drive shaft

  1. Adam H

    This could be expensive :( Broken bus

    So this happened on the way home from VW action today :( T6, 2019 at about 50k miles, 5 speed manual 102 ( remapped to 162) ( 321nm ) Driving lovely, down shifted to 3rd as approaching traffic and BANG, the worst sound I've ever heard, followed by knocking and grind to a rolling stop...
  2. D

    T5.1 4motion rear driveshaft removal/wheel bearing replacement

    Hi all, I've had a good search around on here and elsewhere but I can't seem to find any info on how to remove a rear driveshaft from my T5.1 4motion to allow for wheel bearing replacement. I thought this would be within my DIY capability so I've bought the new bearing and bearing tool but I'm...
  3. G

    Rumble on left hand bends, lowered 100mm [Resolved]

    Can anyone offer any advice to the cause… I’ve been running Stance+ coilovers for some time and am pretty happy with them to be honest, theyve been wound down to about 70-80mm lower than standard since fitting. As the camper conversion has progressed the rear suspension has settled and become...
  4. Gilbeynut

    T5 nearside drive shaft play

    Good afternoon all. Hopefully this should be a simple question for those in the know. Since completing a long journey on Thursday, I can hear a rubbing noise coming from what sounds like underneath the front nearside of the van. It's only present with the van under load i.e. it's silent when...
  5. T

    T6 suffering the same drive shaft issues as the T5?

    As per heading. Do we know if the T6's are experiencing the same issue with the drive shaft spline wear. My T6 103Kw DSG is showing some backlash that I can not explain. All rubber mountings on engine and gearbox have been replace OEM VW. It is a lot better, but not what I would consider to...
  6. S

    Driveshaft recommendations

    Hi Guys roughly how much for a N/S drive shaft seal replacing? Ta
  7. M

    CV Joint / Driveshaft Grease Leaking - Help?

    Hi Guys 2020 T6 150 T28 16k miles - had a new Dual Mass Flywheel and Clutch fitted under warranty 4 weeks ago. Was washing the van yesterday and noticed loads of grease has been flicked up from either from the N/S Inner CV Joint/Boot or where the driveshaft attaches to the gearbox. Please see...
  8. I

    2020 t28 149bhp Dsg, driver side drive shaft removal

    Hi, i have a 2020 T28 dsg which has been lowered on coilovers which i think i have had a drive shaft fail and the deal is not interested because it been modified, can anyone tell me if i pull the drivers side driver shaft, does it come out the gearbox or off a spline? or will i loose gearbox...
  9. Mattsolar

    Shorter drive-shafts / raised sub-frame

    I’ve just fitted SoLows with modified top mount and now have pretty bad drive shaft judder. I've been told to get some shorter drive shafts to sort the problem out. transporter HQ haven’t got any in stock. BeLow are out of stock does anyone know anyone that sells or has some for sale. It’s...
  10. A

    Drive shaft t6 4motion dsg 204

    Hi all hope you are all safe and well. This is my first ever post in a forum despite owning tractors, excavators, dumpers , track motorbikes and off road motorbikes. I have had a "wobble" under drive been through various discussions and complaints with VW directly as the franchise could...
  11. spook

    Sold Brand Vw New Drive Shaft

    ONE BRAND NEW never used genuine vw drive shaft PART NUMBER vw genuine 7E0 407 451 AX NEVER USED SORRY NO BOX £100 PICK UP NORTH EAST THANKS
  12. Anthony Ball

    Bad Vibration Under Power ??

    Over the last 2 short journeys My van has manifested a bad vibration from the front under load , to the point where I now darent drive it !! Any thoughts and how do I go about getting VW assist or main dealer support just so I know where I stand before I start phoning , It's a 150 DSG highline...
  13. ei-aprilia

    Drive Shaft Recall (4motion only)

    Has any one else had their van recalled for a rear drive shaft issue? When my van was serviced the dealer said they needed checked and it turns out one of them needs replaced. I don't know what the issue is, my dealer was very vague. The faulty shaft is being replaced tomorrow so maybe I'll...