1. M

    Revo or Pendle as an agent?

    Looking at one or the other as an agent, Just wondered which software YOU would choose and if there’s any dealers out there any feedback would be great Pm if preferred
  2. Donk

    Pendle & EGR

    So my van has a Pendle remap. The EGR valve has died. The garage says they could just do a delete but it’d need mapping out but they can’t do it as my van is already remapped. Is there now way round this or do I have to get a new EGR?
  3. stuartfras

    Unable to contact Pendle

    Hi folks, I have a remap booked in with Pendle on 1st of May. I have been trying to get in touch to confirm that they're not taking the day off due to the bank holiday. This is made slightly more difficult by the fact they don't do emails or social media messages. Is there any other way I can...
  4. K

    Pendle Performance closed down?

    Hi, Has anyone else had any issues with Pendle Performance recently? Currently sat outside for my 1pm appointment and there’s no sign of him. There was another customer here who’d driven 4 hours for a 9am appointment that was also a no show from Pendle. No answer on the phone or any other...
  5. 109LWB

    Pendle Agent remap vs HQ

    I’d like to get my 102 remapped sometime in the future just for a bit more drivability. My current daily is 220bhp approx on a lighter vehicle, so the 102hp does feel quite leisurely. Here in lies my dilemma. I have a Pendle agent 15 miles away. Pendle HQ is 150 miles away. My local agent...
  6. L

    T6 TSI Hesitation / holding back off power after Pendle remap

    Hi All, Rather than hijack another thread, I thought best to start fresh here, as I know I am not alone in this issue. I had a Pendle remap done by Outlaw Tuning in Wigan area, the guy was quite thorough. Scans/logs prior and after. Job done, about 3 hours. I drove it with the agent in...
  7. Brindle

    Staffs Pendle 204 tune?

    I'm just looking at the next big upgrade, one of which would be the Pendle remap for my 204 DSG T32. I'd love to feel the difference before I commit, has anyone local to Cannock had it done (if its had the DSG done as well even better!!) that would mind taking me for a quick spin so I can feel...
  8. Mikey2ooo

    My new money pit

    Had for a couple of weeks now, cost me a fortune for a 5yr old van from GoExplore, Swansea Swb highline 140 Pendle mapped to 175 lowered on 20” lots to buy for her, the list is growing
  9. R

    Pendle performance video T6 300km inside arctic circle testing tyres

    Thought you guys might like this ad I guess most of you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors my T6 is with me 300km inside the arctic circle, disclaimer I pay for my remaps like everyone else but the guys at Pendle are great I sent them a few bits off a go pro and they did the magic...
  10. M

    Any problems with Pendle remap for 150PS?

    Hi all. I got my T6 150bhp remapped by Pendle as they did my T5.1 and I had no problems/ great improvement. I found that my T6 was it consistently going through regened around town and the DPF warning light was coming on. I do most of my miles on the motorway so it wasn't that my journeys...
  11. Chris Joyce

    Pendle Performance Mobile Tuning

    I thought I'd pop up quick review of Pendle performance. I booked a mobile remap of my 102 T6 a few weeks back taking advantage of their offer of £50 discount. We have nearly completed the conversion now and the extra weight was starting to show, especially on the hills. I can't for the life...
  12. Chriswhit

    Remap by CustomVanz

    Anyone had any remapping done and who by . My 180 had been mapped from new by custom vanz and is a claimed 245 bhp . Got it booked on a dyno today to see what the actual power output and torque figures will be , should be interesting !!!
  13. MicP

    Remap: Revo or Pendle?

    Back in the day I had two T4's remapped; once at chipwizards and once at Pendle. Both took several hours, rolling road, lots of tinkering. £350 odd quid for half a day seemed back then like quite a lot of money but it was worth it. Now I read Revo is the place to go and found a localish place...
  14. Andyf

    Tuning - pendle or revo?

    Hi I have had a poor tune on our van Having it removed and replaced So Opinions Pendal or Revo Andy
  15. N58amx

    Pendle Performance

    My first t6forum review so go easy on me . Just done a 546 mile round trip to pendles hq . My vehicle 102 highline lwb pv 17 plate So the drive up to pendle from kent was the norm , sluggish on motorway hills with the annoying restricted feel . Turned up at 9:15am to be greeted by martin and...
  16. Andyman

    Remap V Chipping

    does anyone have any take on this? T6 Caravelle 150bhp What’s best? Remap or chip? Both roughly same price, remap shows up chip is “plug and play” Don’t want to invalidate my warranty Chip guys claim they are better than remap This is what they’re offering VW Transporter T6 2.0 TDI...
  17. teddy

    Remap ..... Just Can’t Decide On Which One

    Is there a past thread on here regarding Remapping or have any of you guys remapped your vehicle and the consequences with regard pros & cons plus warranty/insurance etc. Thanks
  18. S

    Re-map, And Improved Mpg?

    Now all the companies who other re-mapping, claim improved mpg, but has anyone experienced it? Come on, be honest.
  19. Captain Backfire

    TSI Remap!

    I am due to collect my Kombi in 2 weeks After an 8 month wait. The company I have ordered it from are doing a lot of work to get it looking just how I want it... leather, limo tint, chrome side bars, roof bars, 20” Bola XTRs.... They have offered to remap my petrol 204 DSG to the stage 1 pendle...
  20. P

    We are Pendle

    We are pleased to join this forum and as always we are happy to help with technical advice. Regards Martin PendlePerformanceLtd