gas-bottle locker

  1. L

    Gas Drop Out Vent Near Exhaust

    Hi all, I was about to install a gas locker in the kitchen pod on the drivers side when I noticed that the exhaust pipe runs down this side of the van. Is it an issue for the gas drop out vent to be so close to the exhaust pipe? There is a heat shield on the underside of the van between the...
  2. G

    Calor gas bottles

    Speculation Calor gas are going to announce tomorrow they are phasing out the 4.5 and 3.9kg gas bottles.
  3. ma77y

    Sold Gas locker for campingaz 907 £110

    I bought this and it turned out to be a brain fart as it will not fit anywhere in my van and now looking to fit an underslung gas tank. Gas safety locker, for a campingaz 907 bottle or smaller, it complies with uk legislation 55mm lower lip. Holes for the drop vent and gas pipe will need to be...
  4. D

    Evo kitchen gas locker location

    Hi all, We are currently considering buying a evo design kitchen, after a little advice of where people have deemed best place to fit their gas lockers? Not sure it will fit it the back cupboard but I've asked for dimensions from evo but they have been less than forthcoming. Please post your...
  5. C

    Gas Bottle Storage and Gas Lockers and Regulations

    Hello everyone, I am part way through converting a LWB Panel Van to Camper. I am trying to get my head around storing the gas bottle. I have read the various threads on the subject on this forum but they don't nail down my problem. I read in various places that I need a metal gas locker with a...
  6. Heath1984

    Cooker gas leak

    Hi all Has anyone had an issue with gas leaking from a can fl hob after installing. I must admit the pipe doesn’t fit anywhere near snug to the can pipe so even tightening the jubilee probably isn’t sealing it properly. I’m now wondering whether I’m missing a fitting? Help is appreciated Thanks
  7. P

    where to put gas locker on a conversion with 130cm bed

    Hi All Im finishing a conversion with a 130cm rib bed and slim evo units on side. Just wondering where people with this conversion put their gas locker? It's a 907 bottle in a metal container. Thinking of just putting it below the sink but then am squeezed for room with the fresh water container..
  8. Bynxy

    Water or Gas

    I now have a space were the spare wheel used to be so my question is would you put an underslung fresh water tank or an underslung LPG tank ? And why?
  9. Milarepa

    Gas bottle capacity

    Evening all, I've searched for this but came up with nuttin… Can anyone recommend an accurate gauge to check the level of the gas in a capingaz 907 bottle? Is there anyway of doing this? I’m presently about to start the NC500 and run out of gas in North Yorkshire. Fortunately before we...
  10. elTorerro

    Gas bottle - hand tight or spanner?

    Hi all, quick question. I recently went for my first trip out in the van and didn't have a spanner to tighten the gas bottle on. I was going to a campsite for the first trip so just asked the next-door neighbour when we arrived if they had one, and they said they just hand tighten theirs on...
  11. P

    Vw california gas drop vent

    Does anyone know the route for the oem gas drop vent in the california? Or have the parts diagram that shows the shape of the drop vent pipe?
  12. S

    Gas Bottle Location

    HI All I've nearly completed my T6 conversion. one question i have is the battery, fuse box, and charger are located in the rear of the van in a cupboard only accessible from the rear doors and then pushed as far into the cupboard so is near the rear middle of the van. the only location i can...
  13. Mr blue

    Has anyone found a top loading gas locker ?

    Has anyone found a top loading gas locker ? Like the Cali one all I can find is the square black one with a door on the side
  14. doughty1994

    340mm Gas locker refillable

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a re-fillable LPG gas bottle that will fit in a 340mm gas locker ? The 2.7kg Gas it bottle reads it will not fit in a 340mm locker due to the lip on the bottom from of the locker. All the other brands do are larger sizes than the 2.7kg 907 size. Can anyone help...
  15. S

    Camper Conversion Virgin's - Gas/water Bottle Layout

    Hi How have you set up your gas and water bottle layout - we have an evo design kitchen - what gas / water bottles have you used ... thanks :-)
  16. Whiz

    Gas Bottle In Kitchen Pod - Safety - For V5

    Just installed the kitchen pod and strapped in the Gas bottle - see photos. Trying to establish if the GAS BOTTLE must be "boxed in" as well as the straps etc. that lock it in tight i.e. for additional safety AND getting the V5 changed over when conversion completed.
  17. X

    Gas Lockers.... always required or dependant on setup?

    OK so I have read a load of posts on other sites about gas lockers and if they are needed or not. I like the safety benefits they give with the drop out vent etc but I am struggling to find a location where a locker will fit as I also need to locate my fresh water container. Also - I plan on...
  18. Colinlp

    Camper 2

    Yes it is my second camper but the title of the thread was more in tune with Blur's "Song 2" WooHoo and all that or possibly I need my head checking!! So for anyone who has not read my other posts on the forum this camper is to replace our beloved Type 2 Bay window which is currently for sale...