1. VinylArchie

    New engine noise, possibly from charge cooler [Resolved]

    Noticed this noise appear yesterday. From the cab I thought it sounded exhaust related. Opening the hood it sounded like it was coming from near the charge cooler. Haven’t got a clue as I’m no mechanic for sure. Anybody have any suggestions?
  2. Q

    DSG flywheel

    Morning everyone has anyone had their flywheel on a t6 DSG Replaced lately I have a problem with mine. Need to know how much it’s going to cost me. Thanks
  3. Stefan

    Flywheel replacement - T6 2016 140 DSG

    Hello one and all I'm looking to replace the flywheel on my van and need recommendations from people who had theirs done. Where's the best place to do so and what costs you incurred. Vans out of warranty and don't want VW doing it as they ignored this problem when I pointed out (what I thought...
  4. Weeked

    Fly Wheel?

    I Have booked the van for some Warranty repairs on the 21'st and I need to make sure I address one of the issues correctly. There are 3 problems ( Reverse sensors, passenger seat belt and a weird noise at 1900-2100 rpm while in gear). It makes a weird noise in any gear between 1900rpm and...
  5. AlexT6

    New 2018 In Vw Workshop For 13 Days For Catlatic Converter And Flywheel

    Can anyone advise me if there is a VW uk senior customer service where I can raise the issue of my van being held without a release date at Guildford VW service centre. I am entitled to compensation or a replacement vehicle? The service desk didn't even want to give me a lift to the train...