team t6f

  1. K

    Can anyone make stickers?

    Evening all, Can anyone recommend somewhere that can print a vinyl sticker that I've drawn to go on my rear side window? Just a bit of fun for the bus. I've done a forum one too if you guys want it? Original pic (just for the love):
  2. BoroBoy

    Found T6 F Keyring

    Who is selling these? I have PM'd various people without any replies. Are they not available anymore, or should I go on flea bay?
  3. Dellmassive

    For Sale T6F Monochrome Stickers

    Right you lucky people . . . . . The Boss has let me release these Special-Edition-sticker-sets to you all. They are Black or White vinyl transfer, so just the black (or white) bits stick. (the white is a backing card and the front has a clear plastic application layer that peels off when...
  4. Tourershine

    For Sale T6F Colour Stickers

    Oooooo, put me down for a Team Black @Fish