window fitting

  1. I

    Leak on self-fitted side-window HELLLPPPP

    Tiny tiny small leak coming through, it was a huge storm outside and it’s the first time I’ve seen it. The small hole where the sealant didn’t get to must be letting the rain through. Any small sealant I can use from the outside to get behind the glass?
  2. GS1980

    Bonded window removal

    Hi all, one of my fixed bonded windows is leaking... any ideas on how to remove the window and refit?
  3. S

    Rubber Trim Side Windows or Carpet?

    So then, im just about to cut some nice holes in my T6 and having watched loads of videos it seems you can either use a rubber seal on the cut edges or carpet and tuck it in behind the glass from the inside. Whats the best option. Rubber seam looks way easier??
  4. B

    Recommended Window Fitter Perthshire

    Looking to have my leaky Kombi windows changed out to fixed windows. Not sure where would do this sort of thing in my local area (Perthshire,) so open to any recommendations. Thanks in advance
  5. F

    Window curvature

    Afternoon all. I’ve just fitted a window from camper glass and noticed that the curvature from top to bottom seems quite off compared to the vehicle body. Mainly the rear bottom corner of the window seems to be away from the body by quite a bit. I’m just wondering if this normal? TIA
  6. osman

    Window specialists near Southampton?

    Any recommendations for car window specialists near Southampton ?
  7. Ajones

    Window-fitting recommendations Manchester

    Hi guys I need a couple of windows fitting on my van (one new, so van to be cut out and fitted and the other a replacement) Can anyone recommend any places that do things thanks Aaron
  8. M

    Fitted window - Leaking! HELP

    Hi all. After a bit of help if possible please... I've fitted my driver side Window today and just been outside and noticed it leaking from the top sealing bead of the window. I fitted the other side last week and had no problems like this and followed the exact same process. Is it a case of...
  9. andy greenwood

    Retrofitting a rear window (passanger side)

    So we've had our campervan for just over 2 years and weve decided that one thing we don't have but would really like is a window at the rear on the passanger side. On the outside of the van at tge rear passanger side is a glass panel. Taking the glass panel off is no problem and taking out the...
  10. Thegee6

    Genuine Rear quarter window fitting company midlands area

    Can anyone recommend a company in the midlands area that can fit genuine VW rear quarter windows. Thanks guys
  11. Jaywylers

    Window installation Cardiff

    Hi new member and have already used this forum for loads of resources. I’m just starting my conversion journey. Has anyone got any recommendations for where I can get rear windows installed in/near Cardiff, tempted to do it myself but don’t want them to fall out halfway down the motorway...
  12. O

    Cutting out side windows, dip in frame

    Hi ya, I am going to be putting in new windows round the van eventually and have done my due diligence and watched all the YouTube vids on the subject so feel pretty ok on it all but I have 2 queries. 1) on my T6 van the dip in the inside skin is quite significant where the central bar is that...
  13. N

    Messed up window install T5

    Hi guys, Totally new to this. I’m hoping someone can help me with the bit of a hash up I’ve made of installing the windows on my T5. I’ll go through the basics of what I’ve done and the problem I’ve had. First time of doing this (no chance of a rehearsal!). Started with the left back barn door...
  14. M

    Sliding windows - recommendation in West London

    I need to purchase and install sliding windows on my Shuttle. many recommendations for supply and fit or just fitting in and around West London? Thanks Mark
  15. Sharpe

    Refitting windows - sealant query.

    I have a set of OEM windows from a shuttle that I plan to fit to my panel van. Having never done it before, how ‘clean’ a surface on the inside of the window do I need? The glass I have still has the remains of the rubber? Adhesive on it. Have started taking it off with a knife but don’t want...
  16. F

    Do VGC flush-fit leak like OEM sliding windows?

    Hi All, I am selecting windows to fit to a swb panel T6 and really like the flush fit sliders from VGC. Can anyone advise how prone to leaks these particular windows are as I know the older OEM flush sliders were leaky. If there is mention of VGC slider leaks my back up plan is indented sliders...
  17. DirkMcQuickly

    Window Fitters West Yorks Recommendations?

    Hi, we got our T6 Panel last week so looking at windows first (I understand some say lining first then windows, others say it doesn’t make much difference). We have looked at the option of diy with the windows, and there are some great ‘how to” videos on YouTub, but if anyone has any experience...
  18. jimc91

    Sublime Window Fitting?

    Has anybody used Sublime mobile window fitting services, they are based in Tonbridge or can you recommend a company in South London / Kent / Surrey area? Looking to have barn doors and 2 fixed windows installed, thanks is advance - Jim
  19. osman

    Sealant for side windows

    Hi I’m looking for any advice on what to use to seal the top of my my sliding door window .. on the outside . I’ve done as good a job as I can improving the dogs dinner of a job whoever originally converted my t6 and most problems are solved however I’ve got water coming in the sliding door...
  20. andy greenwood

    Smashed My Side Window

    I have just smashed my side window by accident , i was adjusting the lower bracket on the sliding alignment must have been slightly out and when i shut the door, i think the sliding door panel caught the edge of the glass on the rear quarter !!! Never mind theres worse things going on...