1. Pete C

    Joolca shower initial review

    Ok, here’s my quick review of the Joolca shower, based on a single testing in the garden. I bought the “Outing Kit” as I wanted the pump. The photo below shows what you get. The heater bit has a couple of legs, which come off with a single thumbscrew each side. On the left is the orange...
  2. Golgappas

    For Sale Elgena KB3 12V/230V waterheater £195

    ELGENA KB3 12V/230V WATER HEATER (12V-200W AND 230V/660W) Was removed from new conversion for the KB6 heater. As new and tested. Ideal for hot shower at rear of Transporter £195 plus P&P
  3. Mescovery

    Shower fixing from under bumper water tank filler ?

    Hi. I’Vw got a VW van with an underslung water tank (the fill up point is outside underneath the back bumper). You connect a hose to it, turn a valve open and let it fill up. Has anyone found a way to use this point to fit an outdoor shower onto? I’m thinking a pressured type of shower head with...
  4. M

    Hot water using heat exchanger??

    Hi All Hello from Northern Ireland. I am relatively new to all this so learning as I go along. We do a lot of mountain biking and surfing so I was hoping to install an outside shower to wash down the bikes and ourselves etc. I had considered the portable showers with an underslung gas tank but...
  5. Wayne.wirral

    Portable shower.

    May be worth checking out when it comes onto the market...
  6. T6DSGChris

    GLIND heat exchanger... shower

    Hi has anyone used these? fitted to a transporter? seen today, at one of my customers who does 4x4 stuff etc and are becoming the uk distributor for these... im intrigued if anyones used etc or done anything with these as they look quite good! use the engine coolant heat to get hot water on the...
  7. OllieGBR

    What external showers are you using

    Does anyone have experience of externally mounted shower attachments? What looks good, experience with use? I have an 50ltr water tank under the chassis for inside tap and I'd like the use of an outdoor hose to rinse of dog/ muddy boots and children. My wife is completely against the idea as the...
  8. Bobbych

    Instant Hot water?

    So I'm part way through my T6.1 conversion and I not need to purchase the Tap for my SMEV sink/Hob combo. Obviously there are cold only and Hot/Cold options which got me thinking about the need for Hot water. I guess the majority of the community boil a kettle on the Hob and that works fine. But...
  9. Pete C

    Portable shower

    So it’s looking like campsites may open, but initially with no access to shower and toilet facilities. We have a portable toilet, so that angle is covered, but I can’t see the wife doing more than a few days without a shower. i can see portable gas showers on Amazon for less than £200, and I...
  10. OllieGBR

    Underslung Water Tank And Shower Option

    Has anyone fitted and have experience of using an underslung water tank like this? 60 Litre Water Tank Kit for VW Transporter T5 Campervan Fresh/Waste Water Set-Up | eBay I want to run a kitchen tap and then a spray washer from the rear of the van, (aka Three Bridges setup). After some...
  11. True Romance

    2 Room Shower Toilet Tent?

    After a bigger and better toilet tent and like the idea of a 2 room one with separate shower and toilet rooms. Plenty on the web but buggered if I can find any for sale in the UK? Anyone own/use such a thing and if so where did you get it? What are you guys using?? Something like this, "ozark...
  12. Vinci

    Wot a shower

    My darling wife has agreed (and booked) a festival in the summer, but wants a shower facility. We have a changing tent, so, please any ideas/experiences please? The van has power in the rear and is a tailgate version. Thanks.