1. bullracing

    Av Cable To Ipad

    I have a rear view camera on my solar with night vision. Is it at all possible to view it on the ipad some how? It has the yellow RCA type plug. I have an ipad gen 6. Is there some sort of wired or wireless thingimibob that I can use to join them together?
  2. Paynewright

    Iphone Parent / Child Set Up Arrggghhhh!!!

    This issue has been on going for some time but son's new iPhone has brought to the fore having spent several hours today trying to set it up! Myself, daughter (13) and son (11) all have iPhones. I have a parent apple ID and kids have their own IDs. We dont purchase anything from iTunes so no...
  3. Pete C

    Apple Carplay Ice

    We have the standard base radio unit in our Trendline T6, which to be honest did everything we wanted, until I discovered Apple CarPlay on our new Skoda. So, simple question - what's the best ICE unit to get that supports CarPlay ? Stunning audio performance is not the highest priority, but a...
  4. Shaun Witts

    App-connect Frequent Drop Outs

    While using Waze through AppConnect last night I encountered frequent connection problems with the head unit just going blank, and then trying to reconnect to my phone (iPhone 8). This was preceded by the headunit (standard VW without nav) totally freezing accompanied by a contstant high pitched...
  5. Stevemcc

    USB And Aux Part Numbers For Apple Carplay

    Hi all, can anybody help me out got a t6 kombi with single usb in dash to radio Want to change to usb and aux What supports Apple play Dealer as no idea and said could not find any info Cheers
  6. CraigofThe

    Adding 2nd USB to Discover Media Nav

    Hi, I have just received my spanking new T6 Kombi :) Very happy with everything, except that the comfort dash only came with a USB for the CarPlay in the glove box, which means every time I jump in the van I have to lean right over to plug my phone in. Is it possible to retrofit a second USB...
  7. A

    Multi Media Upgrade with airplay and sat nav

    Hi all I am shortly going to be picking up my highline t6 that is being converted to a campervan. I want to upgrade the standard multi-media system to the vw system that comes with airplay and sat nav but am open to options of upgrading to alpine or kenwood systems if that's a better option...