1. Baz..SVT

    Lowering: coilovers and ARB under £1500?

    Stance + coming off Looking to replace with a better brand and more comfort.. B14s coil over kit £1095 H&R anti roll bars £419 Anyone know off a better deal out there…
  2. L

    Anyone running Stance+ on a T32 DSG?

    Afternoon all, I’m running Stance+ on my 2016 T32 DSG and really not getting on at all well with them. They feel really soft on the front and with a cab full of passengers will occasionally bottom out over certain potholes or drain covers. I started with 20mm preload then reduced to 15mm which...
  3. peteslack

    Adjust rear suspension? Stance+

    My van a T30 was lowered by the previous owner and by the looks (purple) has Stance fitted. Since conversion to camper have developed a saggy rear end ..... Advice appreciated on how to raise the rear ride height by say 20mm to match the front. Front measures 395 wheel centre to wheel arch...
  4. T

    Stance+ Kit in a Camper?

    Hi All, I am after a bit of advice. I was doing some work on my 66 Plate T6 (T28 Converted Camper) the other day and noticed that one of the rear springs was actually broken. I am thinking this is the ideal opportunity to lower it. I was looking at the Stance+ kit £299 and then adding the drop...
  5. G

    Stance+ street question

    A question for stance+ street users. I've just received my coilover kit from venom. I’ve assembled the front struts using some new meyle hd topmounts and nuts. Im finding that off the van i can inly wind the spring perch down about 1/3 of the thread travel before the spring dislocates i want to...
  6. GoatBoater

    Pictures of ride heights

    Is there a thread somewhere with side on pictures of lowered vans and details of setup? I swear there was one but I can't find it. Having the local garage fit my stance+ next week. I'll probably fiddle and adjust myself after, but it'd be nice for them to get close off the bat. I'm on Devonports.
  7. Kyle lannerz

    Budget coilovers for a T32 Kombi

    Hi all I am thinking of going from 40 mm springs to van slams or Stance plus proline as the ride on springs is harsh at times and looking for a bit of a better/ smoother ride, anybody used any of these on there t32 ? Looking for some reviews if ppl are running these, Cheers Kyle
  8. HUG-T6

    Stance+ fitted **WOW**

    Wow... the Stance+ are fitted. TBF I was a little apprehensive with a £300 kit and not the full blown £1000+ on B14s. Well first impressions are AMAZING... they are brilliant, the ride is really really good. Fear not guys defo no need to spend a grand on B14s. I think these are as easily as...
  9. R

    Stance+ Proline Problems

    Hi there, Just got my Stance + prolines fitted (by a suspension shop) here in Aus and am having some dramas. My van is a 2019 LWB T6 (T30) and is currently empty in the rear with only a 3 seater that very rarely gets sat in. The front seems to be bound up (coil looks tight) by the looks in...
  10. C

    Fitting Stance+ Ultras to my T32

    Hi all After waiting for months I have managed to get my self some stance ultras for Christmas I am hoping the ride to be better than most coilovers due to the lowering of the van can be done by adjusting the strut height itself on the front. not the spring base. I will let you know what it...
  11. Eclipse Custom Vans

    Eclipse Custom Vans Updates!

    Hi All, Ian here form Eclipse Campers. I thought I’d start this post to provide updates to the work we do and what we see in our workshop. This is not a chronological list of works but a sample of what we do. We are based in Yeovil Somerset and have been trading over 10 years. We undertake all...
  12. Ads_Essex

    Sold Stance+ Ultra coilovers.

    Stance+ Ultra Coilovers Suspension Kit for T26/T28/T30. I have changed my van suspension from this Ultra kit to a KW kit as this had it sitting too low. My van is a T28 camper-conversion weighing 2400kg, and I kept scraping the undertaking water-tank and the splitter on speed ramps. This kit...
  13. Carl1974

    For Sale Stance+ Street coilovers.

    For sale is my front only Stance+ Street coilovers, these are for a T28 and T30. These have covered about 4000 miles. Only reason for selling as I have purchased a new set that have a drop of 100mm where the ones for sale only drop 60mm. Collection from Liverpool. RRP £300. Not sure of price...
  14. Wejjmeister

    Stance+ Proline Coilovers Review

    I had my Prolines fitted yesterday. The van is on standard Devonport wheels until the sunshine returns and has been on stock suspension until now. Having collected the van around a month ago, and travelling approx 1000 miles in her til now, I found the stock suspension to be compliant but quite...
  15. S

    [RESOLVED] Stance+ Proline coilovers knocking

    so I've just had the stance+ proline coilovers fitted to my t32 and a day later im getting a knocking from the front shocks more of a banging when driving over any slight bump in the road or cornering the shocks are hitting the stops, its not enjoyable to drive, I've tryed adjusting them and...
  16. MBA77

    Stance+ Ultra front knocking on T6. Bushes?

    Hi Everyone, I know that there are a few threads on here mentioning this very problem but I cannot find an answer. Fitted Stance + Ultras to my 2017 T6 Multivan and have experienced a minor knocking noise in the front ever since (mainly at low speeds and also when turning into carparks...
  17. cy294

    How do you measure coilover height?

    Had Stance+ fitted and yes I know it is a budget coilover and there are better ones out there which are more superior. However, how do you measure the ride height. I know with lowering springs they are either 40 or 50 mm but how do you know with coilovers. This is a picture I have taken and...
  18. Ollyphd

    Front springs twangs!

    Hi all I’ve just bought a new van, 67 plate 10k miles, brand new Stance ultras fitted. Problem is I seem to get a lot of spring noise at low speed, pulling of drive etc. Is this normal or is there a problem?? Thanks
  19. Carl1974

    Lifting my Stance+ coilovers

    Hi I’m after some help, I have just recently had my conversion done and now the back end seems to Wollow. The kit I have on it is the stance + street, I need the back lifting but don’t know how hard it is to do and if I can do it on my driveway, or if there is any one local to Liverpool that can...
  20. jason robinsonuk

    Stance+ Ultra - arch-liners bumping

    Fitted Stance + Ultra. I am very happy with the ride and handling but the road noise seems much louder?. I am running 20" with 275/45/20 tyres and still have 50mm freed left on the strut but am still rubbing on bumps. I don't want to left the van any higher as am very happy with the look. Any...