1. Garyf123

    Bulb upgrade

    Hi, I have been trying to digest this aftermarket light upgrade subject for a while as my 2020 registered camper lights are pants. I have a load of upgrades in the pipeline but cannot stretch to new headlight units at the moment. Simple question - is there a new bulb that I can just plug and...
  2. R

    DRL led bulbs not working T6

    Hi all, I have an early model T6 (65 plate non ad blue). I've bought two different pairs of replacement drl bulbs with bayonet type fittings but no luck in getting any to illuminate. Original bulbs are "osram 7506 SL" I'm not sure if this is a wattage issue?? but the bulbs I've bought both...
  3. John the Gas

    Stop/side light rear bulb.

    I have had a blown stop/side light rear bulb. I thought this would be the double filament usual bulb known as a 380 (21w5w) but it would appear the little pins on the side are slightly different. On the 380 bulb from Halfords the pins are on opposite sides - ie. 12 & 6 o’clock, with one higher...
  4. D

    No reversing lights

    Hi can anyone help 2016 transporter Kombi T32 2.0 ltr problem is no reversing lights checked the bulbs all ok changed reversing light switch no luck ,I cannot identify which fuse to change any help greatly appreciated
  5. A

    T6.1 - I need Better bulbs

    Better bulbs for T6.1 Any recommendations to improve the light output of my 6.1? Thanks Peter
  6. J

    Bulb indicator light on dashboard lit after removal of the ceiling light [Resolved]

    Hello, On our 2016 T6, we have just removed the roof and therefore the 2 ceiling lights (we will replace this with LED ceiling lights which will be connected to the secondary battery). The problem is that since we disconnected these ceiling lights, on the dashboard there is the "bulb"...
  7. J

    T6.1 halogen headlight bulb fitment

    Hi - first post so don’t bite please :). Looking to upgrade my halogen bulbs to led (want cool white all round) but struggling to find the fitment specific to the 6.1. Seen a few posts for the 6’s but I’m not sure they’re the same as the .1’s. The DRL’s seem to be combined with the high beam...
  8. cgw

    Spare Bulb Kit

    Looking for a spare bulb kit for my T6 for a upcoming trip to France, done a search but can't find any posts re this. Found a couple of universal ones, would the list below, from an AA supplied kit be any good? 1 x H7 (499) Bulb 1 x H4 (472) Bulb 1 x H1 (448) Bulb 1 x 501 Capless Bulb 12v 5w 1 x...
  9. Adam_T6

    For Sale LED DRL bulb - suits H7 headlight

    Suits H7 headlight - check the photo and compare if you’re unsure. Osram DRL LED, I ordered from two suppliers as one didn’t turn up and I’m impatient! £20 posted.
  10. Buggirl

    H4 Headlamp Bulb Upgrade

    I really want to upgrade my headlight bulbs. Going to do this when she goes in for her check up.
  11. A

    Replacing H4 Bulbs

    Does anybody have a link to a video to show how to replace H4 bulbs on a T6?
  12. D

    Dash Light Error with Halogen Bulbs

    Can any one tell me what a yellow bulb light on the dash means plz it’s on a t6 2015, I have scanned my van with carista with no errors.
  13. Depron Donkey

    H7 headlamps with LED bulbs fitted

    I am sceptical about LED bulbs and have seen some really poor beam patterns and DAB problems but today I have been speaking with a local automotive lighting importer about the newer LED bulbs available. He has asked me to take my van in and they will try a few different types so we can check...
  14. Whiz

    H7 Headlamp - Changing DRL Bulb

    Help please. My n/s running light bulb has blown! Referred to VW manual. Removed cover etc., but it seems impossible to get the actual bulb out. Removed the black plastic holder & was expecting the bulb etc to come out with it - no such luck I am afraid. Attached 2 photos showing o/s working &...
  15. S

    Replace DRL’s with LED -

    I want to upgrade the front lights IDC but as an interim I wanted to change the bulbs. I was thinking going Halogen / LED, something cheap form Amazon. I just need to know how many of what type I need to swap out all the naff ones it comes with? H4 ? H7? THANKS!
  16. Vince

    Change from the orange Day Light Running bulb

    Does anyone know what bulbs work when changing the daylight orange bulb..? I bought these off ebay and they didn't work.. OSRAM LED P21W 382 BA15s 7456CW-02B Bayonet Cool White 6000K Exterior Bulb Twin OSRAM LED P21w 382 Ba15s 7456cw-02b Bayonet Cool White 6000k Exterior Bulb Twin | eBay Is...
  17. B

    H4 headlamps with LED bulbs

    Since I am from South Africa lets park the legal discussion and also say I only use my T6 off road. I fitted LED bubs and the made a massive improvement when driving at night. The beam pattern is however a bit "scattered". Can anyone explain to me the purpose of the "cover"/"deflector" over the...
  18. Captain Backfire

    For Sale Front Fog Light Bulbs

    Unused bulbs, well I never turned them on! I have upgraded to the LED ones. £10 - inclusive of postage Thanks, Ant
  19. T6downsouth

    bulb replace. Are my hands too big ?

    hello all and beloveed Can anyone advise how you replace the main dip beam headlights. I can get to the bulb but can not see how you can pull them out without removing the battery or air box.
  20. T6 Forum

    Volkswagen Transporter T6 Bulb/Lamp Types

    Pauly submitted a new resource: Volkswagen Transporter T6 Bulb/Lamp Types - Listing of all lamp types for current T6 lineup including Kombi, California, Caravelle & Gen 6 Read more about this resource...