1. J

    Do I have the latest software in my T6 (and some Adblue problems)

    adresse 01: Motor Forklaringsfil: NEZ\04L-907-309-V1.clb Styreenhed reservedelsnr. : 04L 906 056 KA HW: 04L 907 445 Komponent og/eller version : R4 2.0l TDI H02 6163 Software kodning : 0011401C433401090000 Forhandlernummer : WSC 65047 005 1048576 ASAM...
  2. mrwrightstuff

    Composition stereo unit - software upgrade?

    How easy is it to upgrade the software on the composition colour head unit? Van is a 2017 Kombi (not sure if that makes a difference). Mainly I’m trying to add the logos to the radio station. Plus any other benefits of updating the software. Has anyone done this?
  3. Unimog

    Software up to date?

    I continue to have have problems with the yellow engine warning symbol appearing on my van. Vw changed number 3 cylinder pressure sensor and cleaned the egr. All well then 200 miles later the yellow engine light is back. While at the dealer they wanted to upgrade the Adblue software which I...
  4. K

    Engine software version?

    Hi is they away to tell if my vans software is the latest version without speaking to dealer thanks kirk
  5. K

    Adblue /software version

    Evening all still having issues with my t6 had egr replaced yesterday still have the adblue error with MFD countdown would anybody know what the most up to date software is for my vehicle mine is ver 6163 I think
  6. 480bhp

    AdBlue Issue after software update

    You may have read, that last Saturday while having the van serviced at VW, they installed a software update for the AdBlue on my Van. Well this morning after covering a further 900 miles (busy week) the AdBlue 1400 mile message popped up on the display, now while this wouldn't normally be a...
  7. E

    Software update VW t6

    Ik vraag enig idee wat een software-update voor een VW Transporter T6 kost ik zou blijkbaar al een update moeten doen en is nog maar 2 1/2 jaar oud en heeft maar 25.000 km's. jurgen.
  8. Flyingspanner

    Software update for 69 Plate DSG sluggish pulling away

    Software update for 01 to address this issue has been released. Just applied it to the engine ecu on my van and it is so much better pulling away, the pregnant pause is a thing of the past.
  9. tintim

    Software Updates.... Job For Stealers?

    New release of ODB11 compares software versions with other users versions for the same hw. Mine is looking a little out of date. Is this a job that can only be done by VW?
  10. mackmaya

    AdBlue Software Update from Dealership.

    Hi all, apparently there is a new recall for certain t6's , new software update effecting regens and adblu usage??
  11. Dellmassive

    VW Sat Nav Map Update - How We Did It -

    Map software update - How We Did it - This is a joint effort and this post has info from a few threads pulled into one source for future reference, including direct links to maps. ******************************************************************* credits: @mmi @Dellmassive @Pauly @Nigel W...
  12. BeePee

    Map Update

    Hi, is there a particular way to update the map on my sd card. My T6 was new on 22nd December so I guess I should have an update to make sure it is up to the latest version. Thanks.
  13. A

    Software Update By Dealer

    I'm waiting for my van while it's being serviced and I've just been told there's a recall which will involve a software update. I anticipated them resetting my changes and took another backup on VCDS last night, but if the software is changed will I be able to just copy and paste my old code...
  14. BognorMotors

    Revo remap.

    Hello All We are now an official REVO dealer. I have used REVO many times over the years for my personal vehicles, and we are now proud to be an agent for them. Their re-maps are all about driveablity, and feeling OE. As an introductory offer, we are giving 20% discount of all software...
  15. T

    Software Upgrade... EGR FAULT

    Hi My T6 Shuttle 150 is 11 months old and has covered 10k and I've just had it in for an oil and filter change. On collection I was told I needed to book it in for a software upgrade and to have the EGR looked at as a fault was showing on the diagnostics, although no warnings had come up on the...
  16. Para J

    Software update

    So took Sandy into JCT 600 for the brake light sorting. It done nice new one fitted. While I was there I asked about the software update I had done last week. It's the energy management system. It would seem that it may have been set too high or too low. When it decides it below the set...
  17. Mark Woodhouse

    Convenience unit software update

    Has anyone had a call or details about the convenience unit update for there T6?