1. Bigsidavies

    Any ideas how to get this off?

    During the road trip round Norway the van got covered in road dirt-drivers side mainly so it’s stuff from the edge of the road. Not cleaned it because I was waiting for the hose pipe ban to end. Anyway, tried today and the stuff will not come off. It’s really rough to the touch and is maybe crap...
  2. T

    Tips to prepare for Winter in French Alps?

    Hi Everyone, We're planning on visiting friends in the French Alps this Christmas. We're going to take the Caravelle (T6.1 Non 4WD). Has anyone on this forum done a trips to the Alps before in their non 4WD van? I'd really appreciate feedback on the experience? Also any recommendations for snow...
  3. #53

    20" alloys and snow chains?

    Hi, Just planning a van and was hoping someone could share their experience. Looking at fitting 20" Wolfrace Wolfsburgs (20x8.5J et42) with 255/40 tyres to a SWB 4Motion T6.1 that will be lowered on -30mm Eibach springs. The question is has anyone with a similar setup fitted snow chains and did...
  4. Ian28

    The Weather!!

    First decent snow of the year - hopefully, the mountains are getting a good coating .
  5. M

    Vw t6 washer motor not working [Resolved]

    Hi I have a Vw t6 and the washer motor isn’t working, I’ve checked all the fuses of what I know of
  6. Oldrat

    Snow/mud grip mats

    There is a plethora of choice On Fleabay when it comes to buying these things, mainly for getting off of a half muddy pitch after overnight rain. 1) Has anyone got any recommendations please? 2) Apart from 4WD, what do you use? This is an example of the type of thing that I’m after, not too...
  7. Markymark

    Snow-Sock Vs Chains

    A mate and I are going to take the camper to the Alps in March for some skiing. Previously I’ve use chains on cars but quite fancy the idea of socks made by Autosocks as they are approved for use in France. Has anyone got any experience of using them on their van in the snow? Many thanks.
  8. Gillon Johnstone

    How to drive in snow?

    Just a quickie, We have our first be t6 lwb manual shuttle and have no idea how she will behave in the snow with or without snow tyres. Can anyone please share their wisodm, advice and/or experience with the White stuff please and thankyou
  9. I

    Snow Chains or Winter Tyres?

    I am looking at driving my fantastic new t6 to Italy this winter and have started looking at snow chains or winter tyres. I have 275 40 20" and lowered so fitting chains i think will be a challenge and on initial search they are expensive. All help greatly appreciated
  10. PukkaT6

    Windscreen Washers - frozen?

    I know its freezing but has anyone experienced the drivers side washers not working? Im wondering if me trying them while frozen has popped the pipe off. Cant see any water leaking under the bonnet though.
  11. rod_vw

    Spirited driving in the snow!!!

    I found this on another forum (please excuse the English, the writer is French also translate 'e-brake' to handbrake) ... You can pick up the complete thread on the Ross-Tech 'Tweaks' Forum Enjoy another owner's view of enjoyment in a T6!!:D
  12. R

    T6 in Sweden 1900 miles 2 days

  13. Buggirl

    Snow and ice performance of T6

    so I am running cargo vectors and I have to say, you would have thought my Bus was 4motion! The railway bridge out of the car park tonight was glass! I watched as everyone attempted to get up the crazy gradient, even a Range Rover and thought oh no, I now have an audience (made up of all the...
  14. Tourershine

    Snow us your van...

    This is a thread that won't last long... Leicestershire this morning. She still looks great though.
  15. Mick

    Camping in the snow

    just back from a Skiing trip to Austria. A have a couple I’d learnings I’d like to share. 1. Sleeping in the pop top is cold at -8. Even with the heater on all night and the privacy slide on the internal roof fully open. So an insulation wrap looks like a definite need. Any recommendations...
  16. Image


  17. Buggirl

    Insulating during low temperatures

    well my insulation role is here and I was all fired up to go and instal it and it won't stop snowing. I worry that as the temp is so interchangeable I might trap moisture behind the adhesive and cause future rust from the inside out. I am I being over cautious ? Thoughts?
  18. T

    Snow Chains

    Hi folks. I have just got me a pair of snow chains for the first time. I am only front wheel drive, have steel wheels, and only ever, if ever, expect them to get me out of a hole, so no distance driving expected. For this reason i bought Polar for 4x4 and small vans with 16mm chain. They cost...