1. T

    102 Pendle Remap.. but a 4 month wait.

    So going to collect my van later in the month, was going to get it remapped at the same point as the other work is getting done, 2019 T6 102, after reading conflicting reports on here about 102 remapping problems, I decided I would get it done at Pendle HQ ( its the closest place to me to...
  2. Chris Joyce

    Pendle Performance Mobile Tuning

    I thought I'd pop up quick review of Pendle performance. I booked a mobile remap of my 102 T6 a few weeks back taking advantage of their offer of £50 discount. We have nearly completed the conversion now and the extra weight was starting to show, especially on the hills. I can't for the life...
  3. S

    Remap Queries Revo Or Pendle

    Hi Guys, I'm very new to all this so please bear with me ....... Its a mine field out there so any help would be very much appreciated. So I've recently bought and got converted my T6 highline 150 bhp (was new on a 68 plate and now only done 1100miles) I think I would like the remap but have a...
  4. gal2009

    Absolut 5

    Mentioned how happy i am with the works carried out by @Absolut5 on another thread, but @Fish correctly suggested a review/recommend of works done. Can't recommend highly enough. From start to finish, Jason, and Noel who i met at the end, were brilliant. Works carried out: Side bars and front...
  5. Andyman

    Remap V Chipping

    does anyone have any take on this? T6 Caravelle 150bhp What’s best? Remap or chip? Both roughly same price, remap shows up chip is “plug and play” Don’t want to invalidate my warranty Chip guys claim they are better than remap This is what they’re offering VW Transporter T6 2.0 TDI...
  6. DaveyB

    Remap ..... Just Can’t Decide On Which One

    The van will turn 3 years old in a couple of weeks so it’ll be going for a remap. Have deliberately held off for that “just in case” warranty issue (plus been spending my pennies elsewhere on the van). I know some will say remap are not for them, that’s fine, I like them, have had a few in cars...
  7. S

    Re-map, And Improved Mpg?

    Now all the companies who other re-mapping, claim improved mpg, but has anyone experienced it? Come on, be honest.
  8. Captain Backfire

    Foc Remap!

    I am due to collect my Kombi in 2 weeks After an 8 month wait. The company I have ordered it from are doing a lot of work to get it looking just how I want it... leather, limo tint, chrome side bars, roof bars, 20” Bola XTRs.... They have offered to remap my petrol 204 DSG to the stage 1 pendle...
  9. PendlePerformanceLtd

    We are Pendle We are pleased to join this forum and as always we are happy to help with technical advice. Regards Martin PendlePerformanceLtd
  10. A

    Remap 102PS

    Hi All, I'm new to the Transporter world. I've just signed up to get a T6 Highline 102bhp (Euro5) for a campervan conversion. I was thinking of getting a 140bhp remap for the extra torque and economy. I'd even seen Celtic tuning were offering a 187bhp stage 2 remap but surely that's putting too...