window fitting

  1. Amber

    Free to a good van – drivers side fixed window swb

    Kiravans sent me a drivers side front fixed window by mistake. For T6 SWB. They promptly sent me a no-quibble replacement but they don't want the old one back and said I can dispose of it how I wish. I have it nicely packaged up but I think it would be a pain to send it - could anyone make use...
  2. chearmstrong

    Looking for rear window replacement in North East (advice/suggestions)

    Firstly… Merry Xmas everyone Looking for advice and recommendations for getting a rear window replaced in the North East. Woke up to a lovely Xmas present this morning - a smashed rear window. Not sure how it happened, some **** or from the high winds we had. Can’t see any evidence that it...
  3. MFielding

    For Sale Vanshades Custom Splashback for Sale

    Brand New Vanshades Custom Splashback for sale. Took a different route with our conversion so never fitted the splashback. Splashback is brand new, never fitted, with all packaging. Full size (untrimmed), has "Iron grey" blind and features forest scene. Paid £350 originally, would happily...
  4. IanEx

    FREE Silverline Double Suction Pad 70kg

    I bought these to install the side windows in my T6 - two windows that needed aligning while the sealant was still wet, hence four handles. So used twice, one for each side, and put back in their boxes. Free if you collect in person (SW Surrey) or you could choose the collect option from...
  5. Sean O Leary

    Retrofit OEM Sliding Windows

    Hello I would really appreciate some advice as to how people have finished the inside of their window fitment after installing OEM sliding windows into a panel van door. I am aware that I will have to cut an additional part of the frame to get the sliding window to fit correctly but I wan to...
  6. M

    Recommendations - Side window installers - Loughborough/Eastmids

    Hi All. Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for all the great content, its help solve many an issue and modification. I hope a couple of you will be able to help. I have a T6 2016 Kombi LWB with what seems to be the standard leaking side windows. I've tried all the resolutions...
  7. abunnyuk

    Sliding Window Placement

    Hi all. I'm looking to have two sliding windows installed in my LWB Shuttle and I'm trying to decide on placement. The whole point is for air flow when sleeping, allowing for the window(s) to be slightly cracked open to let fresh cool air in whilst also being able to generally air the van out...
  8. R

    Window Fitting - Assistance Required!

    Hey all Firstly, I'm new here, so hello to all! Secondly, I was hoping my first message would be a celebration of some mods but though side bars and spoiler are all done and dusted, my attempted (and aborted) window installation has left me needing help. Here's what I've done, and any...
  9. Kirky1980

    Window fitting to a lined panel van

    Hi all I got a t6 panel van and use it for working out of but also have an ovano setup so use it for camping also, it’s been insulated and carpeted and lights, I was thinking about having a couple of windows put in and went to someone and asked but they said because it had already been lined out...
  10. M

    Window Options and Opinions

    Hi all, Just picked up our 2015 T5.1 (yayyyyyyyy!) and we're debating what to do with windows. It's currently a 'normal' panel van with barn doors so one of the first jobs of the conversion is to decide how many (if any), and where to put windows. We're thinking definitely one sliding window...
  11. T

    Window fitting - with or without trim?

    From reading, there appears to be two ways to fit windows (with or without a rubber trim). I have read that a lot of can converters choose to fit without trim in order to tuck carpet in between frame and glass for a neater fit. If a trim is used, how is a neat finish achieved, is the carpet...
  12. SMB

    Looking to have side windows fitted near Staffordshire Derbyshire

    Would be grateful if anyone could advise me of first class people who fit side windows to a T6.1 ?
  13. chappers0987

    Fake Rear Quarter Windows - Trim Question

    Hi all, After a bit of assistance if possible please. I’ve brought a Pair of VW T6 LWB Rear Quarter TOTAL BLACK OUT, FAKE Windows for my kombi transporter together with the fitting kit from CamperGlass but I can’t see to see on any of the guides if you are to remove the standard factory rubber...
  14. T

    Fitting windows and deadlock issue

    Just bought a T6 which has deadlocks (see pics) Would like to fit glass which would leave holes under the glass where the deadlocks would have been. What is the best way to ensure there are no leaks?
  15. N

    Are my sliding windows wonky?

    Hi, I’m a new member who has recently picked up a 67 plate highline panel van. I have converted a T5 previously so have a little knowledge. I Spent the first week cleaning up and today I had installed (by a local firm) the Transporter HQ sliding windows. I queried with the fitter if they had...
  16. drew_greenday

    Where to buy your windows from?

    I am getting close to the window cutting stage and was wondering what glass people have used. I had caravans all around on my last van and didn't mind them, the slider didn't leak. Was looking at the camper glass window deals T6 Driver Side Sliding Window AND Passenger Fixed Window - VW T4, T5...
  17. jimc91

    Window fitting in the south / southeast?

    Has anybody used Sublime mobile window fitting services, they are based in Tonbridge or can you recommend a company in South London / Kent / Surrey area? Looking to have barn doors and 2 fixed windows installed, thanks is advance - Jim
  18. W

    Window bond adhesive

    miscalculated my bottle of primers and i only have rear barn doors to put windows in started cutting after realising i used an extra bottle yesterday on the rest of the windows. looking for primers but not sure what i can use as i can only find normal metal primers and not window primers...
  19. W

    window fitting Derbyshire

    Couple of things here ….I want a fixed window in the slidiing door and false ones on the barn doors. I really like the camper glass ones but have just rung and they are no longer just fitting windows☹️ 1 …So is there any company you would recommend for fitting them East Mids / South Yorks...
  20. C

    Leaking bonded window now rectified.

    Had a leaky bonded window. Looked into removing it myself but national windscreens will remove and re-bond it for 70 quid. Worth the money I reckon. They also showed me the difference between the kit sealant I used and the product they use. The difference in quality is night and day. I bought my...