1. T

    FREE Auxiliary battery

    Auxiliary battery I took out of my Ex RAC van, not been used for months but showing 12.47volts when I just checked. Free collection from West Yorkshire near Rochdale.
  2. russvphoto

    Result at the main dealer today

    Put my van in for its end of warranty check and told them the readings from my bluetooth battery monitor that showed it dropping to below 12v in a week of no use, within 3 hours they'd replaced it under warranty. It was a Moll battery. Happy now.
  3. R

    Battery(ies) flatten after adding 12volt socket direct to leisure batt

    Hi, I have a 2017 T6 with a factory fit leisure battery under the passenger seat and I recently wired up a combined USB, 12V socket and volt meter with a switch to the rear cabin area. I connected this directly to the leisure battery with an inline fuse (both positive and negative were direct...
  4. B

    When is a warranty not a warranty?

    I called VW as my 3 year warranty is about to expire and I have had problems with the Moll battery. Was told as they couldn’t look at it for another month it would not be covered by warranty that remained as they wouldn’t be able to invoice VW within the remaining warranty! Hence a 3 year...
  5. N

    Second dead battery in less than 3 years? moll

    Hubby has a 2017 VW Transporter Kombi which already had the battery replaced under warranty at the end of Feb 2018. He didn't extend the warranty, as he didn't get any notification it was running out (& as its been appalling service anyway). Battery died on him completely a few weeks ago, but...
  6. Vinci

    Moll replacement.....doubts

    A while back, a very nice man from VW Assist replaced my generally accepted as defective Moll battery with a new Varta one. Until recently, no concerns. However, in the last week or so, the van has been slightly reluctant to always has, but sometimes without enthusiasm, if you know...
  7. Theduke

    Stop start error and limp mode

    Hi Broke down the other day. Stop start warning on MFD, flashing glow plug light and then went into limp mode. I was stuck on a hill and couldn’t get going again. 8 hours later RAC transported us home. Local garage couldn’t find the fault. Had a full service and cam belt change a week before...
  8. J

    Flat Moll battery when camping

    Hi, hope someone may be able to help. We have a Jobl Kampa and this morning had a flat battery. We have had the van for 12m and never had any problems before. we are wondering if the cause is the extra fridge we plugged into the 12v socket on the vans main power panel but we were hooked up to...
  9. K

    Recommended starter battery?

    Just had my claim for a new starter battery (AGM) turned down because the parasitic voltage was excessive and is caused by the installation of a leisure battery. This was before I told them that the fuse to the leisure battery was removed but they stuck to their story and wanted to charge £115...
  10. Josh Corps

    Starter Battery Discharge

    Hi all, I've been having trouble with my battery discharging if the vehicle is not being used. Takes about to weeks to go flat. I've taken it in as it's covered under warranty and they have come back and said that because it's a new type of van the alternator doesn't charge that battery anymore...
  11. t6 steve

    Can My Van Be Stolen With A Key Entry

    hi again everyone .I ad a vw rd side assit out today reguards a bit of a flat battery on my vw t6 .nice enough chap.he seems to be pointing to fact that my van is not going on long runs to many short journeys.not helped by the virus so iv got to charge it up myself plus buy a leisure battery...
  12. Pie

    Battery Fault

    For the last few days my VW T32 204 manual Kombi 18 reg has been difficult to start. The battery doesn't seem to be holding charge. I phoned VW Assist last night and they sent the AA out to me. The AA guy phoned me and asked about my problem. He told me that he would only be able to jump start...
  13. F

    Warranty Battery??

    Hi all Maybe a silly question but is the battery covered under the 3 year warranty ? Van is two years old and battery seems to be knackered Ta Marc.
  14. Grim Reaper

    Upgrading Starter Battery - how to guide

    My van (April 2017 T28) is fitted with a Moll battery. I am experiencing some issues with it not starting after a few days sitting on the drive. Now this could be due to the tracker I have fitted draining it but I doubt it, I'll do some drain current tests before taking the plunge. If I were to...
  15. Z

    Flat Battery after 3 weeks

    Went on holiday a few months ago and the van was left parked at home for three weeks. Prior to going away I was doing a 42 mile drive to work every day so the battery was as charged as it could have short journeys or having all the electrics on. I also have a spare battery fitted by...
  16. Stay Frosty

    Moll Battery flounders...

    Right second attempt at this thread... Let down really badly by Agnes this morning when she wouldn't start, all loaded up for a cycle ride and... nothing followed by random end of the world messages from the dash display. Thing is we were camping in her last weekend and will be off again in a...
  17. Vinci

    Moll Battery.

    So, the battery failed on me 4 times, and VW still insist on having their dealers do “tests”. The last time, I had finished a survey on top of Mendip. Phoned local dealer about my appointment the following day for the tests, and went to start and nothing, with their service department actually...
  18. P

    Battery flat after a fortnight

    Hi all, 2017 Highline, just seeing if anyone can throw a little light on an issue before I call VW Assist, the vehicle was purchased on my behalf in May 2018 by a camper conversion company and stood in there yard until approx beginning of Feb this year when it went in to there workshop for the...
  19. powerbungalow

    Agm Battery Voltage

    Hey guys After a 150 mile drive I left the engine off for an hour and measured the battery voltage. My 12v AGM battery (start-stop) is showing a voltage of 10.8 with the headlights on. A 12v battery is actually 12.6v if I am right (6 cells @ 2.1v). VW warranty is 3 years on batteries so should...
  20. dubdub

    Flat Battery

    Hi all, So i come out this morning and the van wont start just a weak chug. So is charging the battery straight forward on these vans? do i need to take it off? is there any Do's and Dont's Its a 2017 highline T6 with start stop if that makes any difference? I just know there is a lot of...