led bulb warning

  1. A

    Aftermarket headlight issues

    Hi all just a quick question, I have recently upgraded my 19 plate T6 headlights to after market led projector lights with sequential indicators, the DRL bar acts as the sidelight but it doesn’t dim when the switch is turned to sidelight position ? Only when on headlight position, I have...
  2. Octane85

    Bulb warning after fitting THQ lights

    Hi all, I’ve emailed THQ with this but always happy to hear if anyone has any thoughts. I fitted the v3 headlights along with the H7 LEDs THQ and osram night breakers for high beam and the THQ T6 style sequential rear lights. All lights work fine and as expected. However, I’m getting a bulb...
  3. C

    Auto headlights make the bulb out symbol show, just headlights does not?

    Hello, I have had a search, but have not found quite what happens. For just over a week, randomly getting the bulb out symbol showing on the dash. Have looked at all the lights. They are all working. Only recently changed light is the nearside Led headlight unit was replaced due to it getting...
  4. M

    Philips Ultinon LED H4 Pro6000 - Germany Approved

    Hi All. Has anyone here fitted the Philips Ultinon LED H4 Pro6000's? Im in Germany and they are approved for the 7HC van. Philips claims they are canbus fault free, but...... 1. switching the high-beam both flash (pull) and constant (push) methods immediately gives Bulb error light. 2...
  5. D

    Changing daylights, something odd going on, help!

    Hi, So I bought some new LED (DEFVNSY - Pack of 10-6000K White 1156 BA15S 1141 1003 1073 7506 LED Bulbs 5050 18-SMD Lamps for 12V Interior RV Camper Trailer Lighting Boat Yard Brake Tail Lights ) on amazon. So i just went out to try them on my T6 and the Left light worked absolutely fine, but...
  6. Mal McCracken

    T6 Running lights

    I have replaced the daytime running lights with LED’s on my 2018 T6. This has triggered the light failure warning light on the dash. Does anyone know how to fix this ?
  7. Pedro20001

    Led reversing bulbs bringing error message on rhs only

    Hi all, I've purchased a set of error free led reversing bulbs from travelin lite and the rhs one is throwing up an error message. Lhs is fine. They sent another pair out and that's the same. It's a 2021 t6.1 panel van. Any ideas or recommendations please as they look amazing and work fine...
  8. paulfr

    coding out bulb failure light for indicators.

    Hi all i have a 2016 t6t30 and changed the rear lights and side repeaters to lcd and no problem.I have now fitted the travenlite lcd headlights and have a bulb warning fault come up.Have tried to reset it through carista and no luck!If there is anyone in the Leicester area with ODB11 etc that...
  9. Sackmycook

    Bulb Monitoring warning light - code out?

    Anyone know if it's possible to code out the bulb warning orange lamp on the dash. Just looking to turn the function off completely. If so, would be using VCDS Ta
  10. N

    T6.1 LED Fog light bulbs throwing up error

    Hi all. Had my T6.1 since summer and decided to swap the bulbs whilst I wait for an aftermarket drl headlight to come out. Swapped the fogs for these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/For-VW-T6-TRANSPORTER-2x-H11-Foglight-Led-Bulbs-Fog-Light-6000K-Bright-White-/392792724388...
  11. Sean_uk03

    Bulb Warning Light After LED Headlight Retrofit.

    Hi guys, Hopefully a simple answer. A friend of mine retrofitted led headlights last year to his T6, headlights only, no self levelling. Since then his bulb warning light is on anytime his headlights are on, is it just a case of deactivating in VCDS (I’ve seen tick boxes for light diagnostics)...
  12. Depron Donkey

    H7 headlamps with LED bulbs fitted

    I am sceptical about LED bulbs and have seen some really poor beam patterns and DAB problems but today I have been speaking with a local automotive lighting importer about the newer LED bulbs available. He has asked me to take my van in and they will try a few different types so we can check...
  13. Barley53

    A Few Exterior Light Changes

    Hi all, I've changed a few bulbs on my 19 T6 Transporter, hope this is of some use. Caveat is that the changes have only been in for a couple of weeks so can't comment on longevity but so far so good. * Full LED headlight plug and play from Travelin-Lite, indicators led but not sequential...
  14. Grim Reaper

    Lamp Fail Light Comes On When High Beam Flash Is Activated

    I have changed out all my front lights to LED, the DRL's are now 2x P21W CANBUS White Car Turn Signal Rear Light PHILIPS LEDs 1156 BA15S 382 80W The sidelights are now US $0.8 25% OFF| 1x T10 57 SMD 3014 LED Canbus Error Free Parking Light W5W WY5W W16W T15 194 57SMD Wedge Tail Side lamp Bulb...
  15. jonbigland

    LED DRL Bulbs - resistor needed?

    hi guys fitted a set of led dlr bulbs work fine but get error on dash . The seller described them as error free . Is there a resistor i can purchase
  16. Littleblackflash

    ‘Light Out’ warning on after tailgate conversion.

    I've converted my barn doors to a tailgate with LED lights. But I have a orange warning for bulb out on the instruments. VCDS scan showed no fault codes. If I go into 17-Instruments and go into measured values, what should I be looking for? The only concern I've found is "Status on input...
  17. Glenn Board

    VCDS - Disable warning light for DRL

    hi, I have fitted LED Driving light bulbs to my T6, does anybody know the location of the code to disable the warning for this using VCDS please
  18. Jonny

    TransporterHQ (THQ) Aftermarket Headlights

    Don't let the halogens put you off. These aren't finished. Looks like a set will go for £550
  19. Chriswhit

    LED fog lamp warning

    Fitted replacement LED fog lamps the same as some of the guys have recommended on this forum .Thought I'd leave the covers off the inside wheel arch until I'd tested them . I wanted to cable tie the two driver units to the wiring loom to stop them sliding about which could eventually loosen...