1. AussieMick

    Foam blank underbody question

    Underneath the van below the passenger seat is a foam blank. I dont have an ad blue version so is this where the ad blue tank would go. The blank also supports the underbody plastic trim so is that the reason it's there. Thanks
  2. Under chassis battery.

    Under chassis battery.

    This is an underslung battery on a 2010 T5 but the system can be the same on a T6.
  3. Catagonia

    Help with undermounted battery / water tank

    Hello Folks, Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who has fitted undermounted battery trays / boxes on their T6s? I'm midway through converting my 4motion SWB T6; I ideally wanted an undermounted fresh water tank, but there really doesnt seem to be much choice. At the moment I've got a...
  4. G

    Diesel Heater Location

    hi all I have T6 euro 6 van, is it possible to locate a planar diesel heater underneath the van on the passenger side, I'm hoping to fit underslung water tanks on the drivers side were the heater is usually located. Thanks
  5. H

    Under Van Gas Cylinder - Is It Worth It?

    Hi All, I went to get prices for some conversion work on my T26 Transporter, having arranged for the company to fit a new pop top and windows the discussion came around to other works. Originally I planned to have a diesel heater fitted. The conversion company suggested a underfloor gas...
  6. S

    Leoch 130 Agm Under Seat Layout

    I'm just about to install a leoch 130 agm under the drivers seat of my T6. There is all the usual split charger, 12v charger and 240 distribution to squeeze in too. I've been playing about with ideas before fitting and its looking extremely tight! Has anyone done this and can offer pointers on...
  7. Andrew Wilkinson

    Underslung Water Tank Melted!

    As part of my conversion I've had an under-slung fresh water tank fitted to my T6 LWB. It's the long slim tank which fits next to the exhaust almost down the centre of the van. The first one a I had fitted was not very secure and melted against the exhaust. I have since built a more secure way...
  8. Fish

    Rear Underslung leisure battery

    While I save alittle more for the install, I am looking to source advise on pros/cons and links to house the 110ah battery under vehicle. I do not have room under the front seats and due to changable internal use, no room to the rear. Thanks. @travelvolts