vb air suspension

  1. T6 dork

    For Sale VB Air full kit 2014 T5 T6

    just been taken off my T5.1 it was fitted by VB in 2014 all was working perfect before removal £750
  2. Z

    VB air suspension; anyone with experience of it? Level issue.

    Hi I’m a newcomer to the forum, as have just got a lovely t5.1 caravelle. it was previously a disability vehicle and has VB-fullair 4c suspension fitted to it. I’ve had cars with air ride (suspension) primarily fitted to drive low and park even lower, but thus is obviously different, and...
  3. czmate1999

    Vb Air On A T32

    Hi, @Martinf very kindly showed me his camper today and his VB Air (on a T28), a very nice set-up! A question arose, however, and I was wondering if the feel of the ride would differ on a T32? If it would be softer or firmer? I know very little, other than the basics, about suspension so any...
  4. T6 dork

    For Sale Vb Full Air Suspention

    fitted to my T5.1 2013 in 2014 working perfect im going to fit B14,s if any one fancys a go at diy fitting these £1500
  5. L

    Where do you mount your Air Remote

    Guys know bit of a strange question but people with vb air where is their preference to have the remote mounted in the front please? Was going to get it mounted below on the gear box casing? Ideas much appreciated
  6. Shaun Witts

    VB Air fitted

    Got my van back today after having VB Air installed by Exploria. The 1 hour drive home was enough to convince me of the merits, the ride is soooo much smoother than the standard T32 suspension. Of course, being VW approved, it doesn’t go that low, and the lowest for normal driving is just 2 or...
  7. L

    VB Air Suspension... you’ve got me thinking

    Thanks guys was asking about b14’s last week and now some of you’s are tempting me on the Air suspension. Before i rob a Bank is everyone happy with their’s. I’m not fussed about going really low. Mainly for Comfort and the self levelling factor and lowering the van for easy entry . What is the...
  8. Leehoops

    Choosing Correct Wheel With Vb Air

    hi guys , I’m hoping someone can help me on choosing the correct wheel and tyre choice for my van which has had vb 4c air suspension fitted , it’s taken me ages to find the 20inch wheels I would like and they come in two sizes so this is what I’m thinking :- 20x 8.5 offset 35 on the front and...
  9. kn0bby

    VB Air Suspension - Let's Discuss...

    Sounds like a few members on here have the kit.. I am interested to hear their thoughts. So its a parking mode, sport mode, standard mode, off road mode and a self levelling mode for camping. Doesn't sound like the Sport mode isn't as low as the B14's.. but from what i've read the ride...
  10. Leehoops

    Converting Uma

    Hi guys , I would like to introduce myself - I’m lee (Hoops) I’m reasonably new to the forum after ordering my T32 highline panel van in feb 2019 , I’ve been following all you knowledgeable people Since then to gain as much info as poss ! I’ve had a T5-1 from new in 2013 used as a work van to...
  11. D

    4 Motion - Air Suspension?

    Hi just got a VW T6 4 motion thinking of putting it on air suspension . Would be grateful of any advised
  12. T

    Air Suspension In The North East

    dont suppose anyone has air suspension fitted and fancies giving me a demo somewhere in the north east, north west please?? As it is a lot of money to shell out!! Cheers
  13. C

    An Interesting Month Visiting Convertors In The Yorkshire Region

    It's been an interesting month, before pushing 'add to cart' on a Cascade Conversion (which as a result of advice gained from our visits is now off the list) I decided some surprise house calls were in order at convertors across the Yorkshire region and so dropped in on seven at their premises...