1. Daleboy

    Roof ‘Access Step’

    Not an owner myself, but may provide a solution worthy of consideration for someone...
  2. D

    Black roof

    I have been thinking about getting the roof of my Ascot grey van painted black. Got it looked at this morning and the painterpointed out something I hadn’t considered. He felt it would potentially increase the temperature a lot during the summer months. I know a few people have had theirs done...
  3. huw169

    Roof design gone backwards?

    Having washed it last weekend, I got a good look at the roof. Ribs run front to back as you all know, and it’s fairly flat up there. Van was damp this morning, and I had a short drive in stop start traffic. The water just kept on coming onto the screen. My old T4 was slightly domed meaning it...
  4. Joseph

    Cable access holes through roof......

    Hey all, forum newb. Recently got a T6 for a MTB/Camping/Daily beast. Just added roof bars last week and thinking about mounting a roof tent and Solar panel up there, wondering on what the suggestions are regarding getting cables through the roof skin into the vehicle.... this is the...
  5. T6 Fred_16

    Pop-Top Cleaning Solution

    Our campervan has been parked under trees for the last few months during lockdown and even the jet wash is struggling to get black marks off the pop top roof and we've just noticed there is a mossy type mould within the gap at the front of the roof! :eek: Does anyone know of any solutions...
  6. Wafu

    Roof noise when window is open.

    Hi, I’ve now been driving my T6 for a week or so and have discovered a panting noise from the roof when the drivers side window is open, it’s bloody annoying. I have a Caravelle and so don’t expect the roof to be panting away like a panel van. My T5.1 Caravelle didn't do it and I don’t know...
  7. B

    Sealant on roof... Odd ?!

    Hi all .... cleaning the van roof today and noticed this funny bit of what looks like seam sealer on the roof . Anybody else had this before ? Bit odd , as it obviously came from the factory like it , as it’s been sprayed over . It’s like someone has got a bit carried away with the sealer !
  8. Jayjmac

    Roof wrap

    Here’s one for you all... Had the Van booked in for a full roof wrap with a decent wrap company. They had the van on the hottest day of the year and phoned to say that the vinyl wasn’t sticking to the roof could they have it a extra day as it was so hot. They have phoned today and asked if...
  9. bullracing

    For Sale Pop Top Roof Bungee / Bellows Safety Device Swb & Lwb

    These aid in the lowering of your pop top canvas safely. After problems with the design of my pop top causing it to leak I decided to make my own bungee to aid the canvas when lowering the pop top roof. It overcomes the bellowing of the canvas if you have the doors shut and also pulls the sides...
  10. T

    Roof Disbonded From Structure.

    Morning all, I am currently making use of my time at home by embarking on the sound deadening and insulation journey. So far all is going well and the panels have come off to leave no unexpected issues. I have noticed however that the roof has come away from all of the cross beams of the...
  11. Dellmassive

    Snow Foam - How I Did It -

    Snow Foam - How I Did It - Its Friday, Its Sunny, Its time to wash the van ! Detailing is one of those catch 22 things for me, i wake up and say - today is the day!!!! I get all the kit out, . . . . get started . . . . . . . .And, Then get board half way through and wish i never started...
  12. Littleblackflash

    Sagging Roof Panel

    The previous owner of my van had a bulkhead in it which has now been removed. The middle roof panel which is directly behind where the bulkhead was is starting to sag at the front. Should this now be replaced with a longer panel or is there a wider strip panel to hold them up.
  13. Mikeyy_00

    Panoramic Roof

    Hi there, not sure if anyone has done this but I plan on fitting a panoramic roof to my T6. I cant find a company so DIY it is! I would rather a company though if anyone has any contacts!? Cheers, Mikey.
  14. T

    Sca Roof Fault?

    Hey guys I have noticed the stainless steel brackets on top of the rear hinges on the SCA 194 pano roof are causing damage to the canvas as it closes. Before you all shout the obvious it has nothing to do with the canvas bellowing out. It’s where the canvas attaches to the roof with the Alu...
  15. MRFU510N

    DIY pop top

    Hi all, I'm curious to know how much £ you can save by doing it yourself if you feel competent with these sorts of diy. Any info welcomed. As always, thanks. James
  16. KBF

    Cable Routing From Roof

    Im thinking of mounting some work lights on the Thule bars on the roof of my van. Is there a way to route the cables into the van and towards the cockpit? I do hope i dont have to drill holes in the roof and try to get that rust-safe. And also to squeese the cables between doors and gaskets...
  17. Lukavell

    Roof-Top Tents

    Hi folks, Is anybody in to roof top tenting? I'm thinking about it for my Caravelle as a substitute for an awning. If I bought an awning I'd be spending a bit less but the quality of roof top tents seems to be far better than an awning, plus it frees up interior space when travelling. If...
  18. A

    Ladder To Access Roof Cage.

    I have fitted a rhino Roof rack/ cage to my lWB T5 with an awning attached. When travelling I plan on storing goods in the cage/roof rack, but as the awning is on the sliding door side, I cant get up to the cage from the other side.. Any help or ideas where to get a ladder that will maybe hook...
  19. FAC51

    Panel Van Roof Insulation

    Evening to the forum. There are some very helpful links and videos on line with regards to insulating your T6 but Im struggling to find a "van roof" insulation link. My van needs that additional thermal roof lining insulation due to the 4/5 winter months we spend in Denmark, Norway and Sweden...
  20. Strange Al

    Help with roof decision - VanDoc and HiLo

    I'm in need of some quick advice/thoughts on a problem I need to resolve by tomorrow: My Shuttle is currently in with VanDoc getting a HiLo fitted. The original plan was to have VanDoc do a normal fit, building and carpeting in the pelmets down the sides to blend in with the rest of the vans...