sat nav

  1. M

    MIB3 - Navigation Database Update (Non-EU)

    Hello all, I got a Tiguan 2021 from Germany and shipped it to Egypt. I have the same problem that was reported here (How To: Using Discover Media Navigation System In Non-EU Countries; E.g. Morocco, UK), that the navigation is not working in Egypt. Unfortunately, I cannot find a SD card in my...
  2. smudger28

    Sat Nav GPS stopped working

    Hi guys T6 Transporter 18 plate. Hoping someone can help? I’ve been using Apple Maps via my Infoentertainment through Apps and it’s been working fine until yesterday. Basically the map comes on the screen but the pointer does not move. I tried the infoentertainment Sat Nav and that’s the...
  3. F

    Will my sat-nav work when I’m in France?

    Hi will my sat nav work in France? I think it the media one Has the option and when I put the sat nav post code it works. But then I’m thinking will it actually work over there ?
  4. shaiboyuk

    VW Sat Nav Map Update without SD card

    Hi, So got my van, but the dealer (not VW) couldn't find the SD card for sat nav, but "promised" would get one asap. I tried the DiscoverCare app, and seems to suggest that you can put map on a standard SD card and it will work.... Tried it, and still says "Navigation database not available"...
  5. Pauly

    VW Sat Nav Map Update Nov 2021

    VW have recently released (29/11/21) the latest map updates for T6s with sat nav headunit/discover media Due to the increased size of the new update DiscoverCare is unable to update the software for you, it will run the process and take its time downloading the update (can take up to a few...
  6. Dilbert

    Discover Media Navigation System: full update 1730 too large for original SD card [Solution]

    The original VW Discover Media Navigation System (at least older ones) came with a VW 16GB SD card. The latest map update version 1730 Europe – Bundle 1 is too large too fit! Interestingly the VW DiscoverCare program does not...
  7. S

    Satnav colour screen changes

    Hi. I have a 17 plate T6 with factory fitted Satnav. I’m struggling with a couple of bits per below and wondered if anyone can help. 1) is it possible to change the route colouring. I am colourblind and really struggle to see the route highlighted against the roads on the map. 2) I really...
  8. Wiltshirejay

    T6.1 Stereo upgrade to sat-nav possible ?

    Hello we’ve seen a 2020 Shuttle, the only thing that is holding us back is that it has no reversing camera and sat nav. Can I swap the attached photo unit out and put a sat nav one in ? Then run my own camera to the new unit ? Also rough prices please. Thank you
  9. Pauly

    T6 Radio Navigation System With Amplifier Wiring Diagram 2018

    Radio System Navigation System Circuit Diagram Covers discover media infotainment units fitted with factory amplifier and includes speakers, reverse camera, microphone and optional interface for mobile telephone and optional emergency call module You can find the standard discover media...
  10. Pauly

    T6 Radio Navigation Systems Wiring Diagram 2018

    Radio System Navigation System Circuit Diagram Covers discover media infotainment units and includes speakers, reverse camera, microphone and optional interface for mobile telephone and optional emergency call module VIP Membership is required to download this document
  11. Mike Dean

    Wanted 5C0035680 Discover Media with NAV and DAB.

    Does anyone have a 5C0035680 Discover Media with NAV and DAB they want to part with? Thanks :thumbsup:
  12. S

    Screen start up slow

    I have a new t6 kombi when I switch on the ignition the information screen / sat nav screen stays blank and can do for several minutes, whilst the dash board says starting navigation with the roundels turning line its loading something. What am I doing wrong ?
  13. J

    T6.1 retrofit sat nav.

    Hi all, I’ve got a t6.1 highline, looking to do the digital dash conversion but I’ve been told it’s not possible unless you have the satnav/stereo option (forget what they’ve called the head unit) as this has a module installed to the glovebox and the head unit is simply a screen? I’m no...
  14. P

    VW Sat Nav Map - latest update?

    I'm sure it's been asked a thousand times, but I'd like to know how to update my Satnav as it says 2016 when it fires up. I was hoping it could be done via the house wifi, but had no joy .. it could never just be that simple!
  15. Oggsmith

    Now turn left

    After updating my satnav maps before a long drive this weekend I thought the Van would recognize the new bit of A14 in Cambridgeshire....
  16. Pethew

    App Connect activation

    Anyone got App connect to work in thier T6 ? I can see it and it asks for a code , but I’m told from the dealer that it isn’t possible to have the app connect unless it has been ordered from the factory. But why can I see it on the screen ..The Dealer seems lost on the subject ..
  17. K

    Satnav comes up "offroad" with co-ordinates when I enter a postcode

    Hi, I'm a newbie - with a new Kombi that was delivered the day before the lockdown. (as such the delivery chap was unable to show me around the van / explain how things work) From day 1, when I punch a post code into the infotainment search screen on Satnav mode, it takes at least 30 seconds...
  18. M

    World wide satnav?

    Hello, We want to buy a Satnav for our camper van where we can enter domensions. We also want the coverage to include (for example) Georgia (in Europe), Algeria, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. Any reccomendations? Thank you.
  19. foggy3061

    Kenwood DNX518VDABS.

    Given the recent high praise of some of the other Kenwood headunits (DNX9180 & DNX8180) from the very knowledgeable @Absolut5 , i find myself considering the Kenwood DNX518VDABS to replace the factory headunit. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles • DNX518VDABS Features • Kenwood UK Does anyone have...
  20. bmw222000

    Gps Antenna

    I've just purchased a mib2 unlocked unit to replace my standard t6 radio, now I've had to buy a gps antenna to go with the unit but my question is where is the best place to put it?