder if anyone might be able to give me some advice here. I recently bought a T6, I had the headunit changed to a Pioneer because I wanted SatNav, I'm finding that when I'm pulling up at lights and the engine stops that the headunit also switches itself off only to restart when I take...
  3. rod_vw

    Stabilised Voltage Supply For Dash Cam?

    I have a Mio MiVue 6Series dash-cam which although nothing very clever does all that I want. To enable the camera to come on whenever the ignition is on I have fed it via a USB converter module hidden in the dash its outlet just available under the front lip of the dash tray. The module is...
  4. CarpyT6

    Stop Start Error

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked before, had a look on the forum but couldnt see anything. I'm getting a stop start error when i turn ignition on, have used my obdeleven app and no faults are being found. Apparently the battery was swapped before i bought the van (t6 highline) i was told...
  5. C

    Brake Failure!!

    I have a 19 plate kombi and this past weekend was out and about working in storm Ciara and after driving through plenty of large puddles in heavy rain i came to a junction to turn and was surprised to find my brake pedal was rock solid!! like i had zero vaccum and i sailed past the junction...
  6. TIPI

    Blue Motion Charging Hack

    Hi People, New member here, I've had my t6 2 years now and have odd issues with battery going flat over a few months of short journeys etc so I wonder if you could just disconnect sensor on the neg post of battery so alternator charges battery all the time? I've had battery and van checked and...
  7. C

    Stop Start Not Working

    Hi got a fault with my stop start it’s saying on the computer that there is a fault with the battery temperature monitor could anyone shed any light on what or where it is or does it fun off the coolant temp sensors
  8. Elliott

    Standard Head Unit Help!!

    I think it’s a discovery media head unit, sat nav etc Apple car play. The previous owner has fitted rear speakers and sub under seat. But when the car turns of at traffic lights I.e start stop function the stereo goes quiet at the front but I can hear it from the rear speakers but quiet, if I’m...
  9. Nev-D

    Media + Stop Start Poss Related Fault ?

    As with my media system fault with low battery readout could this be related to my recent stop n start event we had a couple of weeks ago as below ? Here is something that happened a couple of weeks ago which makes me think something is wrong as well, We drove from Newcastle upon Tyne down to...
  10. R

    Start Stop Alter Min Battery Voltage Level

    Hi Does anyone know if it is possible to alter the min voltage level in the battery that causes the engine to restart when that point is reached? I havent worked out what that is currently set at mind :rolleyes:, but I would like to increase it by a volt or 2. Reason, when the voltage on the...
  11. R

    Leisure Battery Split Charger Question (again!)

    I have recently come to learn to my expense (new leisure battery required, prematurely imo) that my camper conversion has a traditional split charger relay :mad:, rather than a DC:DC charger that would be best suited to the T6 with smart alternator. I have tried to suggest to the convertor...
  12. goldeneye243

    Stop Start Not Working

    I am in my first couple of weeks ownership of a 2017 T6 and I'm not sure that the stop start is working properly. I think it might have stopped the engine once or twice early on, but definitely hasn't in the last week or so. Is it likely to be the battery? (It is a Moll...) If so, would it be...
  13. X

    Auto Stop/start Caused Me An Near Miss Today...

    I forgot to switch off the stop/start today and it nearly [could have?] caused an accident. I was on an angled steep hill T junction waiting to turn right across traffic onto a fast A road. I was holding the Caravelle on the hand brake ready to cross as soon as safe. Then came the gap and just...
  14. Dellmassive

    Stop/start Doing Your Head In? Disabling It - How We Done It -

    Stop/Start doing your head in? Disabling it - How We done It - The start/stop is an interesting topic, some love it - some hate it. The thing is, its a requirement of the T6 EU6 licence as it is used for the consumption figures and especially the CO2 emissions for the registration...
  15. Dellmassive

    T6 Tpi - Start-stop System Fails Intermittently, Engine Does Not Switch Off Or On -

    Being a T6 geek and spending my Sunday afternoon trawling through T6 TPI`s and Service info i thought i would share this with you. stop/start is a very complex system even though you would assume its simple. An interesting read IMO and details the stop/start requirements and issues/non-fault...
  16. H

    Engine Cutting Out

    Hi could anyone tell me if they have trouble with engine cutting out with no explanation until you put engine cut out switch on ?
  17. RedDragonAus

    Disable Start Stop

    Im about to get a Carista, OBDeleven or VAG Com setup to do a few things to my VAG cars. One of the main reasons I’m getting it is to turn off the start stop feature on all of them (a few Vw and Audis) but I’m finding the T6 difficult to get info on. In the S3/Golf R you just set the minimum...
  18. LordGozer

    New Battery

    Hi all, I’ve done a quick search but can’t find anything about this issue, I wanted to share it in case anyone else has the same problem. I had VW assist out today for a flat battery, although it’s a converted camper the van is in regular use each week so it was a surprise to find the battery...
  19. AndyAK66

    Auto Stop Start

    Has anyone fitted the gadget to the back of the Auto stop start switch, I remember seeing someone purchased on eBay is it any good ?can't seem to find it online
  20. JaySal


    Vagnostics offers a mobile diagnostics and ECU remapping service for VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, Jaguar and Landrover vehicles in Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Doncaster, Lincoln and North Lincolnshire. Popped over to Sunny Scunny today to Matt who fitted me a nice new all dancing Multifunction Steering...