1. A

    Sargent ec160

    Hi all. Newbie here and I bought a t6 campervan new. It came with a sargent ec 160 to deal with the onboard electrics. I fixed a 200w solar kit from photonic universe, thinking it would happily run the fridge without having to always have an electric hook up. However I noticed that the vehicle...
  2. Adam H

    Sargent E160 power unit problem

    Got this power unit, it’s been fine and everything seems to be working in the back, but noticed yesterday when switching over to vehicle battery that no voltage is showing, it did before. Although I've also noticed that the liesure battery doesnt seem to take charge as good ( unless im dreaming...
  3. A

    DCDC low voltage issue

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and have my first question... I bought a T6 camper about a month ago. It's come with a few teething problems, one of which was the split charge system being a VSR... So after reading through the forum I've swapped it (and the dead leisure battery) for a victron...
  4. K

    EC50 Control Panel Issues

    I've having issues with my Sargent EC50 control panel beeping and LEDs illuminating. I did a bit of investigating this morning and found that the panel appears to be live. Note the aluminium backing panel only seems to conduct when the 'inside' of the metal drilled holes is brought into play...
  5. joe_j_barnes

    Sargent control unit swap?

    Hi All, Does anyone know if you can change the sergeant control panel to the 210 lcd below via straight swap or is there more involved?
  6. RikParr73

    Sargent Ec155 - Ok To Leave On All The Time?

    Searched around for the answer but can't find it. Just wondering if it is ok to leave the controller switched on all the time so that I can see the LB voltage, to make sure it's charging with the solar panel. (I mean I have a voltage digital display, not the level on the argent controller itself)
  7. L

    Stupid Question About Ablemail B2b And Sargent Ec155

    Probably a stupid question I know but....... The Sargent EC155 has an inbuilt 'battery charger' when on hookup. I know this is a constant voltage charger, but if you connected it to the input of the Ablemail, would this not then convert it to a proper charger? Just wondering if i need to buy a...
  8. Y

    Adding A 12v Socket!

    Hello all, need some help! I want to add an extra 12v socket in my van to my Sargeant EC160 PSU, but I’m not sure which terminals to wire too. Im currently running a twin USB socket & heater from the unit with the normal lights, water pump & fridge. Cheers Mark
  9. IMG_1173


  10. S

    Has Anyone Used A Non-sargent Control Panel??

    Not much to add really. I quite like a control panel with a built in USB and plug sockets (it's smaller looking and less intrusive) but have only ever known people to use Sargent control panels with their conversions. Has anyone used a different one and had no issues?? I know what a Sargent...
  11. Ian28

    Ec155 Unit Beeping

    Hi, Every now & again the EC155 unit in my camper decided to let off a short series of rapid beeps every 3 minutes or so. Both vehicle & leisure batteries are charged. The unit is not turned on at the time. Does anyone know why this might be? Thanks, Ian
  12. Onetimeonly

    Sargent Ec51

    Can anyone help me with the below, So I have noticed when switching from leisure battery to vehicle battery on the control panel the lights indicate always the same battery level for both batteries, so if leisure battery is on 2 led’s so is the vehicle battery if the leisure battery is on 5...
  13. travelvolts


    I have a customer with a Sargent unit fitted. Having never fitted these I am not very familiar with them. When the van ignition switches off the control panel beeps three times. Anybody know what this is?
  14. fjw79

    Leisure Battery And Solar Circuits In Isolation Of Vehicle Battery?!

    Morning All, I’ve just recently bought a T6 and in the middle of converting it. I’m looking at the electrics and have got a Sargent EC155 PMS to control the 12v and 240v circuits. The question I have is that if I install a 100w-200w solar panel to trickle charge the leisure battery then do I...
  15. Leehoops

    Managing Lesuire Battery

    hi guys , it’s looking like the first chance I get to use my van will be the bus fest in sept I’m wondering how to manage the battery life ! I am having a solar panel fitted to the roof but will have no electric hook up while I’m there so how will it be best to manage the battery as I will be...
  16. E

    Ec51 Control Panel

    Hi All, I’ve recently bought a T6 LWB which has been professionally converted. This is the first campervan I have owned so I’m new to all this. It has an EC155 Control System with an EC51 Control Panel. I have filled up the 30 ltr on board water tank but when I press the pump button it alarms...
  17. T6Hippo

    Sargent System pricing?

    A question for the experienced from a conversion newbie, "how much should it be costing me to have a Sargent 155 system supplied & fitted?" rough estimate will do, also because its a T6 I'm told I also need a Ablemail B2B charger?? Thanks in advance gents......
  18. andy greenwood

    Pms 3h - Power Management System

    Hi Everyone, i have the above in my T6 with a split charger relay but to be honest i'm not 100% sure how it works. I understand that if the "battery selector" rocker switch is set to "car" then the 12v power for the lights etc.. will come from the car battery. When the same switch is in the...
  19. Chris Joyce

    Power Management Recommendations

    Hi guys, first post here. We have just bought a t6 starlight blue to convert into a camper. I'm just doing some research into things and I'm at the stage of looking at power management. I'm just wondering what people generally use and what's the most up to date system at the moment. Having...
  20. drew_greenday

    Battery Monitor or not

    I'm thinking of getting a battery monitor for my van. It would be good to see what sort of load i'm using when out and about, will also give an indication of how long left. Was specifically looking at the Nasa Marine BM-1 Clipper Battery Monitor. The only thing thats putting me off is the price...