Does iOS 16 CarPlay work in your van?


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Anyone upgraded yet to iOS16 and tested the transition on their Discovery Media?
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Mine kept disconnecting last night and im on ios16 but i was also using a cable my brother had leant me so i will try it with a working one this weekend.
Works on mine, the only difference I have noticed so far is the coloured backgroud.
Works on mine with carlinkit 4.0 wireless. Can’t see much has changed noticed the background and also the buttons that pop up in waze are different.


Next generation of CarPlay​

The next generation of CarPlay covers all a driver’s screens for a cohesive experience. Deep communication with the vehicle’s systems allows for driving information on instrument layouts and control of the radio, heating and air conditioning. This new version of CarPlay is specific to each vehicle, accommodating unique screen shapes and layouts. New levels of personalisation allow drivers to choose their gauge layout design, including brand‑specific options.17

Fuelling and driving task apps​

Fuelling and driving task apps are available in CarPlay. Your favourite apps that help you fill your tank and provide you with road information, toll support, roadside help and more can find a home in CarPlay.

Automatically send messages​

Skip the confirmation step when sending messages. You can enable this feature in Siri settings while in CarPlay.

From iOS 16 - New Features

There’s also an article and a video here: Hands on: Everything new with CarPlay in iOS 16
I’ve found WhatsApp issues:
Does not mark messages as read once connected, means when a new one arrives it re reads each one of that “chain” until disconnected.
Does not send any dictated messages.
just an update, i used a different cable and mine was fine for a 2hour plus journey, everything worked and whatsapp cleared my messages like normal.