sat nav

  1. phil_n

    Enable App connect?

    Is anyone able to turn on App Connect and voice command on my T6? I’m sick of the woeful sat nav. I’m near to Manchester but travel about a fair bit.
  2. M

    World wide satnav?

    Hello, We want to buy a Satnav for our camper van where we can enter domensions. We also want the coverage to include (for example) Georgia (in Europe), Algeria, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. Any reccomendations? Thank you.
  3. M

    Kenwood DNX518VDAB - sat nav not displaying on MFD

    Hi - just had a Kenwood DNX518VDAB fitted and driving back checking it’s functionality. I thought the sat nav directions should display on the MFD but they don’t? Is this correct? Any advice really appreciated.
  4. bmw222000

    Gps Antenna

    I've just purchased a mib2 unlocked unit to replace my standard t6 radio, now I've had to buy a gps antenna to go with the unit but my question is where is the best place to put it?
  5. T

    Highline 102 Sat Nav As Standard

    Good morning I am going to be purchasing a T28 102 highline,can anyone tell me if the sat nav comes as standard on this model,its a 2018,many thanks
  6. T

    T6 Radio

    I'm about to buy a 19 plate t6 just wondering if the radio has sat navy capability or do you need to up grade the radio
  7. VDubnewby666

    Sat Nav Problem

    My sat nav has suddenly decided it can’t provide route details! The SD card is properly inserted and the map displays and shows the vehicle position. Is this common? What’s the fix?
  8. T6DSGChris

    Gps Module In Drivers Mirror...

    is it fitted to all as standard in the drivers mirror or if required fitted at factory to match the head unit fitted? Thanks chris
  9. V

    Waze Rant

    GPS apps, Waze in particular took me through down some B roads towards 5he end of the route to get to Walgherton in Cheshire then tried to take me down "Dirt Lane" despite me ticking the option for no dirt roads. 7/10 can do better. There was no symbols on the A51 route showing congestion or...
  10. Ethan Andrews

    Pioneer Navigate - Evo For T6

    I am after fitting a reversing camera to my T6 which only has the non camera composite media unit. I have weighed up all of the options, and it all comes down to money And how good the systems are. I also want car play. And with that in mind I wonder if there is any point in buying a...
  11. X

    Music Fades In And Out

    Hi I have a 68plate Caravelle with the Discover Media satellite navigation system. When I play music from an SD card, from the phone storage or from the internet via the phone it fades in and out. I don't get any fade when listening to the radio whether voice or music. Can anyone advise if...
  12. JasonW

    Aftermarket Head Unit Question

    I'm specing up a new vehicle and don't want to waste money on the discover media Nav system as I plan to put an Alpine X802D in it. So the vehicle will be supplied with the basic Composition colour radio; 5" touch screen as standard. My question is the standard unit has no Sat Nav but the...
  13. Buzznitro

    Composition Media aerial upgrade

    Hi guys need some help please, I’m try to add after market aerial to comp media, is it possible to use the drivers door connection and if so which is the DAB connection Thanks in advanced
  14. K

    Sat Nav

    How easy is it to upgrade to a sat nav unit on a t5 or t6 from a bog standard unit
  15. S

    Formula 1 Sat Nav

    Does anyone else have Lewis Hamilton's Sat Nav? Ours seems to think that it is possible to drive ON AVERAGE at the speed limit. I'm not sure if anyone has told VW about how averages work? So it means that we can't get to our destination at the estimated time. Even driving at 55 in National Speed...
  16. 18T6

    Weird Satnav

    Anyone else’s sat nav insists on coming off the motorway, go straight on at the roundabout and then rejoin?
  17. A

    Navigation Announcements

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and was wondering if there is a way to either wire in a separate navigation announcement speaker or control the volume to driver door speaker only, just so my fellow passengers don't have to hear when I've missed the turning! I've played around with volume and fader...
  18. Martin Stockwell

    Playing Dvds

    I was under the impression the Discovery Nav Pro (the one with dual SD card Slots) can play DVD Movies? Tried with a few and it said disc not recognised?
  19. F

    Discover Media Map Update Failure

    Hi Trying to update the maps on the official vw sd card but after waiting hours for the download, 14gb which I can normal download in a few minutes .. I had an error message not enough space on the card! Anyone else with similar or known problems? Whole map of Europe BTW. Edit.. The...
  20. dubdub

    Sat Nav Tooooo Quiet!?

    Hi all, When i use my phone as a sat nav even though i have the head unit turned up fully and my phone, the volume is still so low its almost impossible to hear the i doing something wrong?