1. Bumble

    Which Engine Should I Go For?

    Hi All, Newbie question. I looking at getting my first VW transporter to convert. Which engine should I go for 102ps or the 150? Can anyone point me in the right direction for which van to go for? I' thinking of nearly new with mileage under 10k Can you recommend any dealers? Thanks, Martin.
  2. M

    102 With A Full Conversion .. Advice Please.

    Hi all. Possibly selling my GTD estate to enter the camper world and although I really wanted a 150 I just cannot afford it. I’ve found a dream spec 2018 102 (dream spec apart from the 102!) but I’m scared I will instantly hate the 5 speed? Coming from a DSG 184 GTD isn’t going to help matters...
  3. revdecal

    Advice on buying T6 for towing

    Hi all. I have a Highline 180 DSG Kombi. Does anyone know the approximate towing weight capability of the van? I have a leisure trailer that should be around 1200kg loaded which I'm sure it can easily tow. It is more a question of being legal. I took a look on the internet and nothing obvious...
  4. RichDavies82

    Finally, She’s Arrived...

    So, after a wait that felt like a lifetime, I collected my new (to me) Camper King van. It’s a MY17 T28 102 Highline with the “Santorini” conversion. First impressions - love it! Build quality is excellent. Everything works as it should, with no rattles or squeaks. Despite having 50k miles on...
  5. S

    Fuel Economy, 102ps Or 84ps

    So, lots of folk aren't happy about their mpg in the larger output engines, but what about the the 102 and 84ps? There're keeping quiet don't you think? Are they similarly annoyed, or do they hide a secret? Are they getting amazing mpg, and does anyone remember the Bluemotion 114ps T5.1 that was...
  6. T

    Is The 102 Bhp Really Powerful Enough

    I’m looking at getting my first T6 to get converted to a camper and looking at most of the adds there seems to be loads of 102 s around. I did manage to get down to busfest to have a look around at some of the wonderful conversions and I must say there is some amazing stuff out there. Me and my...
  7. gal2009

    Is Re-mapping any good?

    Hi Just bought a 66 plate t6 camper, it has everything i wanted apart from the fact it is only a 102 bhp. My previous t5 was 140bhp. Seriously missing the power. I have heard that re-mapping nowadays is pretty good. Does any one have thoughts on this please?
  8. Weeman

    T6 or T5.1

    I am just about in a position to buy a van. My plan will be to convert it to a campervan as money allows. I have looked on the VW commercial site and seen some nice T5.1 vans and also some T6’s. So my question would be, is there be any drawback to buying a T6? Are all the conversion parts the...
  9. Irvine101

    am looking to purchase a van for conversion and would appreciate advice on the engine options.

    i am looking to purchase a van for conversion and would appreciate advice on the engine options. The majority of vans for sale are 102bhp and i wonder if this has sufficient power for a conversion. Is the extra cost of a bigger bhp worth paying for? Do drivers of 102bhp vans find them ok or...
  10. Mark Howkins

    Power Upgrade

    Keen to look at pushing up the power output of a T6 180 DSG 4 Motion but want to be able to remove any evidence in case of warranty issues. What's the best option?