1. paulfr

    Camper Calling.

    Anyone going?Would have put this in the upcoming meets,but wouldn't let me.Looking forward to the Manic's,Doonican's,Embrace....there will be a T6 forum flag there!
  2. Johnod17

    Reading festival

    Has anyone dropped off at Reading festival before I am dropping my daughter and friends in my T5.1 with a fiamma f40 awning on,the height on the car park sign is 2.05 ,this is very very close to the total height of the van. I can not see any information on the reading site to say there is a...
  3. B

    Vanlife Eats Event - August bank holiday weekend

    Not seen anything on the forum about this, but we are going! Seems a bit different. Vanlife Eats Big Picnic Tickets - Vanlife Eats 2 Nights of Camping Campervan Showcase Live Music Vanlife Workshops Technical Workshops Cookery Demonstrations Bake-Off Kids Activities & Inflatables Big Outdoor...
  4. D

    Sold 07 August 2021 - Morwellham Quay, Mad Dog Mcrea Camping and Gig Ticket

    One ticket for Mad Dog Mcrea playing at Morwellham Quay, Devon including campervan / motorhome overnight 07 August 2021. Nice site on the edge of the River Tamar, open air mining museum with own pub. Entry for campers from midday 07 August. Unable to attend the event, ticket cost me £26.50, now...
  5. ceejbee

    VW T-Chill at Beaulieu

    It’s on August 13-15…… Anyone going this year?
  6. Morris67

    Campers & Coffee - Aug 1st, Sussex

    Morning guys just putting it out there was wondering if any of you are going to campers and coffee meet on this Sunday it’s near Lewes East Sussex from 10 till 3 last two meets on YouTube look good only £5 a ticket check out there website hopefully see you there
  7. Dellmassive

    T6F Summer Camp 22 - (22-24th July 2022)

    T6F Summer Camp 22 - (22-24th July 2022) Were Back again for the fourth year running . . . . Bigger`er and Better`er than Ever Before =] Camping, Caravaning, Cadacs, Cooking, Chatting, Chilling, Fishing & Fire Pits, Plus much much much more . . . . . Bought To You by your Event Team ...
  8. czmate1999

    T6 Autumn Camp 2021 (24 - 26 September)

    Hi All, Created this thread after speaking to some of you at Bala and to @Tourershine, as he has organised the Summer camp, to gauge interest in holding a 'T6 Autumn Camp' from 24-26 September 2021. If there is enough interest I will ask the admins to create an event page. For ease, I would...
  9. Dellmassive

    T6F Summer Camp 2021 (16-18 July 2021)

    T6F Summer Camp 2021 (16-18 July 2021) Were Back again for the third year running . . . . Bigger and Better than Ever Before =] Camping, Caravaning, Cadacs, Cooking, Chatting, Chilling, Fishing & Fire Pits, Plus much more . . . . . Bought To You by your Event Organiser @Tourershine and...
  10. Dellmassive

    Busfest 21 10th – 12th September 2021

    Busfest 21 10th – 12th September 2021 BUSFEST is CERTAINLY, UNDOUBTEDLY, PROBABLY, & DEFINITELY the BEST VW EVENT to go to for ALL VW TRANSPORTER FANS, FRIENDS & FAMILIES. CERTAINLY – With a Full 3 days to keep you amused we will have the MOST comprehensive Entertainment programme for all...
  11. Dellmassive

    Camper Jam 21 - July 2nd - 4th, 2021

    Camper Jam 2021 - July 2nd - 4th, 2021 time to start getting the diary in order for next year . . . with the VW Gods willing all these events will go ahead. most of us will have tickets that will roll over . . . . Is Camper Jam for you? Camper Jam is not for you if... You like playing...
  12. Eli

    Forumfest France 2021

    After the very successful Forumfest September. It was suggested that some would like to try France. I have a site in mind which is about 30mins out of the Eurotunnel. I have personally been to this site and so has @Tourershine. I will email the site over the next few weeks to see if they are...
  13. czmate1999

    Planning for September...

    Hi all, just trying to organise our calendar for the rest of the month. Obviously Brook Meadow, but am also looking to the next weekend And possibly the weekend after. Might do the below...
  14. Ayjay

    The Malvern Motorhome and Campervan Sale 14 - 16 August.

    It seems that I'm not allowed to post in 'Upcoming VW Events' so thought i'd post under general. I saw something on here last week asking whether anybody was going to overnight at this event but couldn't find it again - I seem to remember the consensus was that it was a lot of money to camp in...
  15. Dellmassive

    Camper Site - 27-31st Aug 2020

    Camper Site - 27-31st Aug 2020 https://www.campersite.co.uk/ Escape to Weston Park for up to 4 nights this August Bank Holiday weekend. Camper Site is a place for you and your family support bubble to camp in beautiful, relaxed surroundings. Normally the location of our Camper Jam...
  16. Tourershine

    Forumfest 10-11-12-13 of September 2020.

    After the huge success of the recent Brook Meadow weekend at Sibbertoft in Leicestershire, I've decided to do another one on the cancelled Busfest weekend, at the same location. This will initially be open to 40 members on the pretence that I might add more if demand calls for it. The...
  17. Jay

    Busfest 2020 cancelled

    Sad day.
  18. Grim Reaper

    Adventure Overland/national Campervan Show Stratford Racecourse April 25/26th

    I can't open a thread in Upcoming events so have opened one in here. Watching Greg Virgoe's youtube channel today, he has a code for money off. GV20SE gets it down to around £34 per person for weekend inc camping. Off Road UK event tickets from TicketSource.
  19. RichDavies82

    Dubfreeze 2020

    Afternoon. Is anyone going to this tomorrow?
  20. O

    Events To See Conversions And Stuff

    Hi, Any good shows coming up where i can see whats on offer for doing my conversion. Seats, furniture, heating.... Anything at NEC worth going to? Further afield? Am not into looking a big white vehicles, but can take hit if lots of vw conversion stuff to see. Any suggestions? Owain