1. t6blo

    Sold Apple iPad 64Gb 10.2” A2602 Wi-Fi Touch ID Space Grey - warranty until Feb 2024

    Apple iPad 64Gb 10.2” A2602 Wi-Fi Touch ID - warranty until Feb 2024 Full spec here iPad (9th generation) - Technical Specifications (UK) Bought new by me from Argos in Feb 2023 so has official Apple warranty until Feb 2024. Have only used it a handful of times to watch YouTube in the van...
  2. smudger28

    Sat Nav GPS stopped working

    Hi guys T6 Transporter 18 plate. Hoping someone can help? I’ve been using Apple Maps via my Infoentertainment through Apps and it’s been working fine until yesterday. Basically the map comes on the screen but the pointer does not move. I tried the infoentertainment Sat Nav and that’s the...
  3. t6blo

    Sold Apple Watch Series 8 GPS, 45mm, Regular, Midnight - only 2 months old

    Here we are again - another of my purchases, hardly used, bought on a whim, waste of money etc etc. Apple Watch Series 8 GPS, 45mm, Regular, Midnight Purchased new by me on 27 May 2023 - so literally 2 months old, in mint like new condition and...
  4. t6blo

    Sold Cheap Apple Devices - iPhone 6S 16Gb (SOLD iPad Air 16Gb, SOLD iPad Air 32Gb)

    These are legit, were bought new and belonged to my mum and dad - mum is no longer with us and dad has just upgraded to a new iPhone and iPad. I am helping him clear out some old tech. These are cheap enough to leave in the van, or for the kids or as an 'out on the piss phone' that you don't...
  5. Mule

    Media connection not working / Phone not connecting - possible easy fix!

    I've had a quick search and cannot see it posted elsewhere but I've been having problems connecting my Android phone to the media unit in my T6.1. It just doesn't seem to recognise the phone despite it charging it. I've checked connections, changed cables etc all without success but think...
  6. Stuart Docchar

    T6.1 Connecting Apple CarPlay

    Can any body help that’s understands apple connect we have a new vwt6.1 we are trying to connect CarPlay we can’t get past usb connection it won’t allow phone to connect we have tried everything
  7. D

    Does iOS 16 CarPlay work in your van?

    Anyone upgraded yet to iOS16 and tested the transition on their Discovery Media?
  8. Eli

    Sold Apple Series 6 watch 44mm Cellular

    Bought this about 5 months ago and used it a few times as it turns out I need my glasses more than I thought :rolleyes: £300 UK posted
  9. t6blo

    Sold Apple Watch Nike Series 7 45mm Black Sport Band GPS - Apple warranty until 12 Jan 2023

    Apple Watch Series 7 Nike 45mm Black Sport Band GPS Bought new by me from Apple UK store in January 2022 so approx 6 months old and has 6 months Apple warranty remaining. It has been worn once or twice a week (whenever I leave the house as work from home mostly) as a day to day watch and is in...
  10. Bryn23

    Recent iOS OBD11 reviews

    How many of you guys out there using the iOS version of OBD11? I’d prefer Vcds, but i Haven’t used a windows based PC in 14 years and don’t really Want to go and get a a cheap laptop/Tablet just to run VCDS. So that leaves me with OBD11 that I can run on my iPad Pro or my iPhon. anyone happy...
  11. C

    Useful Phone apps?

    Hey Everyone, So now that I got my new Van I wanted to see what some of you use in terms of apps on your phone. I saw a thread about someone that tracks their refills and journeys each time but for the life of me cant remember the app. I also saw some parking ones but my search skills clearly...
  12. K

    Apple airtags as a tracker?

    So I've done a quick bit of reading up and I cant see why you couldn't just stick one of these ( anywhere ) in the van.. then if it gets pinched or you just can trembler where you parked it , you just get your phone out and see where it is! approx cost £25.00 and batt lasts a year...
  13. D

    Anybody know how to date stamp a photo taken on IOS device?

    On the off chance that somebody know? I need to upload some photos that have already been taken on a I Phone, I need to be able to prove the date they were taken. I know there are apps that will date stamp photos if taken with the app but these haven’t been. Any ideas?
  14. alter

    CarPlay - iPhone no longer working but Android is fine

    buonasera, non riesco più a collegare il mio Iphone a Carplay tramite la presa Usb. Tutto ha sempre funzionato, molto strano. La mia radio è CompositionMedia, con un telefono Android va bene .... ho contattato l'assistenza Apple, mi hanno risposto che forse avevo bisogno di aggiornare il software
  15. vanology

    Installing Apple Magsafe charger for iPhone 12

    For anyone that may be interested, I've recently installed an Apple MagSafe charger, using a OBD power cable, a USB-C to USB-A adapter, and a neat little magnetic phone mount. It was simple to install with the cables hidden behind the trim between the dash and driver's door. I'm also using a...
  16. bullracing

    Av Cable To Ipad

    I have a rear view camera on my solar with night vision. Is it at all possible to view it on the ipad some how? It has the yellow RCA type plug. I have an ipad gen 6. Is there some sort of wired or wireless thingimibob that I can use to join them together?
  17. Paynewright

    Iphone Parent / Child Set Up Arrggghhhh!!!

    This issue has been on going for some time but son's new iPhone has brought to the fore having spent several hours today trying to set it up! Myself, daughter (13) and son (11) all have iPhones. I have a parent apple ID and kids have their own IDs. We dont purchase anything from iTunes so no...
  18. Pete C

    Apple CarPlay ICE

    We have the standard base radio unit in our Trendline T6, which to be honest did everything we wanted, until I discovered Apple CarPlay on our new Skoda. So, simple question - what's the best ICE unit to get that supports CarPlay ? Stunning audio performance is not the highest priority, but a...
  19. Shaun Witts

    App-connect Frequent Drop Outs

    While using Waze through AppConnect last night I encountered frequent connection problems with the head unit just going blank, and then trying to reconnect to my phone (iPhone 8). This was preceded by the headunit (standard VW without nav) totally freezing accompanied by a contstant high pitched...
  20. LambethBoy