T6F Summer Camp 2021 (16-18 July 2021)

T6F Summer Camp 2021 (16-18 July 2021)
Posted by Dellmassive
Brook Meadow,
Friday, 16 July, 2021 - 06:00
Until: Sunday, 18 July, 2021 - 23:00
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T6F Summer Camp 2021 (16-18 July 2021)

Were Back again for the third year running . . . . Bigger and Better than Ever Before =]

Camping, Caravaning, Cadacs, Cooking, Chatting, Chilling, Fishing & Fire Pits, Plus much more . . . . .

Bought To You by your Event Organiser @Tourershine and Entertainment manager @Dellmassive

New for 2021 : A new Festival look & feel and the Now very popular "DiscoTent v4.0"


Brook Meadow
Welford Road
Market Harborough
LE16 9UJ


There is Limited Availability for the T6F Summer Camp weekender

Anyone wanting to attend & To get involved . . . . . .

1 - Post a comment below with your interest & required pitch type (Grass pitch / EHU)

2 - PM @Tourershine - give him your details to get joined into the whatsapp group for the event.

3 - add your RSVP at the top here on this event thread.

4 - Get a Confirmation ID number from @Dellmassive or @Tourershine ( - LIMITED NUMBERS - )

You pay the site direct on arrival, for as long as you want.

Edit 2021: To book a EHU point you need to contact @Tourershine so pitches are not double booked & numbers are accurate

(To book a EHU point you need to call/email the site and wait for a reply.)

most of us will be there thur/fri to sunday, but others may stay longer.

£20 per unit per night (all inclusive) - TBC by @Tourershine

There is a Whatsapp group setup for this event, If you wish to join in DM/PM @Tourershine with your name/number to be added.





Right ladies and gents,

I have again managed to secure a large section of a field in this place Brook Meadow Lakeside farm holiday campsite LE16 9UJ
It's a stunning site with access to both a toilet block and shower facilities, which I think are pretty new.

What the site needs from me is numbers. They have stopped all bookings for that specific weekend to allow me to get numbers sorted.
I'm sure those that miss this thread for a few days will be fine to let me know when you can, but if I can get an idea on the numbers initially, this will be very helpful for the site.

As per previous years weekend I organised, Caravans and Motorhomes are welcome, but we will pitch them outside the VW circle. Yes, my T6 will be there this year, but as my Motorhome is actually stored at this site, I will be pitching it away from us for the purposes of actually sleeping in. I know this was controversial last year, but it is my only means of staying the weekend, plus it's my gig and I make up the rules :whistle:
On that note, there are some T5 and T6.1 guys that have asked if they can come too, which I don't have an issue with, so please bare this in mind before you confirm.
As with all my meets, it's imperative that we pitch in a way that includes everyone. I do not want a situation where people are left out because they were shoved elsewhere, or pitched away from the main group. Some people are not as pushy as most of us, and i'd hate to think people got left out because they didn't want to impose themselves.

That said, last year was bloody awesome and this year should be even better due to what we've all just had to go through and how much we all deserve a good bash.

Let the confirmations commence.










Example list below - get your ID: Number from @Dellmassive or @Tourershine


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I’m out and I’m gutted! Boys’ school breaks up for summer holidays the following Friday and we are off to Cornwall for a fortnight the next day (allegedly!) So, SWMBO has put her foot down with a heavy hand!!!
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