puddle lights

  1. S

    Travelin-Lite Puddle / Courtsey lights issue

    Hey all, I hope there’s someone out there who’s a bit of a sparky, as I’m pulling my hair out lol. I’ve recently fitted led bulb replacements for the reading lights and some LED footwell lights, all without problem. However I recently fitted some puddle / courtsey wing mirror LEDs from...
  2. Andysmee

    Utility puddle lighting guide - how to add to mirrors and doors

    This is less a guide and more a walk through of how you might do it. I've called it utility lighting as this is more about illuminating the area round the van than for looks. For projector puddle lights there's other threads and kits that use the door lock latch sensor wiring, and that doesn't...
  3. Andysmee

    Problem with aftermarket puddle lights connected to door lock on 2019 T6

    Could someone with puddle lights do a check for me....switch your engine on and open your door to trigger the door puddle light. Then use a screwdriver or long nose pliers to latch the door latch and trick the door into appearing closed, the puddle light should go off. First look at the light...
  4. RayF

    Travelling-Lite Mirror Lights

    Has anyone fitted the mirror (puddle) lights from Travellin Lite? It says they’re an easy fit and the actual fitting of the lights into the mirror housing will be easy, however vehicle electrics are like a dark art to me and how to connect the lights into the right place so they work as intended...
  5. Mocko1962

    Door puddle lights not working

    Just noticed when either driver or passenger doors opened no VW Logo Puddles working ... the footwell lighting on both sides is still working and overhead lighting working ... is the door circuit courtesy lighting on the same fuse as the footwell and overhead lighting .. seems strange that both...
  6. kearnage

    Puddle lights: mirror or doorcard?

    Wing mirror mounted or bottom of door card? Oppinions?
  7. Martin Gibson

    Mirror puddle lights

    Hello,i have just bought some Mk6 Golf puddle lights for the mirrors on the van. I will fit these at the same time as the dynamic indicators that i have been meaning to do for a while. I know some other people have fitted these and was just wondering if anyone had any advise on cutting the hole...
  8. Barley53

    Red courtesy lights in the doors

    Hi, numpty electrics question; I'm thinking of installing red warning lights in the front doors. I've recently installed door puddle lights by hacking into the courtesy wiring behind the door panels, do you think I would be able to splice into the wiring that leads to the puddle lights (thereby...
  9. saxoboy

    For Sale Welcome/ Puddle Light Kits

    Hi Guys, I have been trying to source a great set of projector lights that complement the T6 as a top quality vehicle...there are many of these projector bulbs out there, but I think I have the best quality ones now...in fact they are as good as, a well known brand that sell them for £80. They...
  10. Barley53

    Door Lights In T6 Highline?

    Hi all, I've just picked up a my19 T6 Highline, my first ever van so I apologise if this is a daft question, but are there supposed to be lights in the side door footwell and the bottom of the front doors? I've scanned the VW configurator and I can't see an answer. Thanks.
  11. Steve H

    Under Door Courtesy Flood Lights

    Do VW do any under door courtesy style flood lights..? I've heard that it may be an option with Sportline side bar fitment, but I can't see anything listed anywhere. Cheers
  12. Hickey

    Side Door Light Bar

    I fancied a light bar by my sliding door for those late night piss runs, decided underneath would be best as easier to run the wires, pretty chuffed with the result only took a few hours
  13. Deaky

    Who’s Gonna Be First Then?

    @Fish @StudleyGlass
  14. Deaky

    Black trapezoid side bars with led puddle lights

    After being messed around by the dealers I cancelled my order and sorted them myself. Marked the bars where I wanted the led strips to run. I’ve used 5630 SMD waterproof led strip in red. 5630 is the biggest and brightest led chip available on a 10mm strip. I’ve drilled the bars at both...
  15. Diesel9a1

    Puddle Lights

    Anybody fitted puddle lights (Mount under the door and come on when door opened) to their van? How did you mount and where did you connect to?
  16. steveph

    Power fold mirror retrofit with fold on remote lock

    I’ve just swapped my T6 electric/heated mirrors to power folding mirrors. And they fold on remote lock :) This approach requires you have the standard electric/heated mirrors. Part of the kit would apply to add fold/unfold on remote lock/unlock to factory installed power fold mirrors - see my...