brake discs

  1. FerrisBFW

    Suspension rebuild order?

    Morning, I am about to replace the top mounts, struts, all bushes (wishbones and and ARB's), discs and pads on the front end of my t5.1 4motion. Any specific order that anyone would recomend? Anyone have a list close to hand of torque settings? Mark
  2. S

    For Sale T6/T28 Full Set of Discs & Pads

    Full set of Brembo discs and pads (front and rear) for a 2016 T28 Transporter with the 102tdi engine. Bought to change them myself, but ended up getting a garage to do it as the weather turned; and they would only fit their own parts. Part numbers: Front: Discs 09.D211.11 x2 Pads: P 85...
  3. N

    Silly question about Fitting new brake disks

    I suspect a VW mechanic may know the answer to my question. I just got all new VW original discs to fit to my T6.1 but they have come with what looks a Matt zinc finish over the faces along with the labels rather than shiny faces, so my question is does this have to be removed prior to fitting...
  4. Pewt

    MTEC brake discs

    Has anyone used MTEC brake discs before? They seem to cheap to be true at £104.99 fronts and £74.99 rear per pair.
  5. S

    Brakes (lipped) query

    Hi, van is currently in for a full service/mot and front pads are 80-85% worn so need to get them changed, but they also noted the discs were lipped and recommed replacing also although they could take another set of pads... Is it best to get the discs replaced at same time so there is no...
  6. J

    Brakes staying on a bit after disc replacement

    Hey all , I’ve just replaced all my discs as my MOT is coming up & I had an advisory last year that ‘Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened’ so even though I’ve only done 3k since last year I thought I best change them as it would like be a fail not an advisory this time ...
  7. Texxaco

    Any special tools needed to change T32 brakes all round?

    Hey All, I am in the process of swapping my brake discs and pads all round thanks to @Jayjmac. Do you need any special tools/products to swap them aside from a copperslip grease, brake hose clamp, impact driver etc? Cheers for any help you can offer. :thumbsup:
  8. BognorMotors

    Another brake deal - 340mm J Hooked VBT discs

    We are pleased to be able to offer an upgraded front disc for the T32 brakes in 340mm. Made by Vagbremtechnic with J Hooked faces. Priced very competitively at £225+VAT for two. Initially we only have these in very limited numbers - Get in touch to secure yours.
  9. F

    Marks on rear Brake discs

    Hi, I have a 4m caravelle and noticed the rear disc braking surface is rusty on both discs. I haven't looked at the disc face thats on the inside. Faces are I would describe as glazed rust, not shining raw like the front. Does the brake system use a shuttle valve to distribute different...
  10. F2JON

    FREE T6 308mm discs pads and calipers

    As title I’ve replaced my front brakes with t6.1 t32, so I have my original brakes which have covered 34,500 miles , free to who ever wishes to collect from Rugeley Staffordshire. Thanks Jon
  11. Merryman

    Grooved and drilled brake discs.

    An upgrade I have done in the past, but for the life of me, can't find a supplier for a Shuttle T30 2015 year, BtDI 132 Kw. I'm on standard 17" wheels. For the from and or rear. Has anyone done this and who was the supplier, please? Why? Front offside clumping noise on applying the brakes, my...
  12. gavp

    For Sale T28, T30 308mm dia front discs and pads

    Bought for previous T30 but too small for current T32. ATE discs, textar pads as pictured. £120 + delivery at cost or collect from Dursley Gloucestershire, might be able to drop/meet or deliver as starting to travel again for work.
  13. mhill

    Brake disc and pad upgrade options

    Anyone replaced pads yet? Need to get my pads done, any recommendations on replacement pads?
  14. Andysmee

    Brake warning pad depth left

    Anyone know how much depth will be left on the brake pads when the warning comes on? And presumably fronts?
  15. Jay

    Sold Front pads and disc's

    full set of front pads and disc's. Collection only due to weight from nuneaton. 40 quid, brought for my caravelle (T28 I think) but sold before fitting.
  16. A

    Brake disc wear at 15k on shuttle

    Hi, I’ve just bought a t6 shuttle 18 plate 15k on clock. I’ve noticed there is a bit of a lip on the rear discs compared to the front. Is this normal for this milage on a shuttle. I’m paranoid that it’s been clocked but no real way of finding out I suppose. Thanks Adam
  17. Jongall

    “Brake Fluid” warning message

    driving the 66miles each way to Bristol today and on the way back, a red warning for brake fluid ‘check owners manual’ came on and went off about 11 times. Any ideas?
  18. Hinks007

    replacing 340mm brake discs and pads

    Hi Guys I have a t32 SWB 180bhp, vin WV1ZZZ7HZGH121070 any ideas on what discs and pads I need??? Thanks for your help in advance
  19. Glenn Board

    I Cant Find Out What Brake Pads My Van Has!

    Been trying to order some new brake pads, I give the reg number over to suppliers and they all tell me that there are multiple pads for my van and need to see the pads! Well I dont want to take the pads out just to look, then have to put them back whilst I order some, so does anybody here know...
  20. P

    Grinding Noise From Rear Brakes

    so what do you think about these. Over the last week or so I’ve noticed a grinding noise from the rear brakes (over the music) Car has done 16000 miles over 2 years - used at weekends for the first 18 months and now used most days for a 40 mile commute on the motorway Front brakes look fine...