door lock microswitch

  1. G

    No Central locking / Alarm

    Hi all, Need a bit of advice regarding the central locking and alarm on my 2015 T6 Highline panel van (140 6 speed). Yesterday I went to lock my van and noticed it wasn't locking from the fob. I thought it was the battery in the fob first of all, but when i went to locked via the key the...
  2. Skyliner33

    Central locking fault on drivers door- help needed

    Today the van was locked up on my drive and then suddenly the alarm went off. I looked out of the window and the courtesy lights were on. Turned the alarm off, but it wouldnt reset. Went into the van and the icon in the display was showing the van with the drivers door open and wont go out...
  3. Tolaris

    [Guide] Installing a door lock/unlock switch near T6 sliding door

    With some help from Willoughby (thanks, Kevin!), I've installed a door lock/unlock switch near my 2017 T6's sliding door. This lets me more easily lock the van when I'm sleeping in it, without arming the alarm system. It makes it much easier for my kids sleeping on the roof bunk to reach down...
  4. StormUk

    Drivers Door Lock

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can shed some light on a little problem I have with my drivers door. When I unlock the van with the central locking button (from the outside) when I pull the handle to open the door it never works first time, always have to operate it again to open it. Anyone know...
  5. B

    Locks Not Working (again!!!.....)

    I know this has been covered before,( I think I have even posted about my problems before), but I have yet again had problems with the locks on the rear barn doors of my van not opening. Does anyone have a long term solution? I have had the van in 3 times to the dealer, the last time they...
  6. fireblade669

    Brand New T6.1 (0 Days Old) Barn Doors Won't Open

    Hello everyone, I'm brand new here having received my T6.1 yesterday. During the walk-around everything worked but this morning I tried to open the rear Barn Doors and I heard the mechanism go but nothing happened. Being an engineering sort, I took the ply lining covering the mechanism off and...
  7. B

    Rear Barn Door Not Opening

    I have had a intermittent problem with the rear,( barn style), door not unlatching. The van is an 18 plate which I bought last February from a main dealer. I had it in a week ago to the same dealer that said it just needed adjustment. This worked up until yesterday but now the problem has come...
  8. OllieGBR

    [Guide] Barn Door Lock Mechanism Removal

    I’ve asked and I see a few others also asked about removing the rear mechanism to sound proof and insulate the door. Most have decided not to, fo good reason - it looks complex! Nothing ventured, nothing gained - I decided to give it a go this morning; I played around with a few clips and...
  9. andy58

    Sliding Door not unlocking

    Sliding door not unlocking any ideas lock is hit and miss. Sometimes it works not all the time
  10. W

    Which One Please? (part Number- Sliding Door Interior Lock Button)

    Hi All, Which part number for number 19 do I need for a LH sliding door. How do I decode the numbers for left/right? --><!-- Do I need 7H0843613A or 7E5843613 The ebay listing claims it's only to 2010 which doesn't seem right? VW Transporter T5 sliding door lock guide catch - bracket...
  11. ChrisG

    Power-Latching Tailgate weird issue

    Hi Guys, I have factory fitted power latching on the tailgate but it’s stopped working, causing the tailgate to rattle as it doesn’t seem to close, I’ve hoovered our all round the latch but still no joy and the thought of a trip across Manchester to the main dealer doesn’t fill me with joy -...
  12. D

    Tailgate showing as always open.

    Dear all First time post, could anyone give me any guidance on my t6 2016 plate mfd display indicating that the tailgate is not closed despite being shut. The audio beeping is every time I hit a bump and driving me crazy. I can’t find any adjustment and if a new Microswitch is needed is this an...
  13. S

    Rear Barn Door Unlocking Issue

    Hello again. Battery and auxiliary belt all sorted now (see my previous thread if required) and I also mentioned that the read barn doors were working intermittently, i.e, would sometimes unlock with a single press on the key fob, sometimes would need two presses. The girl on the service desk...
  14. Lighty

    Drive Away Locking Problem

    Hi folks, having had the above activated by @Pauly at Camper Jam in July, it's worked absolutely fine. Lately however, as I get to 'locking' speed, it rapidly locks, unlocks, locks, unlocks and clunks around (I think the record is six or eight cycles) until it finally locks. Any ideas what may...
  15. vw-me

    Door Locking Problems

    Hi all Has anyone had any issues with their sliding door not unlocking on both the fob and drivers door switch. I’m having intermittent problems, sometimes it works okay and other times it doesn’t. When it doesn’t and I’m driving the auto lock clicks a few times as if it can’t lock it or...
  16. Tourershine

    Central Locking Issue.

    I have searched for ages to try and find this, but no answer. Since having my van serviced last week, I seem to have an issue with the central locking. I have it set on Auto-Lock, and it's always been fine, but now when I pull off where it should lock, it locks, unlocks, locks and then sticks...
  17. N58amx

    Side Loading Door Urgent Help Please

    17 panel van here Manual side loading door . All of a sudden instrument cluster showing side door as open when it’s shut? Any ideas people No mfd while this fault is showing , so its a little frustrating ! Carista shows no faults. So im at a loss Cheers nick
  18. Dellmassive

    Rear Barn Doors Door Lock Wont Open- My18

    Barn Doors Door Lock - MY18 Basically the rear door would not unlock, they locked fine but didnt unlock (made the right sound but the external handle wouldnt open the door) Checked it ourselves...... looked like an internal lock problem so run it passed the dealer . . . . . 1hr wait later and...
  19. C

    sliding door not opening using external handle

    So I have a kombi with twin sliders and latch assist thingy. My offside sliding door now won’t open using the outside handle but will open after few goes from the inside. Any ideas? Do you think this could be a warrenty issue? Or a simple fix? Really really annoying now
  20. F

    Auto latch boot failure

    Auto latching has failed several times on our sliding door but it always "comes back" but it's now gone on our boot; in the middle of Spain... now that isn't a huge issue but the sensor "thinks" the boot isn't shut and so an alarm plus graphic on the MFD is constantly blaring at us. But it does...