1. S

    Cali Roof Corrosion - VW's current warranty stance?

    My 2017 Cali Beach has a dreaded bubble on the roof. Anyone know if VW are still entertaining warranty claims for this? Interestingly it shows the tape they put around the edge works - the corrosion has started in the 3mm gap where the tape joins! Let's hope there aren't any more joins further...
  2. Dom76

    Mounting TV to ceiling..

    Hi All, I’m picking up my new caravelle on Friday and the shopping list is currently being compiled, we have a couple of trips planned post lockdown and to keep the kids entertained I would like to install a tv / DVD player on the ceiling between front seats, firstly do you guys know if the...
  3. S

    Advice wanted: filling gaps between roof ribs when fitting vent or hatch

    Can anyone give advice based on experience please? I plan to fit a small roof vent in a T5. The roof has shallow ribs, with the low section wide enough for the cutout for the vent. But the cowling is wider, so it needs to fit on top of the ribs. This means that I need to fill and seal...
  4. R

    Sorry, another pop-top thread

    Hi, I'm seriously considering a t6/6.1 conversion but the mental hurdle I need to get over is which roof. I've found loads of advice and others' experiences on here already which has been illuminating. The biggest issue I have is that I'm really fussy. Manufacturers show loads of pictures...
  5. R

    Retrorack on pop top LWB T6

    Hi everyone, I have a LWB T6 and a full length retro rack which I am very attached to T4/t5/t6 long wheel base rack 2200mm long I am going to fit a pop top this Winter and would love to keep the rack - does anyone have any experience fitting a retrorack specifically to a pop top and any...
  6. F

    Advice on filling in holes on roof

    Hi, We've recently bought an ex RAC T6 and are slowly starting to convert it. We are doing some of the labour intensive work, like stripping it out and applying insulation, while a local company does some of the more skilled work. With it being an ex RAC van there are several holes in the roof...
  7. O

    Solar panel removal: paint suggestions?

    My panel gave up the ghost after three years and i bought renogy to replace it. Rather than glue (sikaflex) over existing i decided to remove. Mechanically by hand as its the only way. See the picture; i got frustrated at one point and had a little tug. So now i want some paint suggestions...
  8. S

    Paint code for metallic black roof on edition models?

    Good afternoon all, Have van booked in for pop top and looking to get it colour coded. So far however I have been unsuccessful in finding the colour code for the roof. Van is a 2018 edition model with the metallic black roof. Does anyone happen to know what the code is and would be willing to...
  9. 4WheelsFromCanvas

    New member - can any keen eye help identify this pop top brand?

    Hi all - new member here at the early stages of research in moving from camping under canvas to a van, hence user name! Use will be mainly for 2 adults, an 8 year old and a gun dog. Considering sourcing a van for conversion but have also identified a few local 2nd hand vans for faster solution...
  10. Goolag

    Roof platform?

    I have this idea of fitting a platform on my T6 roof so I can climb up, chill out and do some star gazing Anyone done this or have any good ideas on how to achieve it tia
  11. P

    SCA Pop roof leaving a gap

    Hey folks, wondering if anyone else has had this problem or can advise. Trying to close the roof today and the rear driver side is staying about 1cm high. No obstructions. Fabric etc. Even removed the roof bed to rule that out. But just cannot get this side to close flush anymore trying to...
  12. D

    Do you stand on your wheels to get to the roof? How low did you go?

    I have sports kit I put on the roof. I stand on the back wheels to strap stuff onto the roof rack. I want to lower the van but don’t know how low I can go and still stand on the back wheel. How low have you gone in this situation?
  13. F

    Roof panel getting unstuck

    Original panel roof adhesive is getting softer in the sun making the roof panel to lift off the transversal bars a little bit, basically it is not bonded very well anymore. Anyone seen this before? Maybe it is something I have done when fitting the soundeadning... Do you know what is that...
  14. Daleboy

    Roof ‘Access Step’

    Not an owner myself, but may provide a solution worthy of consideration for someone...
  15. D

    Black roof

    I have been thinking about getting the roof of my Ascot grey van painted black. Got it looked at this morning and the painterpointed out something I hadn’t considered. He felt it would potentially increase the temperature a lot during the summer months. I know a few people have had theirs done...
  16. huw169

    Roof design gone backwards?

    Having washed it last weekend, I got a good look at the roof. Ribs run front to back as you all know, and it’s fairly flat up there. Van was damp this morning, and I had a short drive in stop start traffic. The water just kept on coming onto the screen. My old T4 was slightly domed meaning it...
  17. Joseph

    Cable access holes through roof......

    Hey all, forum newb. Recently got a T6 for a MTB/Camping/Daily beast. Just added roof bars last week and thinking about mounting a roof tent and Solar panel up there, wondering on what the suggestions are regarding getting cables through the roof skin into the vehicle.... this is the...
  18. T6 Fred_16

    Pop-Top Cleaning Solution

    Our campervan has been parked under trees for the last few months during lockdown and even the jet wash is struggling to get black marks off the pop top roof and we've just noticed there is a mossy type mould within the gap at the front of the roof! :eek: Does anyone know of any solutions...
  19. Wafu

    Roof noise when window is open.

    Hi, I’ve now been driving my T6 for a week or so and have discovered a panting noise from the roof when the drivers side window is open, it’s bloody annoying. I have a Caravelle and so don’t expect the roof to be panting away like a panel van. My T5.1 Caravelle didn't do it and I don’t know...
  20. B

    Sealant on roof... Odd ?!

    Hi all .... cleaning the van roof today and noticed this funny bit of what looks like seam sealer on the roof . Anybody else had this before ? Bit odd , as it obviously came from the factory like it , as it’s been sprayed over . It’s like someone has got a bit carried away with the sealer !