1. Rusty

    Quad Lock Vent Mount for Phone

    Has anyone fitted a Quad Lock vent mount to their T6 and can comment on their experience of fitting it and using it with the Quad Lock case and phone please? They aren't cheap so I don't want to splash out on one if in practice it is a naff piece of kit or it doesn't suit T6 vents for whatever...
  2. K

    Will maps on Android Auto work without phone signal?

    I am having to replace my standard satnav/audio for a new unit, A Pioneer unit with android auto. It has just occured to me I often go places with no phone coverage, will this mean my android auto satnav will not work?
  3. H

    Phone holder for T6 with comfort dash

    Looking at options and ideas for a phone holder for the T6 but comfort dash. correctly using iPhone but guess most holders grab anything. Seen the 3D ones on here but don think they work with the comfort dash option. Any ideas appreciated
  4. dErZ

    For Sale Quadlock handle bar mount (New in box)

    I've got a new in box handlebar mount quadlock, you could use it on a mountainbike or motorbike (Fits Bar sizes 22, 25, 28, 32mm) Looking for £30 delivered. It wont fit on my new bike so I've got to get a stem mount...
  5. F

    Comfort dash- any courtesy lighting?

    I saw a 3d printed site with items for the t6 and in a few pics the phone storage space had a courtesy light. Nowhere on my dash is a courtesy light,phone storage/ glovebox, I haven't been able to visit another van. Should there be dash compartment lights ?
  6. TWB-Mark

    3G, 4G, GSM Signal Booster? Anyone installed one or have any experience

    Hi everyone. I'm pitched up at Folkstone and I've got more chance of getting 3G/4G from France than from the UK. The campsite wifi is terrible. I'd normally use my phone as a hotspot but it's getting zero to one bar reception so it's flakey. I've been thinking of installing a signal booster -...
  7. T

    Which phone cable?

    Hi all , new to the forum so firstly helloooo! so not being a techi or having a toddler showing me what I need to charge the phone and use the phone through the information system. I have a very kombucha T6 21 reg.I have a Samsung s20 c type usb , but what is the connection in the van . I’ve...
  8. E

    Connect phone to external aerial?

    What a great site, you have already answered so many of my moronic questions! Had a T5 kombi for the last few years but got a 2016 caravelle se last month. It has a lot more buttons and a really nice stereo (the most basic one, composition colour). Anyway, the radio manual says there is a...
  9. vanology

    Installing Apple Magsafe charger for iPhone 12

    For anyone that may be interested, I've recently installed an Apple MagSafe charger, using a OBD power cable, a USB-C to USB-A adapter, and a neat little magnetic phone mount. It was simple to install with the cables hidden behind the trim between the dash and driver's door. I'm also using a...
  10. StudleyGlass

    Phone holders

    Just though i would post some pictures of my brodit phone holder for the T6. I was inpressed with this mount, good positoning and fits prefect on the top of the dash. I liked this mount as it is in your eye line + it dont block any controls on the dash like some do. just wondered what others...
  11. M

    Brodit Installation Guidance

    Evening. Purchased Brodit mount that fits van, the one that fits to air vent / top dash. Installing tomorrow and wanted to check fitting (instructions are shite). On the top mount does it go between the panels (I.e. do they have to be prised apart slightly and then stuck) or does it just stick...
  12. T

    Sync My Samsung J3 To The Infotainment Unit In The Van

    Hi can anyone help? I have a 17 plate t6 with the infotainment system with mobile phone interface. I am trying to pair my Samsung j3 phone to the system but so far they don't seem to be compatable. Has anyone had this experience?
  13. kieran

    Magnetic phone mount

    Sick of having all kinds of tech stuck to my window so thought i would give this a try . It works realy well and does not effect the phone in any way. Stuck it to a blank so not to damage the dash.
  14. MrTesco

    Brodit phone mounts

    Afternoon guys n girls. Decided to go for a Brodit phone mount system. However I'm struggling to decide on what mount to go for as I also have to phone plugged into the USB for the Android auto system for satnav, so I wanted to keep it as tidy as possible. Has anyone got pictures of any of...
  15. ehuplad

    6 Points for holding your phone - Holder Question

    Morning All, As you can now get 6 points for holding your phone (amongst other things) while driving, does any body know of a good iPhone holder. Some of you must have none 'Heath Robinson' versions that we can install in our treasured vans. Cheers