1. CharlieNeil

    For Sale T6 Transporter 2016 T28 . £35,500

    The protective plastic is still on the table top & worktop. Its all brand new, fridge, bed, carpet, hob, sink everything. THE VAN VW Transporter T6 1st registered Nov 2016 SWB Original panel van had light use as a mobile BMX repair van 75,000 fully serviced miles 3 keys Parking Sensors Rear...
  2. W

    Sold 2016 T28 102PS SWB Camper w/poptop. £30k

    Our T6 journey is now completed (at least for now- we've moved away before). We are moving to a small narrow motorhome, primarily for the onboard shower and toilet. We wildcamp (a lot) and the Mrs is fed up of my showering at the back of the van in my undercrackers all year around As you will...
  3. D

    Remapper - Wales

    Hi you lovely people. Does anyone have any recommendations for a Pendle/Revo remap place near to Cardiff? Wanting to improve the 102 T6 2019 campervan Thanks in advance, Paula
  4. CandyCampers

    For Sale x3 Brand New Converted VW T6 Camper Vans for sale

    x3 Brand New Converted VW T6 Camper Vans for sale: Blue 1204 miles, Green 504 miles & Pink 500 miles (pink yet to be photographed but I have attached a few that I took myself) Transporter 6.1 Panel Van - T28 Panel Van Startline SWB 110 PS 2.0 TDi 5sp Manual 2022 Business pack added which...
  5. 109LWB

    Pendle Agent remap vs HQ

    I’d like to get my 102 remapped sometime in the future just for a bit more drivability. My current daily is 220bhp approx on a lighter vehicle, so the 102hp does feel quite leisurely. Here in lies my dilemma. I have a Pendle agent 15 miles away. Pendle HQ is 150 miles away. My local agent...
  6. P

    Acquiring a camper - Eu5 5spd or Eu6 6spd??

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum and looking for advice please. I've put a holding deposit on a 2016 T6 T32 BMT 150 fully converted campervan which has a euro 6 engine, mileage just under 60k. Another T6 has just been advertised closer to me which is a 2015 T6 T28 BMT 102 with a euro 5 engine 37k...
  7. M4rc

    MPG after 102 Remap

    I've had a remap on my van just over a year, although I'm very happy with the performance I've never been happy with fuel economy. I get around 400 Miles on a full tank. 102 5 speed. remap to around 170bhp. I have used a reputable company for this just wondering what sort of fuel economy...
  8. nails54

    Sold 2018 T28 140PS 5-speed Day-Van, Indium Grey. £24,000

    2018 T28 Indium Grey Day Van. Euro 6. Air Conn . Rear parking sensors. Originally Trendline Van. Professionally converted and all work documented and receipted. M1 Rock and Roll full size bed. Side bars and roof rack. Sports spoiler on rear doors. Leisure battery with USB ports and 12v port...
  9. D

    For Sale 2016 T28 102PS Startline Camper, 10k miles - £39,995

    My Van started life as a grey van and was converted by Stowford Stowford Leisure – Supplier of New & Used Caravans & Motorhomes in Devon which is where the previous owner bought it from. During this time he was posted abroad on two tours with his job (Navy) which meant he didn't use it very...
  10. Alexzeat

    EGR, what best to do?

    Hi To all. i have a 102hp Engine from 2016, and i have problem with the light of EGR codes, it turn off and turn on constantly. I dont know how can i do. Can you help me with your experience? 1. Buy new EGR and replace it. 2. Clean the EGR. 3. Delete the EGR with programing. Thanks you
  11. Russell Arnold

    What makes a CAAB engine more powerfull than a CAAA?

    What makes a CAAB engine more powerfull than a CAAA? I'm in Australia. My CAAB 103kw engine broke its crank. It has been replaced with a long motor and some of the bits from a 75kw engined short wheel base T6. E.g. the turbo and inlet manifold complete. Its still my Intercooler, rad and ECU and...
  12. Gt turbo

    Remap appears to have no effect

    Evening all I’ve got a vw t6 which I’ve been upgrading over last couple of years. Just had my new lights in but also had a remap. Apologies if I’m in the wrong thread. my van is the 102 brake just had the remap to about 170 ish. Driving it seems to of done absolutely bugger all to any speed...
  13. StuFish

    Sold 2016 T6 SWB Camper £32500

    The time has come to sell our T6 Camper! Converted in 2017 by Welsh Coast Campers, we bought direct from them so are the only owners since conversion. The van was 1 owner prior to that. Original van was 105 Startline, currently 49k with full service history, last service at 45k, belt and water...
  14. 1

    Problems remapping my Shuttle

    I booked my 68 plate Shuttle in for a remap yesterday with a local established company. I was told that it must have had a software upgrade before I bought it last week as the file was too new to remap. The guy didn’t charge me so he had nothing to gain. He said it could be 6 months before a...
  15. T

    Towing capability / advice 102bhp

    Hi all. So I’ve finally got round to buying a transporter T28 102bhp, the only concern I have is that it will not have enough grunt for towing my caravan (weight 1.3t). Has anyone remapped theirs to improve and how did it work, did it damage the engine/gearbox in any way, or have towing...
  16. J

    Part number - NoX sensor

    N0x. Sensor part number for CXGB engine. Hi my sensor if showing a fault. I would like to order one but unsure of the part number. 2016 T6 2.0 diesel 102bhp. Cheers
  17. T6world

    102bhp CAAB Noise

    Hello everyone, I have a Transporter T6 2.0 TDI Eu5 2016, 5 speed gearbox, engine code CAAB. The clutch was gone and the van start doing this noise YouTube video and we change it with new one including the DMF and the noise is still there. We bought a new clutch kit (2nd) OEM from Vw dealer...
  18. P

    T6 EURO6 102bhp shaky charge cooler

    I looked all related topics but couldn't find the answer that I'm looking for. Patient is 2017 T6 102bhp EURO6, 75k miles on the clock. Right hand side of charge intercooler is quite shaky on idle, cold or worm engine. It stops shaking above 1k rpm. How many bolts is actually fixing it? I can...
  19. A

    is there much difference in real life mpg between the 102 and the 110 T30?

    Hello, I am Andy from the Isle of Mull. We are wanting to buy a transporter panel van, not to be converted to a camper as this will become our only every day vehicle. We are looking forward to having nights out camping in it so will make a simple sleeping platform and will also want to remove...
  20. T

    Sold 2017 KOMBI 102 trendline. £23k

    17 plate t6 trendline kombi , 48k miles full service history ,in candy white with 17 inch diamond cut bi colour Cascavels alloys, full leather interior, 2+1 quick release rear seat configuration. Vw rear spoiler, fully insulated, sound deadened and carpet lined in rear with led spots and usb...