1. B

    Help on charging my leisure battery from mains hook up?

    Hi When I installed my leisure battery I fitted a CTEK D250SE which works perfectly. But now I want to also install an electric hook up, I am okay with getting the mains power in to the van but am unsure how to set this up to keep my leisure battery topped up. My questions are these, is there a...
  2. F

    Keeping starter battery topped up

    Hi everyone, Frank here from Norwich. I bought a lovely second-hand T6 (2017 plate) and was wondering how I could use my Jackery power station to keep the starter battery topped up? Sadly, my van has to live outside since we don't have a garage or other undercover parking opportunity. Last...
  3. I

    Changing a Leisure Battery (Advice)

    Hi, I am sorry if this is a daft question and I have done a forum search to see if it's been answered before but I couldn't find anything that answers my (probably daft) question. I have had a T6 Camper for 3 years and the leisure battery is basically totally dead now and not holding a charge...
  4. D

    Newbie Hillside Starter battery charging question

    Hi I am new to the Campervan world have recently brought a Hillside Birchover and now have it in storage for the winter. The starter battery voltage has now dropped to 12.2V so I am planning to charge the starter battery. The VW manual is useless in its advice for charging the battery stating it...
  5. S

    Mppt or dcdc/mppt charger ?

    Question for the gurus. Just done an order with renology, for a t6.1 2020 van. Got a 200 w solar panel with rover 20amp along with Bluetooth module. Before I start assembly, just wondering should I have gone for a renogy dcc30s dcdc with mppt rather than my rover charger? As far as I know I...
  6. W

    Newbie battery charger questions

    Hi all, I'm new to forum and to campervan ownership. We have bought a new T28 conversion and would like to understand the battery and charging setup. The items which depend on the battery in our van from the top of my head are: Fridge; Heater (its run off diesel but has a fan); Lights; Water...
  7. Pedro20001

    Connecting a solar panel to starter battery whilst leaving van for 4 weeks

    Hi all, I am going abroad for 4 weeks and have to leave the van at work, I have got a smallish solar panel with controller to trickle charge the starter battery with crocodile clips. The van has a tracker and aftermarket immobilizer fitted so wanted to try and counter any current draw. My...
  8. M

    Battery Charger Help for Newbie!

    Hi All, I’m hoping someone may be able to help. I’m currently driving through Spain with my family on our first major trip in our van. All has been going fine, we’ve stayed at a couple of campsites and connected the electric successfully. We discovered the box in the first image and found...
  9. S

    Damage to starter battery when charging leisure battery from mains

    Hi all, I have a Durite VSR on a T5.1. It's not start/stop. The starter battery recently failed, despite Halfords testing and saying it was okay. The leisure battery is an AGM xtreme. I have a mains battery charger that is kept separate to the system for our cars and is AGM compatible...
  10. OllieGBR

    Show us your Driver/Pax Seat Leisure Battery setups

    I have no idea how this lot is going to fit under the seat along with the biggest battery I can get my hands on OK, so I only need the DC-DC and 240 breaker under there, picture for sheer pleasure of seeing all that wonderful Victron kit together:D As I see it there needs to be a plate made...
  11. D

    Victron or C-Tek battery chargers?

    Hi, I have been advised by a battery shop to try charging my battery before switching it out. I just wanted to get some feedback as to which way to go in regards to a battery charger and if any one has any experience with them. I have been recommended a CTEK M15 12 Volt 15A Marine Battery...
  12. E

    T6.1 12v cab sockets with factory aux battery

    Have looked at previous threads and some seem to conflict with what I’m finding. 2023 T6.1 Hillside Birchover Classic campervan; uses standard VW factory fitted aux battery fitted under passenger seat. I’ve just measured the voltage on both the upper and lower cab 12v sockets both with the EHU...
  13. Steved55

    Leisure battery charging

    Happy new year all. I have a 2016 self build camper based on a shuttle. This one is hopefully a keeper so I have installed victron smart controllers for my solar panel and b2 b charger. We have been a week in dull South Wales staying in a cottage so very little use of the van, but drove up to...
  14. M

    Wanted NOCO Boost

    Hey there I’m looking to get a NOCO Boost battery starter “for emergencies” and hopefully ‘a just in case’ scenario and wondered if anyone had one they weren’t using that I could take off your hands please? Just a basic one that‘ll start a diesel T6. Thanks in advance
  15. D

    Split charger failed?

    Hi all, Noticed my leisure battery charge level was low last night. Turn on the camper electrics control panel and it beeps regularly and shows minimal leisure battery charge. Today, My MPPT controller shows voltage as 12.26V shortly after a reasonable drive and the control panel does not...
  16. Stuart Docchar

    Battery charge question

    Do you need to keep the main battery charged up we have a new t6.1 camper 2022 and may sit a couple of weeks or so cheers
  17. S

    Which size AC-DC battery charger to get?

    Starting to plan out the electrical system for my conversion and have my first question (of many no doubt!) I think I'm going to go for a 100Ah Renogy or Roamer Lithium battery but not sure what size 240v battery charger to get. Have been looking at the Victron ip22 models, either 15A, 20A or...
  18. Sim73

    Fitting a battery charger with a Sargent EC155

    Hi, I have a fully converted van with a Sargent EC155 unit. I am wanting to leave that in place, but fit a new battery charger to cope with a new lithium battery. Has anyone done this? If so, any advice would be appreciated. Secondly, it looks like I will also have to replace my Sterling...
  19. Mattsuze

    Engine battery charging using leisure battery?

    Hi All, due to my limited understanding of electronics, I’m asking for some help! I have a campervan, professionally converted T6.1 Transporter. it has a solar panel and leisure battery with the following kit: Victron units: ORION TR Smart isolated DC-DC CHARGER next to leisure battery under...
  20. A

    Leisure battery not charging

    Hello, newish campervan owner. I have a brand new leisure battery that is not taking charge on EHU or when we drive, It was fitted last weekend, we drove 87 miles, plugged into the EHU at a campsite and three days later the battery was down to 11.4. We switched off the fridge, which was the...