1. E

    T6.1 12v cab sockets with factory aux battery

    Have looked at previous threads and some seem to conflict with what I’m finding. 2023 T6.1 Hillside Birchover Classic campervan; uses standard VW factory fitted aux battery fitted under passenger seat. I’ve just measured the voltage on both the upper and lower cab 12v sockets both with the EHU...
  2. M

    Wanted NOCO Boost

    Hey there I’m looking to get a NOCO Boost battery starter “for emergencies” and hopefully ‘a just in case’ scenario and wondered if anyone had one they weren’t using that I could take off your hands please? Just a basic one that‘ll start a diesel T6. Thanks in advance
  3. D

    Split charger failed?

    Hi all, Noticed my leisure battery charge level was low last night. Turn on the camper electrics control panel and it beeps regularly and shows minimal leisure battery charge. Today, My MPPT controller shows voltage as 12.26V shortly after a reasonable drive and the control panel does not...
  4. Stuart Docchar

    Battery charge question

    Do you need to keep the main battery charged up we have a new t6.1 camper 2022 and may sit a couple of weeks or so cheers
  5. S

    Which size AC-DC battery charger to get?

    Starting to plan out the electrical system for my conversion and have my first question (of many no doubt!) I think I'm going to go for a 100Ah Renogy or Roamer Lithium battery but not sure what size 240v battery charger to get. Have been looking at the Victron ip22 models, either 15A, 20A or...
  6. Sim73

    Fitting a battery charger with a Sargent EC155

    Hi, I have a fully converted van with a Sargent EC155 unit. I am wanting to leave that in place, but fit a new battery charger to cope with a new lithium battery. Has anyone done this? If so, any advice would be appreciated. Secondly, it looks like I will also have to replace my Sterling...
  7. Mattsuze

    Engine battery charging using leisure battery?

    Hi All, due to my limited understanding of electronics, I’m asking for some help! I have a campervan, professionally converted T6.1 Transporter. it has a solar panel and leisure battery with the following kit: Victron units: ORION TR Smart isolated DC-DC CHARGER next to leisure battery under...
  8. A

    Leisure battery not charging

    Hello, newish campervan owner. I have a brand new leisure battery that is not taking charge on EHU or when we drive, It was fitted last weekend, we drove 87 miles, plugged into the EHU at a campsite and three days later the battery was down to 11.4. We switched off the fridge, which was the...
  9. A

    Could you recommend me a decent AGM battery charger?

    Anyone any recommendations for a mains battery charger i.e. charging the starter battery on\off the van, not a built in leisure battery charger? Can't move the van cos the battery's now flat as a pancake and my old charger is bust. Some of the ones on Amazon look a bit weedy but I want to get...
  10. L

    Do I need to disconnect the vehicle battery in my 2018 VW T6, which has stop/start, before I use a battery charger?

    I have a Vitron 12/30 Blue Smart Charger, that is due to go into the van when the leisure electrics are done. For now, I want to charge up the vehicle battery. I have just read the VW Manual, which makes no reference to using a battery charger but gives the impression that to jump-start the van...
  11. LimaHotel

    Starter battery and split charge

    My friend has a 2016 T6 from a conversion company. It has a 80ah AGM starter battery and the converter installed a ‘smart battery isolator’ split charge instead of a b2b charger. The alternator was replaced a couple of months ago. The van has been throwing up a stop start error for a while and...
  12. M

    Leisure battery charging - what voltage means it’s full?

    Checked the leisure battery earlier today via the usb sockets. They were reading 11.9v. Thought it wise to hook up and put some charge into the leisure battery. It's been on for the best part of the day and now reads 12.9v. Maybe a daft question, but when is there enough juice in the battery so...
  13. M

    Battery Optimser

    Hi Is it safe to use a battery optimiser on a 2018 T6 (The type that you can connect to the battery while it is still fitted to the van) I was wondering if it would confuse the monitoring as I assume that it could charge the battery beyond the usual 80% and also potentially back drive any...
  14. Widdzuk

    Electric hookup charger Rating Question

    Hi. I’m looking at a charger for when I’m on EHU. I’m looking charging a200ah lithium battery and originally thought about the blue smart ip22 12/30 charger Am I right in thinking the 30A would trip the EHU as they are only generally rated for 10/16A load? Would be it better to use a 12/10...
  15. JTT6

    Charging an EcoFlow Delta

    Evening all, I am looking at 240v power options for the van, and rather than a traditional split charge/leisure battery, I have been looking at removable batteries like the Ecoflow Delta / Goal Zero Yeti 1000x. I'm a photographer so having power I can take out of the van on shoots would be...
  16. M

    Trickle Charge - Is it this easy?

    So I have a Sterling DC to DC B2B charger and have bought an AMT 12-2 to keep the starter battery topped up (Leisure Battery topped up by separate solar). Is it as simple as connecting the AMT 12-2 to the connectors in the Sterling unit labelled 5, 4 and 3 or am I a clueless :rolleyes: AMT
  17. markob

    Victron Blue Smart 12V / 15A Charger - Fit next to battery?

    Sorry if this has been answered before.. Is it possible to mount the above charger (or the 25a version) next to the main battery under the bonnet ?
  18. kn0bby

    CTEK 250SA - not charging starter battery

    So it was my understanding that the 250SA should charge the starter battery as well as the leisure battery when the leisure battery is full. Current demand on the leisure battery is dash cam on all the time, Wi-Fi modem and GSM module for my Webasto heater Right now the leisure battery is...
  19. T

    Battery charger tripping MCB. Any ideas?

    Hi, I’ve just fitted a leisure battery and charger, along with EHU, consumer unit and two 240v sockets to my van. It’s a small consumer unit with 1x40 amp RCD and 2 MCBs. I’ve hooked the two sockets up to the 16A MCB and cut the plug off the charger (Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 Charger - 12V...
  20. joe_j_barnes

    Trickle charging when solar panels are covered in winter

    Hi newbie question my van is due this week and I’ve built an area on my drive where the van will reside. the van will have solar and am thinking of covering when not in use as plan to use weekends mainly I’ve had some power sockets fitted with a view to plug into EHU. do I then buy a noco...