leaking sliding window

  1. T

    Leaking sliding door rusting blind mechanism

    Hi everyone, I have noticed that there must be some sort of leak on the rear driver (RHD) side sliding door of my 2016 Caravelle. It is fine in rain, but after I power wash the van or take it through the carwash, there will be some damp on the driver's side blind. I do not wash the van often...
  2. L

    A question for members who have had slider window replacement .

    Could any members on here who have had their T6 slider windows replaced under warranty [ or not ] because of leaking be so kind to let me know if they replace the entire side window [ fixed piece + slider window ] or just the slider window itself ? It will help in ascertaining whether VW were /...
  3. L5 PCG

    Replacement Kombi Side Window the Wrong Tint

    Hi All, I’ve just had the leaking side windows replaced in my 2019 Kombi for the 2nd time and VW seem to have fitted non tinted windows in place of the previous tinted units. I have checked the codes between the glass previously fitted and what is in now. Previous glass had a V above the E7...
  4. D

    Wanted Kombi sliding window

    Wanted - Kombi sliding window, cheap / free. I want to do some tests with alternative window seals and possibly improve the latch and drains. Preferably nearside, standard VW tint if possible. Not too bothered if it leaks. Cheers.
  5. T

    Leaking side windows-where does water go?

    I have a 2016 Cali Ocean. Both side windows are leaking - pretty much accepted that this is a reality of the design. My actual question - is the limited amount of water that gets in a problem? Sliding door side - water runs over the plastics and lands in the lower step bit. Don't think this...
  6. NOAT

    T6 Sliding Window Leaking (Cassette issue) - Stick with VW or go non-oem?

    Hi All, I've got a '17 plate T6 204 with Twin Sliders with flush fitting sliding windows. Drivers side rear sliding window has been leaking since I purchased it from Listers in June. Various delays with Listers (incl. lost paper work?!), has meant that it's only recently gone back in to get...
  7. Window leak.mp4

    Window leak.mp4

    VW T6 OEM sliding window leak.
  8. VinylArchie

    Leaking windows, a new method of leakage!

    So I decided to strip the sliding windows of my Kombi in an attempt to prevent the considerable leak that had been occurring. Anyway drainage channels were clear and it appeared the bonding along the plastic rail was failing so ran a bead of silicone in there. Giving the now removed sliding...
  9. fireblade669

    T6.1 Sliding Door Leak

    Afternoon Volksfriends, I hope you're all keeping well. I'm not having much luck with my T6.1 so far. On day 1, the barn door opening mechanism failed. A month in, the front drivers window started leaking like a sieve. Now I've got water coming in through the top of the sliding door past the...
  10. mackmaya

    MOT: Sliding windows checked?

    Hi all, just wondering if the rear sliding window's in a factory kombi are part of the mot?.... I sealed mine shut as they were leaking.....cheers.
  11. S

    T6.1 with leaking sliding-windows

    So I picked up my new 6.1 Kombi this week from Breeze VW. The list of problems I have discovered since collection is endless, mostly down to an incompetent technician and very poor salesman. The most recent discovery is that both side windows are leaking, the windows have never been opened!! I...
  12. Littleblackflash

    T6.1 Sliding Window - same size as T5.1 & T6?

    As I'm working from home and not using my van much, I thought it would be good time to fit some side windows. Are the windows on the T6.1 different to the T6 and have they solved the leaking issue. It looks like the opening us much larger than on the T6
  13. L

    Sliding To Plain Windows - Trim??

    Hi everyone - not sure if this belongs here or in a special section for sliding window leaks, but... We just got the sliding windows replaced with plain windows, as they were (surprise surprise) leaking. But we're having all kinds of trouble getting the interior trim that goes around the...
  14. Ann3x

    Water In Sliding Door

    Confused.... The weather has been terrible here last 7d and just found a pretty significant amount of water in my sliding door. Seems to be pooled at the top of the door behind the reinforcement strip. When I took the door card off (I have a loc8 table) the carpet on the card was soaking...
  15. leeasy

    VW UK and the Kombi Leaky Window Saga

    Hello all, This is my first real post other than to say hello as a new member a few weeks back. As I am the proud owner of a T6 kombi which I have wanted for a very long time, I was somewhat irritated to find when I took it to have the rear trimmed out that water had been making its way...
  16. R

    Sliding Window Leaking And Drivers Windows

    think the dealers here are useless Two attempts at drivers door and it still leaks and the sliding window in the sliding door which has water marks on it they can’t find I’ve had all seals done on the drivers door, any idea where to go next? Wind noise is horrible from drivers window too
  17. G

    Flush Fitting Windows - Aftermarket Vs Oem

    After reading various threads I understand that the OEM flush windows have had problems with leaking. I also understand that there now aftermarket ones available and have found a few via searches. My question is what are the best ones?
  18. DaveyB

    Leaking Kombi Windows? How-to guide to resolve.

    Like so many other folk, my factory kombi rear windows leak when it rains. Refusing to accept that the only way to resolve was to take it back to the stealer, I set about stripping the window out to figure out what was wrong. This will have several posts in order to get it all in due to the...
  19. Pauly

    Sliding-window leak

    Cant believe it, heard plenty about T5 windows leaking and just assumed they would have fixed it by now but apparently not. Over the last week every time it rains i have a nice trickle of water running from the front lower corner of my OSR slider down to a nice wet patch on the floor, thats to...