brake discs

  1. Jayjmac

    Brake disc options

    Hi all, this may have been covered but I’m going to ask. Apart from the big brake kit Are there drilled and slotted discs that just fit on a T32 150ps as I already have the bigger brakes but want those sweet looking discs? And obviously some decent pads to go with them? secondly.. is there...
  2. Jordan250

    EBC discs and pads

    Im looking at some replacement Discs and pads for my T6 t32. I have been looking at the EBC discs and pads. Has anyone got any experiance with these?
  3. Jay

    Sold Front pads and disc's

    full set of front pads and disc's. Collection only due to weight from nuneaton. 40 quid, brought for my caravelle (T28 I think) but sold before fitting.
  4. A

    Brake disc wear at 15k on shuttle

    Hi, I’ve just bought a t6 shuttle 18 plate 15k on clock. I’ve noticed there is a bit of a lip on the rear discs compared to the front. Is this normal for this milage on a shuttle. I’m paranoid that it’s been clocked but no real way of finding out I suppose. Thanks Adam
  5. Kev23

    Brake Discs / Pads - T32

    Hi, has anyone fitted aftermarket (drilled/grooved etc) discs to a T32 4motion? i need to change mine in the next couple months so wondered what options there were over the standard VW ones. Any links would be handy. Also how easy to change over yourself or is it recommended to get garage to...
  6. Jongall

    Brake Fluid

    Hi guys, Has anyone had this warning light/message? Comes on randomly while driving along for a few seconds at a time then goes back off. Never when pressing brakes. Had it into the garage a couple of times in which various bits have been replaced but still happening. ‍♂️driving me mad
  7. Glenn Board

    I Cant Find Out What Brake Pads My Van Has!

    Been trying to order some new brake pads, I give the reg number over to suppliers and they all tell me that there are multiple pads for my van and need to see the pads! Well I dont want to take the pads out just to look, then have to put them back whilst I order some, so does anybody here know...
  8. P

    Grinding Noise From Rear Brakes

    so what do you think about these. Over the last week or so I’ve noticed a grinding noise from the rear brakes (over the music) Car has done 16000 miles over 2 years - used at weekends for the first 18 months and now used most days for a 40 mile commute on the motorway Front brakes look fine...
  9. T6180

    OEM Brake Disc Size?

    Is there a way without taking any wheel off as I'm working away this week to find out what size my discs are? I've provide my registration number and I've been told there are two different sizes for my model of vehicle...
  10. Dellmassive

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where -

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where - Here is a Basic list for all Parts required for Servicing which will be updated moving forwards: Brakes: Pads: 308mm F Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle) Product Code: 101441298 340mm F Pagid Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle)Product Code: 101441868 340mm F...
  11. MrTesco

    Brake Change Prices

    Van is going to need the brakes doing in the near future. I've just had a look on the VW website and it shows me prices for vans over 3 years but not under. Front disc and pads : £365+vat Rear disc and pads : £335+vat So my question is has anyone had brakes replace before being 3 years old...
  12. Steven Bowie

    Brakes Workshop Indication

    The last couple of times I’ve started my T6 the “Brakes Workshop” indication has shown on the centre display on the dash but as soon as I start the engine it clears, the brakes seem normal with the van ,I have searched for this issue but can’t find anything, thanks in advance
  13. dmk

    Noise Pulling Away In Morning

    When my van has sat all night (or all day), it makes a kind of mechanical noise from the front, like something is releasing. Like the sound a car makes from the rear when a handbrake stick for a moment, but this is from the front Its got a DSG gearbox ... does it grip the front brakes when its...
  14. chriscroft

    Thinking About Fitting Rear Drums,??

    2 1/2 years old; 36k miles, took it in for a new cam belt tensioner and cam belt (under warrantee , rattling tensioner) Whilst it was in, I asked them to look at the brakes, as the pad warning light has come on briefly a couple of times. Rear brake pads shot; fronts still 50%; oh and rear discs...
  15. A

    Brake disc recommendations

    Hi to all. I've had my 2010 transporter since new. I had the rear discs changed at 83000 miles which was the original set. The van is now sitting at 113000 miles and the garage have said I'll need a new set of discs at the back.. Was wondering if anybody could suggest what discs to fit on the...
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    DCC- dynamic chassis control