door lock microswitch

  1. T

    T6 sliding door won’t open from the inside?

    2016 T6, new to us. The sliding door opens fine from outside. But will not open from inside. Is there a simple fix.?
  2. fpdizzle

    Central Locking Issues with slider / rear doors during cold weather

    Morning all. I’ve had a T6 Camperking conversion for 3 years now and have discovered an intermittent fault with the central locking. On some occasions (but mainly on cold / freezing mornings) I blip the key which turns the headlights on and opens all the doors apart from the sliding side door...

    T6.1 Door Control Unit Defective - ongoing two years

    Has anyone else had a problem with their Door Control Unit Defective. I'have had this on and off for the past two years. The Birmingham Van Centre replace this under warranty 21/12/2023 and then 12 days later I get the same message and error. It has just fallen out of the 3 year warranty so they...
  4. P

    T6 central locking module help

    I have 2 door modules from either a t6 or t6.1 which I have the plugs but there all white wires Looked in download section but unsure on pins Anyone up on the 8 pin plugs ns os need to get my van on
  5. D

    T6.1 tailgate was opening by itself and now won't open at all

    For a couple of months, my tailgate would unlatch itself - usually as I was at a standstill at traffic lights or waiting to turn. On one occasion I noticed in my wing mirror that the tailgate was fully open - thankfully nothing had fallen out. Now the latch doesn't work at all. I have to use...
  6. L

    Barn door not unlocking from inside

    After a few days out with van my wife returned this morning saying the barn doors wouldn’t open from inside ? It opens fine from outside but not inside Checked the deadlocks were not engaged etc I assume this will be covered by our 1st year warranty from the dealers p
  7. S

    Central locking and key fob not working properly. T6 Combi 2019

    Hi A few weeks ago I closed my tailgate on a full boot which then jammed. I couldn’t open the boot externally and managed to open it using the internal switch (T6 Combi). I noticed that a folded table was pressing against the area of the internal switch. All seemed well until later I tried to...
  8. J

    Central lock on driver door not working, but works from key FOB

    I’ve read all previous posts (I think) regarding central locking issues, but couldn’t find my issue. Need someone to brainstorm with. I have a T6 Multivan from 2016 (highline, 2.0 bitdi). Last week central locking when using the switch on the driver door stopped working. It locks all doors...
  9. M

    Barn doors won’t open at all

    Went camping this weekend and completely out of the blue my rear doors on my t6 just won’t open! Tried wiggling the lock woth key, tried from inside and outside (can access through sliding door!) The middle and bottom latch open, but the top latch on the near side door is not releasing! Any...
  10. F

    Drivers Door Lock mechanism / Switch

    Drivers door sensor not working, doesn't show that the door is open on the dash so the van locks the doors on the timer - dangerous for locking keys in the van. Tried WD40 on the catch, no point, didn't work. Bought new mechanism off ebay and fitted it today. Top tip, buy some multi spline bits...
  11. Constalation

    [Resolved] Sliding door rear catch issue

    I have an issue with the door catch at the rear of my sliding door. I have taken it out and freed it and greased it in the past which worked but it is sticking again. This fault stops the door locking so I want to replace it. Does anyone have a part number? Van is a 2017 T6 204 Kombi
  12. V

    Barn doors won't open from the outside

    I searched and saw some similar issues but nothing exactly as this issue. The barn doors wouldn't open from the outside, it felt as if the outside handle was broken, and if using the key - the key could rotate 360 without any clicks or resistance. I did a search in the forums and saw a photo of...
  13. Vdubster

    Is the Reverse Light Cable the same as the door sensor cable?

    Hello everybody, Not so long ago ( transporter t6 2019 barn door ) the little van on my dash kept telling me the back door was open ( it wasn't ) sent to vw, they said cable from front to back has got damaged, installed the new one at the front, and told me where to connect at the rear ( yet to...
  14. K

    Door lock cylinder grub-screw

    Hi all So I've just taken my drivers door lock cylinder out with undoingthe grub screw,,however when i put it back in now the little grub screw wont tighten it back up,,any help???
  15. N

    Barn door wont lock

    I'm sorry if this is here already, I keep finding threads for locks not unlocking, but none where they won't lock. I've got a T6 with barn doors. The last few days the door has stopped locking. Handles are all fine, but it doesn't lock with the key, on the fob or with the internal locking...
  16. W

    What does this do ? It’s fallen off. Part number 7H0837868.

    It sits around the locking mechanism on both driver and passenger doors. Doesn’t seem to affect anything.
  17. J

    locked in the back of my T6.1

    Hi to all Transporter fans , I just had my van last week and try'ing some stuff and things out an bumped into a problem. When i go in to the cargo back of my van and lock the car, there is no way to open the door unless i unlock the lock mechanicly. I want to go camping and lock the van with...
  18. C

    Error: Driver Door Contact Switch

    Hello fellow T6 owners. Since March, a warning light has appeared on the display with the text "Error: Driver Door Contact Switch" See the picture, although it is in Swedish. have taken the car to the Volkswagen workshop but they have never heard of the fault and have not been able to solve...
  19. W

    Barn door locking mechanism replacement

    Just been to my local VW 'specialist' and described to them the problem I have with my barn doors (essentially the same as in this thread). Chap told me to get a replacement mechanism (see pic) off ebay, but I've checked and there are none listed as far as I can tell. Is there a recommended...
  20. E

    Locking mechanism on barn door

    Hi - I've searched through the threads and can't find the answer to this specific question - all help appreciated! Our T6 has got a deadlock on the barn door which we want to remove and rewire it back to the original lock / central locking. Investigating the problem, we can see that the rod that...