1. T6wannabee

    Underslung gas tank and tow bar

    Hi all so our camper is now underway to being built or will be very soon and we have opte for a underslung gas tank and bbq point. only now I’m having a melt down because later down the line we are wanting to fit a detachable tow bar fitted . Is this going to hinder this.
  2. D

    Water waste on lowered van

    Hi peeps - I've never used my sink but since the rules for 12th April onwards require us to be self contained I think I'm going to have to pour stuff down it. The trouble is I only have 15cm of clearance under the van to put something to collect the liquids that come through. I just wondered if...
  3. JonriceT6

    Underslung gas or onboard gas?

    Hi. I am currently awaiting my full conversion but thought about having an underslung gas tank to feed the hob and an external bbq point. Are there any negatives to having this rather than the usual onboard gas bottle? Any feedback would help.
  4. wbuchan

    Gastore gas sensor - open circuit

    I have a Gastore underslung gas tank. The control / level meter in the van is giving me an open circuit warning light for the gas level sensor. Image attached. Should the needle be registering part full when it's disconnected from the tank and electrics? (even writing this down makes it sound...
  5. N

    Underslung gas regulator leak [Resolved]

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I have an underslung LPG tank for hob and oven. I have started smelling gas on the outside of the van when the gas has been switched on from the controller/guage inside the van. When it is turned off there is no smell of gas. I am happy that the...
  6. Bynxy

    Underslung Gas tank 4motion

    Any one put an underslung gas tank in the spare wheel well of the spare wheel well of a 4motion T6 as I am looking at getting it done save a bit of space inside the van and have a BBQ connection outside
  7. P

    Underslung Gas Tank - Ferries

    Hi - I've just bought a new VW Camper with an underslung LPG tank. The dealer said that I should never need to turn off the LPG tank, at the tank itself, since the 'Gastore' button in the van isolates the gas tank. Just wondering if anyone has had issues when boarding a ferry, that turning off...
  8. P

    BBQ point for underslung gas tank?

    Hi there, apologies if this has already been answered. I'm in the process of purchasing a new VW camper conversion and it comes with an underslung gas tank for cooking, diesel heater for the heating. I love my Cadac gas bbq and was wondering if many people get a BBQ gas point added to their...
  9. Bynxy

    Water or Gas

    I now have a space were the spare wheel used to be so my question is would you put an underslung fresh water tank or an underslung LPG tank ? And why?
  10. B

    Will puddles cause issues with my underslung gas, water and heater units?

    newbie question. I've just had installed underslung gas, watertank, and a diesel heater have i made a big mistake?. what happens for instance if i have to cross a ford or any standing water will this bugger the underslung installed equipment
  11. M

    Planar Diesel Heater - Road Debris, Water Ingress and a Warning From History.

    Guys Recently had an issue with my Planar 2kw diesel heater PU27 Display kept showing the following error. Sometimes when you get this - its a case of checking two things 1) Has your leisure battery been low/ flat 2) Disconnect the control unit and re-connect it Putting these things...
  12. C

    How many underslung tanks

    Hi all. My first post here on the forum so hello everybody but please be kind as I'll probably be asking some pretty stupid questions in the near future! Anyway, I'll soon be on the lookout for a T30 or T32 LWB panel or kombi for a camper conversion. I've had a T25 for over ten years so feel...
  13. P

    Connecting gas cylinder to fill point in France

    The more I ask...the more confused I get.... I have a 15 litre undercarriage lpg tank. If I stay at an aire in France over winter, I won't have enough gas to heat the van. I want to avoid having to go down to the valley mid week to top up the tank so... I have a French adapter to connect the...
  14. AussieMick

    Foam blank underbody question

    Underneath the van below the passenger seat is a foam blank. I dont have an ad blue version so is this where the ad blue tank would go. The blank also supports the underbody plastic trim so is that the reason it's there. Thanks
  15. Under chassis battery.

    Under chassis battery.

    This is an underslung battery on a 2010 T5 but the system can be the same on a T6.
  16. Catagonia

    Help with undermounted battery / water tank

    Hello Folks, Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who has fitted undermounted battery trays / boxes on their T6s? I'm midway through converting my 4motion SWB T6; I ideally wanted an undermounted fresh water tank, but there really doesnt seem to be much choice. At the moment I've got a...
  17. hoggle

    Night Heater location - internal or external??

    Hi all, after spending a couple of chilly nights off grid in the Van. I have decided that I will be fitting the above. The question is about whether it's best to fit underneath or under the drivers seat! Will there be much of a difference noise wise? I am leaning towards fitting it under the...
  18. H

    Under Van Gas Cylinder - Is It Worth It?

    Hi All, I went to get prices for some conversion work on my T26 Transporter, having arranged for the company to fit a new pop top and windows the discussion came around to other works. Originally I planned to have a diesel heater fitted. The conversion company suggested a underfloor gas...
  19. S

    Leoch 130 Agm Under Seat Layout

    I'm just about to install a leoch 130 agm under the drivers seat of my T6. There is all the usual split charger, 12v charger and 240 distribution to squeeze in too. I've been playing about with ideas before fitting and its looking extremely tight! Has anyone done this and can offer pointers on...
  20. Andrew Wilkinson

    Underslung Water Tank Melted!

    As part of my conversion I've had an under-slung fresh water tank fitted to my T6 LWB. It's the long slim tank which fits next to the exhaust almost down the centre of the van. The first one a I had fitted was not very secure and melted against the exhaust. I have since built a more secure way...