1. T

    Sold T6 KOMBI 17 plate 102 trendline

    17 plate t6 trendline kombi , 48k miles full service history ,in candy white with 17 inch diamond cut bi colour Cascavels alloys, full leather interior, 2+1 quick release rear seat configuration. Vw rear spoiler, fully insulated, sound deadened and carpet lined in rear with led spots and usb...
  2. J

    Remap Issue!!! 102PS

    Hi guys, I had my T6 remapped two days ago. Van was registered (November 2015) it’s the 5- speed 101hp model. I had it remapped to 177hp by a reputable remapping business. Today the van has been revving up randomly and even when in neutral to 2500rpm. It’s over revving up wildly and really...
  3. A

    gearbox - trouble changing into 2nd when cold

    I have trouble changing into 2nd gear but fine when engine is warmed up, any ideas ?
  4. D

    Stage 2 tuning for 102bhp

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to have a stage 2 remap on my 2l tdi t6, but I've been told I'll need to upgrade/add some engine parts. Has anyone done this before, and if so can you recommend the parts I'll need to change/add please? Many Thanks Dave
  5. Curryzz

    Vote: Normal / Faulty noise 102PS

    Hi Guys, Can I get a quick vote on if this noise is normal or not? Cold engine, Flywheel has already been replaced. 102 BHP Manual 2019 Plate 12K Miles
  6. Jongall

    Sold 2016 Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle. £21k

    2016 Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech SE Shuttle 102 Bhp (remapped) 5 speed FWD (s/s) 5dr in white. 34100 miles Due major service & belts change Slight surface rust on n/s door runner (pictured) & I broke the radio. Still works for rear camera but touch screen damaged...
  7. S

    Two Turbo Failures - was re-map to blame?

    Hi People, I recently had my 3 1/2 year old T6 Euro 6 102ps re-mapped with a Quantum Tuning map by a highly recommended and accredited mapping guy. I had the full power, up to 170ps map so was expecting great things. The van drove fine after re-mapping, but I was hard pushed to sense a big gain...
  8. Gt Haywire

    T6 5th gear selection issue

    I wonder if someone could help me please. My T6 van 36000 miles 5 speed 2016 T30 Trendline van has a 5th gear shift issue. (Van in profile photo) I have just found it difficult to get into 5th gear. It's not hard to get it in, it just needs a slight push to get it there when driving! I have...
  9. PatrickG1969

    Considering a purchase but need advice on service schedules. T30 105

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a T6 Transporter conversion, nothing flashy, nice condition and interior, decent mileage 35k and a reasonable price in my opinion. It's a 16 plate T30 105. I'm a little concerned about the service history though, as it was only serviced at 21k from new. I've read...
  10. GingerDub

    It’s Pendle day!!!!

    So I’ve had my T6 T28 102 for two weeks and first big mod going down today! Cannot wait to see the difference in drivability this will deliver - I’ve read and heard so many good things about it.
  11. M

    Bit worried - 29MPG - Shuttle 102PS

    Hi all. Would value your opinions / comments. 2 weeks in to ownership now and love it - except the fuel economy. Mixed driving - when on a motorway cruise is set to 70. Otherwise gentle driving with a light right foot. Just filled up and worked out my mpg - 26! 2019 Shuttle, 102 5 speed...
  12. W

    Engine vibration after remap

    Hi all, Hoping some one can often any advise, I’ve recently had a few bits done to my t6 t30 102bhp with a camper conversion. I had a new cambelt and water pump fitted, New 20” wheels is with Goodyear F1s, Full alignment, And a revo map (set on the higher map) The work was done by a trusted...
  13. AlexWinstanley

    BHP for a 4-berth camper...

    Hi everyone I've had advice that 102 BHP wouldn't be enough for a T28 or T30 4-berth camper.. any advice on what sort of BHP I should be looking for? I'm trying not to restrict myself to looking for closer to 150, unless that's more advisable. Any thoughts would be great! Thanks a lot Alex
  14. Sjbso2000

    Wanted Wanted - DTUK Tuning Box for T6 102ps

    Hi. As the title, I’m looking for a tuning box for my new purchase. Get in touch if you have one or know where I can get one at a great price. Thanks, Scott
  15. VR46

    Buying advice for used 102bhp Shuttle

    Hello everyone! Our family is about to gain 2 new members as my fiancee is 2 weeks away from having our twins. With the two we already have, we need the room and flexibility of a Shuttle. I've found a well priced 2017 102bhp with 38k on it that is in great condition all round, including leather...
  16. R

    Camper Engine - Size Matters?

    I'm currently looking at a T6 camper conversion, the conversion work is good, everything I'd want but.... it's 84 bhp. My last van was 102 bhp and I had no difficulties with it but wondering what other's experiences of the 84 are. Day to day use, several miles in town back and forward to work...
  17. D

    Stuck In 5th Gear!

    Hi guys, newbie here. I have a 65 plate T28 SWB 102,Manual 5 speed... I have a little issue that needs addressing! Driving home from work yesterday on the motorway and I started to slow down so as you do, I start changing down gears. However, I'm unable to! its literally getting stuck in 5th...
  18. Tappers

    Haynes Manuals

    So I’m starting to get more confidence with my tinkering and was thinking about getting myself a Haynes manual, but you can’t get a T6 one yet. Just how similar/different is the T5? This may be a really dumb question, but I guess a T5 manual would give me more insight than no manual at all??
  19. V

    Health Check ....or Not?

    The van ...not me Got a road trip around France coming up soon so looking for advice Victor is a 102 Highline 67 plate bought with 8000 miles on clock pre conversion to camper Bought in Feb now has 12600 drives really sweet not a murmur only message has been re ad blue but still showing 2500 to...
  20. A

    Remap 102PS

    Hi All, I'm new to the Transporter world. I've just signed up to get a T6 Highline 102bhp (Euro5) for a campervan conversion. I was thinking of getting a 140bhp remap for the extra torque and economy. I'd even seen Celtic tuning were offering a 187bhp stage 2 remap but surely that's putting too...