1. WhatsGoingOnHere

    Bunch of issues

    Van has been into VW for an electrical diagnostic and they’ve come back with ‘urgent work’ required; Rattling flywheel £1689 Vane pump excessive leaking £1182 Play in steering rack, power steering fluid burnt £ 1596 Note no price for the actual electric fault yet! The van is a 2017 that’s just...
  2. M

    DIY Clutch & DMF Recommendations

    Hi Everyone, I need to replace my clutch and DMF but was wondering what people’s experiences are with the different brands? Like many of us I will shop around and see deals online for the likes of Valeo, LUK or Sachs and being human we are all at least tempted by a special offer. I will be...
  3. D

    Can’t say this is a good flywheel surely?

  4. BigBarn

    Clutch judder

    Anyone else get a bit of clutch judder when pulling away from stationary? Don't notice any issues during normal driving...
  5. Gwyn

    Clutch & Flywheel change (4Mo)

    Van's had to go in this week for a new flywheel Had to go to a vw dealer as no local garages were keen ??? ( as its a 4 motion ) The clutch is going to be changed at the same time + service is there anything else that should be done while all this work is being done ? As its a work van would...
  6. J88arv

    3rd clutch and DMF but still grinding noise!! Help

    Hi all. I’m on my third clutch and flywheel this time fitted by a head tech for LUK yet I’m still getting a slow grinding noise when driving slow in first and also when I engage the clutch. Any help appreciated as it’s sooo annoying
  7. tintim

    Rear optical parking no longer working following clutch/dual mass flywheel replacement

    Need some help, just collected my van from the garage after having the slave, clutch and flywheel replaced. Everything was great until I selected reverse. The optical parking doesn't seem to be activating, no noise or visual on the discover media unit. Checked for fault codes, none... Is there a...
  8. RunDSG

    Diagnosing a DMF (dual mass flywheel) failure

    I’m still quite new to my T6. It’s my first Transporter. I’m hearing so much about failing DMFs and I’d like to know what to listen for. is it just the sort of rattling sound, as described here? (Not specific to the T6.) Or is there more to it?
  9. Curryzz

    Clutch / Dual mass rattle

    Good Afternoon, Im looking for a bit of advice from more experienced T6 owners. I bought my T6 in October 2020 with 12K miles on, it’s been in my garage at home with no use because of lockdown. Other than driving it in & out the garage to do the odd job on it. Since the weathers been cold Iv...
  10. M

    New clutch and flywheel @62k

    Hi guys , i managed to be lucky enough to get a t32 4motion 180bhp as my work van off the bosses for being a good lad, 3 years old now ex demo direct from VW dealership, had 9k on the clock and was ex demo, still had the stickers on it so i was thinking shes safe bet. Recently had the clutch...
  11. VinylArchie

    Engine noise [Resolved]

    Noticed this noise appear yesterday. From the cab I thought it sounded exhaust related. Opening the hood it sounded like it was coming from near the charge cooler. Haven’t got a clue as I’m no mechanic for sure. Anybody have any suggestions?
  12. Q

    DSG flywheel

    Morning everyone has anyone had their flywheel on a t6 DSG Replaced lately I have a problem with mine. Need to know how much it’s going to cost me. Thanks
  13. Stefan

    Flywheel replacement - T6 2016 140 DSG

    Hello one and all I'm looking to replace the flywheel on my van and need recommendations from people who had theirs done. Where's the best place to do so and what costs you incurred. Vans out of warranty and don't want VW doing it as they ignored this problem when I pointed out (what I thought...
  14. Weeked

    Fly Wheel?

    I Have booked the van for some Warranty repairs on the 21'st and I need to make sure I address one of the issues correctly. There are 3 problems ( Reverse sensors, passenger seat belt and a weird noise at 1900-2100 rpm while in gear). It makes a weird noise in any gear between 1900rpm and...
  15. Dilbert

    Clanking Noise From Dsg Gearbox In Park And Neutral

    My MY2016 T6 140PS 7 speed DSG has started making a clanking noise from the engine/gearbox when cold. Please listen to the attached mp3 file recorded from the front under the bumper below the engine/gearbox. :( It appears to be coming from the DSG gearbox and only occurs when in Park or...
  16. AlexT6

    New 2018 In Vw Workshop For 13 Days For Catlatic Converter And Flywheel

    Can anyone advise me if there is a VW uk senior customer service where I can raise the issue of my van being held without a release date at Guildford VW service centre. I am entitled to compensation or a replacement vehicle? The service desk didn't even want to give me a lift to the train...
  17. P

    Flywheel bolts leaking!

    My van went for its first service at the dealers last Friday, they phoned me and said I had an oil leak from between the engine and gearbox. They’ve taken the gearbox out now and told me that I have oil leaking from the flywheel bolts and from an oil cooler seal above the gearbox, has anyone...