1. Widdzuk

    Electric hookup charger Rating Question

    Hi. I’m looking at a charger for when I’m on EHU. I’m looking charging a200ah lithium battery and originally thought about the blue smart ip22 12/30 charger Am I right in thinking the 30A would trip the EHU as they are only generally rated for 10/16A load? Would be it better to use a 12/10...
  2. JTT6

    Charging an EcoFlow Delta

    Evening all, I am looking at 240v power options for the van, and rather than a traditional split charge/leisure battery, I have been looking at removable batteries like the Ecoflow Delta / Goal Zero Yeti 1000x. I'm a photographer so having power I can take out of the van on shoots would be...
  3. M

    Trickle Charge - Is it this easy?

    So I have a Sterling DC to DC B2B charger and have bought an AMT 12-2 to keep the starter battery topped up (Leisure Battery topped up by separate solar). Is it as simple as connecting the AMT 12-2 to the connectors in the Sterling unit labelled 5, 4 and 3 or am I a clueless :rolleyes: AMT
  4. markob

    Victron Blue Smart 12V / 15A Charger - Fit next to battery?

    Sorry if this has been answered before.. Is it possible to mount the above charger (or the 25a version) next to the main battery under the bonnet ?
  5. kn0bby

    CTEK 250SA - not charging starter battery

    So it was my understanding that the 250SA should charge the starter battery as well as the leisure battery when the leisure battery is full. Current demand on the leisure battery is dash cam on all the time, Wi-Fi modem and GSM module for my Webasto heater Right now the leisure battery is...
  6. T

    Battery charger tripping MCB. Any ideas?

    Hi, I’ve just fitted a leisure battery and charger, along with EHU, consumer unit and two 240v sockets to my van. It’s a small consumer unit with 1x40 amp RCD and 2 MCBs. I’ve hooked the two sockets up to the 16A MCB and cut the plug off the charger (Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 Charger - 12V...
  7. joe_j_barnes

    Trickle charging when solar panels are covered in winter

    Hi newbie question my van is due this week and I’ve built an area on my drive where the van will reside. the van will have solar and am thinking of covering when not in use as plan to use weekends mainly I’ve had some power sockets fitted with a view to plug into EHU. do I then buy a noco...
  8. alter

    charged battery yes?

    .... reading a German Forum, it was advised not to obsessively charge the batteries, both of the motor and of the free time .., in order not to stress them unnecessarily .... this theory contrasts with what I do ... I have the possibility to connect my Ocean to a 220 socket and therefore often...
  9. Lord Mfwic

    Can I charge main battery from mobile solar panel?

    Hi, I won't be using my van for a few weeks so I wanted to top up the battery from my mobile solar panels. I have the magic box the solar came with and also came with crocodile clips. I believe the battery has some little box of tricks attached to it that reads the charge in and out so its not...
  10. Shanz

    One Charger to recharge vehicle battery which will then charge leisure battery?

    Hi All, I have have read many posts on here about charging 2 batteries and now my head is fried. I have a T6, 16 plate and after reading about VSRs and the new alternator charging technology, I understand my existing Split Charge VSR is doing nothing to charge my leisure battery. Am I correct...
  11. Y

    Main Vehicle Battery - Trickle Charger Recommendation

    Van being used very infrequently - found the battery insufficient to start the van this morning. Looking for a trickle charger recommendation please. I have a CTEK MXS 5.0 connected to a classic car in the garage. Is a CTEK still the smart charger of choice? Looking for something that I can...
  12. moodsterT6

    Charging Starter and Leisure batteries with same charger - Victron

    Hi, Inspired by @Deaky build post, I was planning on installing a Victron IP65 Smart charger next to the Starter Battery and a 2nd one to charge the Leisure batter (110AH AGM). I've discovered the CTEK D250SE will still charge the leisure battery as long as the volts on the starter battery are...
  13. Sooty6.1

    OK to leave leisure battery on permanent trickle charge between trips?

    Hi, I’d be grateful for some advice please. My husband used to deal with all the technical stuff when we had a motorhome, but he passed away suddenly in 2019 and I’m mustering up the courage to embark on some solo travel in a T6.1 which is shortly to be converted. Basically, in between trips my...
  14. D

    Leisure battery charging when van not in use.

    Well which one? I need it to be fully automatic, so when I plug in the hook up that’s it, I don’t want to have it on display or have to rummage it in cupboard to to turn the thing on or to the right settings. All suggestions are welcome, I’m not having much luck in my search. Cheers.
  15. A

    OEM leisure battery not charging [Resolved]

    Hi All, I recently wired an aftermarket stereo and power amp (nothing huge) to the OEM leisure battery, in the case of the stereo to stop it power cycling on stop-start. The devices all work fine but the battery doesn't seem to be charging, I'm pretty sure all the wiring has gone back correctly...
  16. O

    Mains charger with trickle recommendation?

    Hi, Due to covid our van conversion has been delayed as we can’t get te pop top fitted for a while but I already have a large agm battery sitting in the garage that in theory might not get installed for quite a few months (possible spring) and so I need to maintain it. I intend to fit a mains...
  17. L

    trickle charging starter battery & Psu modification

    having not used The van for 3 weeks,and only use it on weekends Or every other in normal times!..the starter battery was down to 11.8v so I decided on utilising my fixed solar panel on my pop top as a permanent fit & forgot solution to maintain the starter battery,I also wanted to utilise this...
  18. M

    Solar Trickle charger to 12V Cigarette lighter

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if these two items will work with the T6 VW van just for topping up the battery via cigarette point?? PS4001 | Solar Technology Solar Charger, Output:12V for use with 12V Battery, Automotive, Marine | RS Components SOLAR POWER PANNEL 4.8W SEALEY SPP03 5024209855730 | eBay...
  19. Pete C

    Battery charger lead

    I want to add a permanent battery charger lead to my starter battery. The problem is that there are no threads left to attach it to the usual place due to my towbar installation (see picture). i thought about using the clamp bolt thread behind it, but I can’t work out what thread it is - it’s...
  20. Big.mac

    Battery Charging help

    Hi guys, looking for some help from the electrical experts on here please. With not using the van hardly at all, i had a flat battery a couple of days ago. I charged it up OK using my very expensive Aldi battery charger but the battery never seems to get to 100% charged. The charger puts...