fuel tank

  1. AussieMick

    Battery disconnect question

    Hi , when dropping the diesel fuel tank of a T6 transporter should i disconnect the starter battery first, and is the infotainment unit coded like older radios used to be , so you had to enter a code or the radio wouldnt work.
  2. O

    Fuel tank drop and adblue

    Finally got empty tank and want to drop to attach heater fuel line. Just about to loosen tank straps, but must i do anything special with adblue, or will inlet just wiggle past? Hoping so.
  3. D

    Fuel Tank, Be Aware

    New years eve, tried to start her. Plenty of effort just wouldn’t kick in. Ended up calling VW Assistance. They turned up within two hours, anyway, the issue it ended up being the slope on my drive, it isn’t what I would call steep at all. The tank showed a quarter of a tank. I have never had an...
  4. S

    Fuel Range

    Nearly got caught out whilst towing caravan, MFD showed 5 miles range left ... pump knocked off at 79.87lt and manged a couple more litres when filling. Question is how accurate is the range remaining and any serious consequence or damage from running out apart from inconvenience! If it makes a...
  5. C

    Tank Size Solved

    Have solved the mystery of the actual size of my fuel tank by running it down to zero on the computer and then filling to the brim with 78.26 ltrs , as I believe some people have discovered in the past you can run down to below zero, this suggests a one and three quarter litres reserve in an 80...
  6. J

    Run Out Of Diesel

    I have recently repaired a bad earth on my fuel sender gauge as the gauge did not work when I bought the van... Now the fuel gauge works, I don’t fully trust it yet for accuracy so if I run it right down on fuel and it runs out, will it start back up ok once I put 5ltrs back in or will it need...
  7. B

    Fuel Tank Size

    how many liters does your van take when it’s saying 50miles to empty. Mine only takes just under 60litres and is only giving me 350-400 miles. It’s a 150 Manual
  8. U

    Fuel Tank Stand Pipe For Diesel Filter

    Any help please? Currently fitting a diesel night heater into my SWB T6 Euro 6 camper as part of my conversion (first one). I have fitted the heater under the drivers seat (took all weekend contemplating an acceptable position of the heater to drill the floor-pan!), purchased an eber fuel...
  9. A

    T6 Fuel System

    I have a 2017 t6 van/camper the question that I’m trying to find the answer to is this. The fuel system has the add blue system with it, and I’m wanting to add a diesel heater to the van to heat the vehicle without the engine running at night. I am being told that the fuel system is pressurised...
  10. Loz

    T6 Fuel Line Connectors 2018-12-03

    Workshop section dealing with the disconnection of fuel pump connectors.
  11. LambethBoy

    What Size Fuel Tank Is This Please?

    Just wondering how my fuel consumption is, but not sure on the size of the tank I have? See picture :)
  12. C

    70l Vs 80l Fuel Tank - Which Did You Choose?

    Hi All! I've placed an order for what will be my new van. I'm just debating if I made a mistake by not upgrading the fuel tank for £75ish from 70L to 80L. How many of you upgraded at order stage?
  13. Lady T

    T6 Problems With Fuel Pump Hissing Washing Machine Tank Noise

    Hi I have just picked up my brand new T32 204ps 4motion and it has driven like a dream for 10 days the engine has been purring so beautifully quiet. I filled the tank up with fuel on the 10th day and drove off with a terrible hissing sound coming from the fuel pump just below the fuel caps and...
  14. Loz

    T6 Fuel Tank Removal 2018-01-12

    Workshop manual section for fuel tank removal.
  15. Briston

    Fuel tank capacity

    Hello folks Now,I am not the brightest but....when my van is showing nearly empty & I have 20/30 miles range left,why does it only take 50 ltrs or so to fill the 70 ltrs tank. I assume that the gauge is reading wrong or have I somehow got one with a smaller tank. The mpg is around 29 on average...
  16. R

    Long range 80 litre tank

    Does anyone have the part number for the 80l tank? I ordered one and the one fitted is a part number 7E0 201 085. Reason I ask is I ran the tank down so the trip said 15 miles left, yet I only got 68 litres in it.
  17. Davenjo

    Fuel Gauge Showing Full

    When I first got my van I had an issue with the fuel gauge sticking on full - at the time I had been driving on some very steep roads in the Lake District and figured that it was down to the tank float (or whatever is in there) somehow getting stuck at the top of the tank when the van was at an...
  18. MrBlueSky

    T6 Fuel Tank Removal - Adblue Tank question

    Anyone know if the main diesel tank can be removed without removing the Adblue tank? It looks like it clears looking underneath but not sure that the main tank filler neck will foul the Adblue filler....