1. Ads_Essex

    [T6] Show Us Your Upgraded Steering Wheel

    Following on from this thread, https://www.t6forum.com/threads/steering-wheel-upgrade.737/ I thought we could have a dedicated thread for showing off our upgraded steering wheels.. I bought a plastic flat-bottomed Passat MFSW off eBay for £60 and for £300 had it re-upholstered by CCSW. I...
  2. Nick_T32_LWB

    Adding OEM rear load space alarm Ultrasonic sensors

    There have been a couple of posts from the searches I have done but none seemed to result in any positive outcomes or updates. 2018 T6 Kombi LWB HighLine - had the van broken into late last year, smashed the tailgate window and made off with a few £k worth of bikes - all insured so no worries...
  3. t6blo

    Audio Upgrades - setting basic config

    With hindsight, I’d have just driven hundreds of miles to one of our resident specialists and paid them, but I’m now too far in having bought stuff myself and am now trying to DIY it to the point where I am satisfied with the sounds vs the money I have spent. I wish I hadn’t even started this...
  4. M

    The Matrix

    Hi can anyone help? I am looking for a T5 / 6 heater matrix? The basic mechanically controlled version. Actually just need the white nylon disc which controls the air blend on the left (passenger side). There are full systems available on line but are expensive to buy and ship; or has...
  5. Mikerl8797978

    T6.1 Black door cards

    Hi. I know this has been discussed a million times but does anyone have the part numbers for the black caravelle or shuttle door cards for a t6.1 2020? Thanks in advance!
  6. Berger

    Retrofit T6 LED tail-lights

    Hi I've brought some led rear lights from eBay I've read on here that I'll need to do some extra wiring for both sides to work, is there a link to how to do it and are they just plug n play otherwise?
  7. G

    T6.1 Startline to Highline bumper upgrade?

    Hi guys, Sort of done to death, but I couldn't quite find the answer to a probably fairly obvious question, so here goes... I'm planning on swapping out my Startline front and rear bumpers for some Highline versions fairly soon, and I was wondering if there were any additional parts I might...
  8. RNelson

    T6.1 Show Us Your Upgraded Steering-Wheel

    Fallen out of love with the carbon.. thinking of changing and would love to know what you guys have upgraded to in your T6.1.
  9. P

    T6.1 interior door handle upgrade

    Hi, the panel van comes with a basic, naff black plastic door release handle on the inside. I see the Caravelle, California etc have a nice aluminium one. there doesn't seem to be a separate part for this to be ordered as its all plastic welded and comes as part of the door card assembly. has...
  10. B

    T6.1 dash / door cards upgrade options

    I have a T6.1 highline with the light grey plastic dash and door cards. It looks pants and will be even more so when I have the seats done in tan leather. Does anyone know what options there are to change the plastics? I’ve seen the thread on changing T6 for caravelle / shuttle bits. Is this...
  11. Ploots

    Flat bottom steering wheel - what fits?

    Hi On my list of things I want is a flat bottom steering wheel,my van is 16 plate 102 t28, all the wheels I've seen and been quoted for is for mfsw, can I get one without this as I've not got it on the wheel I have now,I've seen a few t5.1s without it and it looks good to me , obviously it has...
  12. M

    BCM upgrade

    Hi All, I've a BCM ending 087 and want to upgrade to 090. can this upgraded BCM come from any VW or does it have to be off of a Transporter? I know that I'll need to match the end letter for the keyfob frequency etc and copy across the settings in VCDS etc, just curious of the T5 / T6 had a...
  13. oxocube

    Can I carpet line my cabin door cards?

    Hello So I'm wondering if anyone has carpet lined their door cards? I used to have a lovely t4 and it was made of carpet pretty much. My t6 just feels too vany with these plastic cards. I'm going to sound deaden the doors soon, so while the cards are off, I'd love to carpet if its possible. Has...
  14. Dav-Tec

    Dav-Tec -Who we are & what we do!

    Hi guys and girls, My name is Chris and I own and run Nottinghamshire-based Dav-Tec along with my wife, Tracy. We've been running around 14 months part time with a view of going full time as the business grows. I am an Electrical and Automation engineer by trade and have over 15 years...
  15. B

    T5 Dash swap: heater/air-con help needed

    Hello this is my first thread asking for some help along the way please guys gals I’m doing something that I’m not sure if someone’s already done or not i have a 2008 T5 2.5 swapping the interior dash out, crash bar, steering column, heater blower/heater matrix/ aircon unit, door cards and...
  16. J

    T6.1 door cards in a T6?

    Does anyone know or has anyone fitted T6.1 door cards into their T6, i know the doors the same so mounting holes should be fine but will it interfere with the dash ? Thanks
  17. cairdo

    T6.1 audio upgrade

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, picked up my 6.1 Caravelle last week! As I think is widely agreed, the default audio leaves a little to be desired, especially as I have come from a daily 6 series with the Harman Kardon upgrade. From what I can see, the Signature Audio package from Absolut5 is likely...
  18. RyanGerry

    T6 Door card upgrade....

    Just about to purchase these for my edition, I take it they are straight swap?
  19. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to retrofit LED projectors to T6 H4 headlights on a VW Transporter

    Thanks to @Robert and others on this thread: https://www.t6forum.com/threads/bi-xenon-or-led-projector-retrofit.8335/post-318502 Fitting retrofit LED mini-projectors to H4's is now completely doable, and very good value for the light output: (H4 LED mini-projector on the left, H4 halogen...
  20. andy banes

    Retrofit DSG MFSW with paddles...

    So i now have a full leather flat bottomed MFSW with paddle shift it keeps the std triangle shape air bag cover . It was supplied and fitted by Paul at retrofit ...Alll i can say is really nice guy, very knowledgable and a cracking product at a really good price! Can you see it.....