flush-fit sliding window

  1. Paul Holmes

    What to fit OEM or aftermarket sliding windows.

    Vw twice the price but are they any better than aftermarket any recommendations for a supplier?
  2. F

    Do VGC flush-fit leak like OEM sliding windows?

    Hi All, I am selecting windows to fit to a swb panel T6 and really like the flush fit sliders from VGC. Can anyone advise how prone to leaks these particular windows are as I know the older OEM flush sliders were leaky. If there is mention of VGC slider leaks my back up plan is indented sliders...
  3. B

    Aftermarket sliding windows: Front or Rear Slider?

    Hi, I took delivery of my windows last week but didn't realise the make I went for were only rear slider on the side window. I contacted the company and they agreed I could return them....... but now I'm wondering whats the benefits of a rear slider? I really like the shallow recess of the...
  4. Garny999

    Aftermarket Flush-Fit Sliding Window recommendations

    Hello all. I am after ordering 2 sliding windows prior to the arrival of my 6.1 in March. I see that VGC have them to pre order from March but I cant really justify paying £850 for 2 windows. I appreciate they are probably very good but has anyone found a cheaper alternative, otherwise I may...
  5. C

    Aftermarket Flush Fit Sliding Window Drain

    Is it normal to have aftermarket flush fit sliding windows without a drain? Unless I have totally missed the drain holes I'm a little confused as to where the water goes if any water should go into the runner in which the sliding part of the window travels along.
  6. Andyman

    Caravelle fixed-windows replacing with openers

    hopefully someone can put me right here Looking to have the twin electric doors on T6 caravelle re-glazed Currently have fixed glass but want opening windows, a couple places have given me quotes but say they only fit the window that sticks out and isn’t flush against the door like I already...
  7. U

    (Aftermarket) window leak!

    Gents Just installed the plywood floor in my campervan conversion and hopefully dry fitting the RIB seat this weekend for Christmas transportation and i noticed this staining around the one wheelarch edge of the ply, its only on the drivers side and on touch does not feel wet? Is it just...
  8. G

    Flush Fitting Windows - Aftermarket Vs Oem

    After reading various threads I understand that the OEM flush windows have had problems with leaking. I also understand that there now aftermarket ones available and have found a few via searches. My question is what are the best ones?
  9. C

    Are All Aftermarket Windows The Same

    Other than original VW windows are windows from Kiravans, Transporter Hq all the same aftermarket product or do they differ in quality, materials and specifications.
  10. Wills

    Lwb Flush Glazed Slider Window Availability

    Has any one attempted to source the flush openers recently? Seems there's at least a 5 week lead time. Unless someone knows otherwise!!
  11. Cham13

    Where to buy your windows from?

    Where is the best place to buy windows from? There are so many suppliers out there and you clearly get what you pay for, so what are the best suppliers that people have used? I'm particularity interested in a supplier that can supply rear quarter blanker windows that you can't see through...