1. alter

    charged battery yes?

    .... reading a German Forum, it was advised not to obsessively charge the batteries, both of the motor and of the free time .., in order not to stress them unnecessarily .... this theory contrasts with what I do ... I have the possibility to connect my Ocean to a 220 socket and therefore often...
  2. moodsterT6

    Charging Starter and Leisure batteries with same charger - Victron

    Hi, Inspired by @Deaky build post, I was planning on installing a Victron IP65 Smart charger next to the Starter Battery and a 2nd one to charge the Leisure batter (110AH AGM). I've discovered the CTEK D250SE will still charge the leisure battery as long as the volts on the starter battery are...
  3. Sooty6.1

    OK to leave leisure battery on permanent trickle charge between trips?

    Hi, I’d be grateful for some advice please. My husband used to deal with all the technical stuff when we had a motorhome, but he passed away suddenly in 2019 and I’m mustering up the courage to embark on some solo travel in a T6.1 which is shortly to be converted. Basically, in between trips my...
  4. D

    Leisure battery charging when van not in use.

    Well which one? I need it to be fully automatic, so when I plug in the hook up that’s it, I don’t want to have it on display or have to rummage it in cupboard to to turn the thing on or to the right settings. All suggestions are welcome, I’m not having much luck in my search. Cheers.
  5. A

    OEM leisure battery not charging [Resolved]

    Hi All, I recently wired an aftermarket stereo and power amp (nothing huge) to the OEM leisure battery, in the case of the stereo to stop it power cycling on stop-start. The devices all work fine but the battery doesn't seem to be charging, I'm pretty sure all the wiring has gone back correctly...
  6. L

    trickle charging starter battery & Psu modification

    having not used The van for 3 weeks,and only use it on weekends Or every other in normal times!..the starter battery was down to 11.8v so I decided on utilising my fixed solar panel on my pop top as a permanent fit & forgot solution to maintain the starter battery,I also wanted to utilise this...
  7. Pete C

    Battery charger lead

    I want to add a permanent battery charger lead to my starter battery. The problem is that there are no threads left to attach it to the usual place due to my towbar installation (see picture). i thought about using the clamp bolt thread behind it, but I can’t work out what thread it is - it’s...
  8. Big.mac

    Battery Charging help

    Hi guys, looking for some help from the electrical experts on here please. With not using the van hardly at all, i had a flat battery a couple of days ago. I charged it up OK using my very expensive Aldi battery charger but the battery never seems to get to 100% charged. The charger puts...
  9. JasonW

    CTEK Charging Question

    With the van sat idle for a while I thought I would give the main starter battery a top up. So I've connected a CTEK MXS 3.8 battery charger. Black clip to chassis, Red clip to Positive battery terminal. With the Battery still connected to the van, Battery type - Varta AGM 7PO 915 105 A ; 12V...
  10. Z

    Small solar charger recommendations please

    As my van is sat on the drive not being used I'm thinking of buying a small solar charger for the main AGM battery. Ideally it'll fit on the dash and be easy to connect. Any recommendations...
  11. Jack T

    Dual output mains charger

    So with the current situation my camper isn’t coming out of the garage much which has made me think about maintaining the starter battery. I already have a Victron 30a charger to charge my twin leisure battery setup but have been thinking about changing it for a triple output Victron instead...
  12. J

    Leisure Battery Charging

    Hi Just seeing what you guys use to charge your lb. I am after the smallest one I can find due to it living under my seat and I have limited space due to my heater coming up threw there. Cheers
  13. D

    Connecting A Battery Charger

    Advice please. I have a 67 plate T6 Kombi 150 DSG with Stop/Start I want to connect a CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger to the van battery The battery is a VARTA 7PO 915 105 A 12v 75Ah AGM Do I connect the positive and negative clamps directly to the battery or do I have to connect one of the...
  14. SofaKing

    Charging the OEM underseat battery - how?

    This might be a stupid question, but how on earth am I going to get the plastic/rubber cover off the battery without removing the seat entirely? Will post pics If it’s hard to imagine...

    Victron Smart Charger

    Just a quick one lads, it’s all fitted and seems to be working fine! Just wanted to check this is all normal stuff, when I first plugged it into 240v it was reading this - And now it’s been on charge for a few hours it’s reading this -
  16. hoggle

    Charging Main Battery

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone on here will be able to answer a question that i have. I spent the night in Aviemore last night, and the Van wouldn't start this morning. The main Battery had drained and there wasn't enough charge to start it. I got a jump start from a fellow Camper and made it home...
  17. M

    Battery Charging

    Just ordered a ctek time to go charger as main battery voltage is low. Do i need to disconnect the battery leads before connecting the charger? Vw T6 2016. Thanks...
  18. glensmadhouse

    T6 Charging System

    hi i am new to the forum but wanted some help on charging a leasure battery , we have had a solar panel fitted along with a leasure battery and controler for charging . i am gonna be fitting all the units in the next few weeks and was in a undecided brain moment of should i fit the sterling...
  19. mmi

    Trailer/Caravan Charging from a T6 (Help requested – Voltage Measurements When Towing)

    Help – voltage measurements when towing a trailer/caravan requested. When towing, what’s the voltage at your cigarette lighter socket (in the lower one in the dash)? No fancy instruments are needed, just any gadget will do. The following background data is appreciated: 1)...
  20. S

    Ring RSCDC30 & AC Charger - ok to connect?

    Hi, has anybody fitted an rscdc30 to a t6 and wired in an AC battery charger to the leisure battery via electric hookup? I have contacted Ring and they don't recommend it, but wondered if anybody had done it and had any issues?