1. CornishT6

    Best value for money modification for your Transporter?

    Hi guys, Had a search and couldn't see a thread for this, so thought I would create one. What do you guys think are the best value for money modifications out there for the VW Transporter? No right or wrong answers, as I'm new to my van journey I just think it would be good to get peoples...
  2. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to retrofit LED projectors to T6 H4 headlights on a VW Transporter

    Thanks to @Robert and others on this thread: Fitting retrofit LED mini-projectors to H4's is now completely doable, and very good value for the light output: (H4 LED mini-projector on the left, H4 halogen...
  3. J

    My modified tailgate spoiler to suit a bike carrier

    I have a Caravelle Exec which I upgraded to from a sportline styled T5.1 Kombi. I love the new bus but as I have the seats I can’t have bikes inboard...therefore use the OEM 4 bike rack. I’m not a fan of the tailgate without a spoiler - it’s a little boxy in my opinion. I wanted a spoiler but...
  4. F

    Trade Member / VIP??

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and found it somewhat confusing to navigate through it. I'm trying to find info on the VIP Trade benefits as I'm not entirely sure what option to take. I'm currently working for a conversion company and we're branching out into new ventures in terms of buying and...
  5. L

    [Guide] Dash confirmation / warning while on electric hook up

    My electric hook up point is located under the bonnet,so with the bonnet closed and ehu plugged in,battery charger located in a cupboard it’s very hard to see!,my worst nightmare would be to drive off while on hook up! Or parked on the drive plugged into the house, so I decided to use an ESP...
  6. Robert

    OEM T6 LED Rear Lights With Sequential LED Indicator "retrofit"

    Guys I can't stop doing this. I am still managing to keep myself happy as I keep on coming up with new ideas. Have a look below and judge yourselves.
  7. Robert

    OEM Webasto Auxiliary Heater To Parking Heater Upgrade

    All required components are already purchased, tested and ready for the installation. Well invested €58=£49 :thumbsup: My ODIS-E is also ready to upload new(better) firmware ;)
  8. C

    [Guide] How To Retrofit MFSW And Cruise Control To T6 Eu6 2019 Startline - Also Hacking DSG Paddles For CCS

    Disclaimer - use this information at your own peril - I may have got things wrong. I am hoping this "how to" will be a one stop place for all the information, owners of poverty spec, 2019, EU6, T6's need, to fit a multi function steering wheel (MFSW) and to enable the cruise control system...
  9. Inthezone


    Just wanted to post a note that I have had upgraded headlamps (Full LED) the guys at HazzyDayz are fantastic good service and helpful. I subsequently went back with a small issue not related to the installation and they fixed it on the spot and said it was part of the service.
  10. M

    [Guide] Grille Coloured Strip Vinyl Wrap Mod - £6.50

    (apologies if this has been done as a guide before, I couldn't see anything when searching) I've been in the VW scene for over 20 years but I've recently bought my first van and I am truly shocked at how inflated some of the prices are for some things, these coloured bumper strip bars being...
  11. jimbob789

    Aftermarket Or Genuine Vw Exterior Mods?

    Hi everyone, i have recently purchased my first Transporter, i have the T6 T30 Highline Kombi in indium grey. Spent the last 2 weeks researching all the bits and bobs to add, just after some advice on whether the plastics on aftermarket sportline front bumper and rear spoiler are any good? or...
  12. andy greenwood

    Front & Rear Badges Mod

    So here are my new front and rear badges. I took them off snd split them in 2. Then sprayed the badge matt black and then got a local firm to wrap the back part in carbon fibre. I also got them to wrap the 2 chrome strips on the bumper. Im quite pleased with the results :)
  13. Deaky

    Mirrors With Dynamic Indicators

  14. C

    Start Of Serious Engineering

    Start of rear steel bumper install, initial bolt on with winch being installed inside the bumper. Next stop to install pivots for swing out wheel carrier and fuel container. Will update you on progress.
  15. Sherbs

    Mobile Wifi Install (Overhead Cubby Hole Use)

    Hi folks, As part of my day van build wanted to share details of my mobile Wi-fi install. The overhead cubby in my highline has a blanking plate and rather then just having a mobile Wi-fi unit rollling about in the van I decided to fit the unit into this blanking plate. Having secured a...
  16. Daneeyre

    What Have You Done To Your Van Today?

    As I was at 'work' today and it was a bit on the slow side I decided to respray the roof to follow the lines of the bonnet and bumper that I did Saturday. Still need to burnish it but it sprayed really well and looks good already.
  17. P

    Remote Temperature & Humidity Via Wifi/phone App For £11.44

    We were discussing how this can be done for much less than £150 and I though it worthwhile posting it as a bit of a project. There are two cheap items to buy from ebay, this is the Sonoff switch: Sonoff TH16A Temperature Humidity Monitor WiFi Wireless Smart Home Control HQ2 | eBay and this is...
  18. chriscroft

    V6 Amarok. Come On Vw, Please Squeeze This Lump Into A T6

    I guess there are lots of reasons why not, but having just test driven and bought a company Amarok V6 ZF8 speed; all I can say is WOW brilliant, and bloody fast/smooth Then you look on Revo-technik's web site "Onlyrevo", a simple remap for the V6......700NM(torque) = 516lbs/ft..... MAD...
  19. CraigofThe

    Adding 2nd USB to Discover Media Nav

    Hi, I have just received my spanking new T6 Kombi :) Very happy with everything, except that the comfort dash only came with a USB for the CarPlay in the glove box, which means every time I jump in the van I have to lean right over to plug my phone in. Is it possible to retrofit a second USB...
  20. Jono

    Highline overhead cubby-hole tray - 3D printed

    Right then, nailed it, after two prototypes. Here's my 3d printed cubby hole tray. MK1 jammed half way in so i had to taper the sides and the tray top part. MK2 fit well but the front face of the tray was at a slightly different angle to the hole and looked bad. MK3 is cock on. It slides in...