1. 8

    MOT - number of seats

    My V5 cert states 3 seats but I have had a Rib bed fitted in the rear so now have 5 seats. Will this cause an issue at the MOT if the number of seats does not match the V5? Thanks for any responses.
  2. L

    Class 7 MOT Centre in Bristol - Any recommendations?

    Sadly my excellent local garage can't MOT my T32, can anyone recommend a Class 7 MOT centre in Bristol?
  3. L

    MOT fail for headlight self-level with AirRide

    Took van for mot last Thursday and inspector said sorry but it has failed. Said it had failed on the headlamp self levelling no longer working with the bracket at the back Due to the VB air system I had fitted. told him it passed ok the last two times but he said that the MOT procedure had...
  4. LT2019

    Full major service & MOT Prices?

    Been quoted from a VW van centre £338 for a full major service & £50.00 MOT Is that acceptable?
  5. Savgav1

    Mot and lowering springs

    Well just had 2nd .ot done on van at kwikfit. Got 4 advisories on springs for modified but not seriously weakened........because there lowering springs? Out of 20 odd years of driving and every motor being lowered that is the first time I've had an advisory for that. Won't be taking kwikfit...
  6. Parvus

    MOT Failed - Help / Advice needed :(

    Hi, I have a 2018 T6 Highline and today it failed it's MOT relating to the front suspension. I'm no expert, so trying to find the best path to solve the problem and hoping people can advise. To my knowledge and experience, the van was absolutely fine and I never noticed any strange driving...
  7. Shaggy1969

    Seat belts and MOT

    One of my rear seatbelts in my Kombi snags slightly on a shelf unit and retracts very slowly or needs retracted manually. Other than that it works as it should and locks etc when it has to. My question is whether or not this is an MOT fail? The unit can be modified so the belt works as it...
  8. W

    LED/HID bulb conversion now MOT failure.

    Hi All, there is new MOT guidance for motorcycle saying that bulb replacement is now an automatic failure (but not if the whole unit is replaced on an MC) and I see that it is the same with the car & pax vehs MOT manual at 4.1.4. Compliance with requirements, stating: "Existing halogen...
  9. Forrest4799

    Failed MOT

    Van went for its MOT & service yesterday.... got the dreaded call from VW it’s failed the MOT snapped rear coil spring!
  10. Peclaran

    MOT Fail: headlights with non-OEM LED bulbs

    Hi All, Heads Up for those with upcoming MOTs. Had my MOT carried out at VW Dealers and failed because of new criteria for LED lights. They have to be autolevelelling and have wipers(layman’s explanations). I’m sure there are experts here who will provide the official bit. Will be replacing...
  11. Mistuk

    MOT Passed but front bush warn advisory

    Hi there, Van passed it's first MOT yesterday, but with an advisory that both front bushes were worn but not resulting in excessive movement. Can someone let me know if this is something I need to get done quickly (about to have new set of tyres if that makes a difference)? The van is not...
  12. S

    MOT: smoked lights ok?

    Hello. I have just purchased these smoked sequential indicators from VeeDub Transporters. They are lovely and I was looking...
  13. mackmaya

    MOT: Sliding windows checked?

    Hi all, just wondering if the rear sliding window's in a factory kombi are part of the mot?.... I sealed mine shut as they were leaking.....cheers.
  14. mackmaya

    MOT: do to have to refit my rear seats in my Kombi?

    Hi all, do to have to refit my rear seats in my kombi for an mot...??? Cheers.
  15. RichDavies82

    MOT and HID

    I’m looking at getting the van MOT’d in the coming days and wondered if I should change the HID’s I’ve fitted back to the original H7’s. Any advice?
  16. superchargedpolo

    Can’t Tax My Van - Catch 22

    Just got my V11 through the post. My van is 3 years old in a coupe of weeks so it will need an MOT. I can’t MOT it at the moment as most garages are shut. I do need to use my van to get the weekly shop etc. So I need to tax it. The DVLA website and phone line won’t let me renew the tax due to...
  17. Trouts

    MOT Exemption...

    some good news: "Vehicle owners to be granted MOT exemption in battle against coronavirus Temporary exemption will enable vital services to continue, frontline workers to get to work, and people to get essential food and medicine." link: Vehicle owners to be granted MOT exemption in battle...
  18. N

    Unable To Perform Mot Emissions Test My2016

    I had the first MOT on my van on friday and they were unable to rev the engine over 2.5k in neutral for the emission test. That was at the city council MOT centre. Is that normal? I'm surprised that sort of thing can pass MOT also advisory on cracked front bushes. Is that a job I can do at...
  19. Hinsley

    H7 Drl Bulb Upgrade

    I wanted to upgrade the yellowish H7 DRL W21W bulb to a whiter light whilst remaining road legal. After checking this forum and Google it was difficult to find a bulb that was both legal (most of the LED bulbs) and without potential errors (Canbus or DAB?) After speaking with @andy greenwood I...
  20. Andrew

    MOT time...

    Can’t believe it’s time to get an MOT. Leaves me with an issue of who to trust to do the job. Certainly not going down the Halford route or any other sporadic roadside garage.. Does anyone have any recommendations for near Wakefield, Batley, Ossett area?