reimo awning rail

  1. Crispy

    Thule Omnistor 6300 and Reimo multi rail

    Hi :) Has anyone fitted a Thule Omnistor 6300 to their van with a Reimo Multi-rail? I like the low profile of this awning but unsure if it's suitable for a T6? Any guidance and advice much appreciated. Cheers Crispy
  2. R

    Awning rail under a Reimo EasyFit roof?

    Hi All, has anyone fitted an awning rail under the edge of a Reimo easy fit roof? If so do you have any Detailed pictures I could see please
  3. Sjbso2000

    Reimo Multirail

    Good evening all. I purchased the Reimo Multirail from Kiravans and installed today. I followed their install video and I believe I may have made a mistake in following the advice. The problem; I drilled the holes 3.2mm as stated in the video. However, some screws aren’t tightening. I...
  4. A Brown

    Reimo multirail FAIL

    Hi all, I’m after some advice (hopefully I’m doing something wrong or I’ll be very cross!) My camper has had a multirail fitted for ages, and we finally bought an awning. The second the wind got up the bead pulled out of the multirail!!!!! Tried a friends 6mm bead Canopy And two poles, and...
  5. Fiamma F45s on bespoke bracket (rear)

    Fiamma F45s on bespoke bracket (rear)

  6. Fiamma F45s on bespoke bracket (centre)

    Fiamma F45s on bespoke bracket (centre)

  7. Fiamma F45s on bespoke bracket (front)

    Fiamma F45s on bespoke bracket (front)

  8. Fiamma F45s on bespoke bracket (front)

    Fiamma F45s on bespoke bracket (front)

  9. Fiamma F45s on bespoke bracket (rear)

    Fiamma F45s on bespoke bracket (rear)

  10. T6 with 3m Fiamma F45s, reimo awning rail and REIMO High roof

    T6 with 3m Fiamma F45s, reimo awning rail and REIMO High roof

  11. Apretext

    Reimo or VW Awning Rail?

    So, yet another decision that needs making. Our converter will fit either the Reimo or the VW rail, they are both same price, apparently the VW one looks a bit neater, but I can't find any pictures of it. The Reimo one seems to have an integral gutter, which I assume the VW one doesn't? Which...
  12. T28dov

    Reimo Rail And Fiamma Canopy

    Apologies if this has already been asked. I’ve had a reimo rail fitted and coupled with a Vango airbeam, I’m pretty happy! However, is it possible to simply fit a fiamma canopy to the rail or is there extra fitting required? I’m thinking for 1 nighters it’d be easier to have the fiamma but for...
  13. andy greenwood

    Reimo Multi Rail Installation

    I am going to be fitting a Reimo multi rail this weekend, do I need to put primer on the back of the rail ? or can I just use Sikoflex 221 on its own ? if I require a primer can anyone recommend one please ? If required I was hoping to pick some up from our local screwfix
  14. Teesix

    Reimo Rail End Cap Fell Off.

    The little plastic cap at the end of the roof rail came off at the weekend. It appears to have that double-sided tape stuff to hold it on to the roof. Can someone recommend what I can use to stick it back on again please? Ta very much
  15. EcosseExile

    Awning Rail.

    I need an awning rail fitted to our LWB T6. I found one on Just Kampers Awning Rail Kit Nearside (Left) T5 and T6 - J27769 Has anyone used this and can I fit it myself. It says it has to be bonded, I take it this done using Tiger Seal or similar. Or does anyone have recommendations for...
  16. Kfant1

    Awning Rail Help!

    Hi. Was just wondering if I get a reimo awning rail fitted to the side of the van, can we attach a Fiamma to it at a later date? We want it for a drive away awning initially but wouldn’t Mind a wind out awning further down the line. Is that possible or would I need to remove the rail and...
  17. Mavis628

    Awning Rail

    I’m looking at putting an awning rail on the side on my van, is there anything I should ask for, or are they pretty much all the same and do the same?
  18. Sabre

    Reimo Multi-rail

    I had a Reimo Multi-rail fitted to my van when I had it converted this year but dont actually have a use for it yet. The general idea was to look into an easy to put up lightweight awning/door cover but I've not seen too many options outside of bigger awning extensions to the living space. Has...
  19. Y

    Reimo Rail

    Some weeks ago the end cap of my Reimo rail fell off on first use - actually on first touch of the awning strip. Today I got around to looking at fitting its replacement. Now I understand why it fell off so easily. The first image shows the end of the Reimo rail and the adhesive underneath...
  20. vw-me

    Reimo Rail - Vango Galli Ii

    Can anyone recommend a few bits to go with my Awning and Rail ? I need the connector piece that goes between the awning and the rail and am unsure on which one to get. Also I don’t want to unpack the Awning until I go away and am wondering how good/bad the pegs are that come with it ? The...