1. T

    CBE Dimmer Switch

    I am trying to upgrade from a simple on/off rocker switch to a CBE dimmer switch. I think I have wired it in correctly, but the lights are permanently on so I've clearly done something wrong. The lights are the LED flush mount lights from Travelvolts. I've run a +ve from the fuse box into the...
  2. JetSetWilly

    CBE PC210 and water pump

    Recently got my van back from conversion, I've only got a 13 litre fresh water tank with an electric pump. In order to use the tap, I was instructed to turn on the pump via the CBE PC210 panel, then use the tap, then turn off the pump via the panel. Is this normal? I've stayed in caravans with...
  3. Dr Ian Coleman

    Cbe Pc380 Digital Control Panel

    Hello all! I have just purchased a CBE PC380 Electrical Control System but the kit surprisingly comes with no physical installation instructions or wiring diagrams?!? Has anybody installed this system before and / or knows of anywhere online where I can obtain the documentation. FYI - I have...
  4. D

    Cbe Pc210 Kit 230v Rcd Junction Box Wiring Help

    Hi all, I have a CBE PC210 12V & 230V kit. 12v is kind of straight forward and I have it mainly all wired up but have a question regards the 230v RCD wiring. I shown a qualified electrician who actually owns a boat but not come across this type and he said its quite bit different to what he...
  5. T

    Cbe Pc210 Control Panel

    Hi I have a CBE leisure system in my T6. Today i was installing a new 12 v socket and when going to connect the negative wire to the lug at the bottom of the DS300 distribution box and existing negative coupling of 3 cables slipped and touched the positive wire next to it. Now my PC210 panel...
  6. T

    Cbe Ds300 Connectors

    Hi could anyone tell me what connector I need for the red wire going into the white sovcketIMG_4371 by tcummins857 posted 28 Aug 2019 at 21:24IMG_4371 by tcummins857 posted 28 Aug 2019 at 21:24
  7. W

    Cbe Pc210 Problems

    Hi, I have recently installed a CBE PC210 kit in my campervan, however the system won't turn on (when I press the on button it triggers a relay and makes a sort of buzzing noise) I originally had this problem when I first installed the system but I fixed it by wigging the 16 core controller...
  8. CJ_T6-red

    Sold Cbe Touch Digital Battery Voltage & Amp Meter

    Brand new CBE PT652 battery volt and amp meter, touch screen. Only taken out of box to take photos. Comes with shunt and 5mtrs of cable. Original idea was to have this up by the heater controls, but have now got another solution, so am not in need of this. Originally paid £130, looking for...
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  12. Pete C

    Cbe 12v Outlet Socket

    I built one of these into the panel beside the sliding door on our van. It hasn't been used much, but seemed to work fine the odd time we have used it with a bike washer. I tried it today with a new awning light, and it doesn't work. There is something about the shape of it internally that...
  13. Andrew Wilkinson

    Cbe Pc180 Van Battery Reading?

    I have a CBE PC180 fitted to me van and until now it has been working well. During the last two trips I've noticed that as the day goes on the panel starts to show a flashing light beside the van battery readout. If we press the button to show the battery level it seems to have fallen into the...
  14. Chris Joyce

    Power Management Recommendations

    Hi guys, first post here. We have just bought a t6 starlight blue to convert into a camper. I'm just doing some research into things and I'm at the stage of looking at power management. I'm just wondering what people generally use and what's the most up to date system at the moment. Having...
  15. Pau1GTI

    Cbe Pc210 Power Management

    Hi Guys, Looking for a little help. I'm looking to install a CBE PC210 power Management kit in my T6. Here is the kit below: CBE PC210 Complete Kit, CBE electircal, Caravan & Motorhome Electrical, CBE, Electrical Accessories - Grasshopper Leisure I have a few concerns in relation to the...
  16. Wills

    Cbe Dimmer Switch

    Has anyone managed to wire a CBE dimmer switch into a 2 way switching arrangement?
  17. Fish

    CBE electrics.

    Well it is now 2018 and looking to update my electrics.. Some of you may know I was fortunate to have the Ctek split-charge system installed by Andy Harris and his team. Anyway, now looking to update the CBE kit that I have for a more modern sleek look. CBE are obviously the main players in...
  18. N

    CBE PC380

    Has any one fitted a CBE PC380 system. I'd like to fit one in my camper conversation. Really only because they look nice and slick but wondered if there was any known problems with them.
  19. drew_greenday

    Battery Monitor or not

    I'm thinking of getting a battery monitor for my van. It would be good to see what sort of load i'm using when out and about, will also give an indication of how long left. Was specifically looking at the Nasa Marine BM-1 Clipper Battery Monitor. The only thing thats putting me off is the price...
  20. camperman1

    cbe 210 system to my t6

    Hi all fitted CBE 210 kit to my conversion on this system you need a ignition live to turn the system off when the ignition is on, so i linked this to a cable under my passenger seat, light blue with yellow band which gives 12v when ignition is on but its making the relay on the 12v cbe box...