kador strip

  1. Angieg

    Figure 8 awning kit ! Can this let in rain

    Hi all ! Bought a cayman air awning …bearing in mind first time we have put it up and it’s bloody windy !!! There are just a few little things I have found annoying already! Obvs it’s not a full on tent … but all the sides are flapping around at the bottom, you’d think there was some Velcro...
  2. MikeWillmott

    For Sale Awning/Keder rail

    Funky leisure for fitting with (or without) roof rail. 2.85m for S/LWB It’s in the way in Exeter A decent bottle of single malt secures! Pick up only.
  3. R

    8mm to 6mm kador please

    Does anyone know where to get 8mm to 6mm kador? I have a reimo rail and 6mm pulls through the c channel. I have read that this is an issue for some other people, but not most, and I have ‘solved’ this so far by attaching gaffer tape to one side so it doesn’t pull through. It looks messy though...
  4. H0ME

    8mm kador - help - railsail

    I bought a kiravan railsail, very expensive sail awning. However for the life of me I cannot find an 8mm kedar strip adaptor. The railsail has very large 8mm strap sewn in and it will not fit in my existing 6mm rail. There does not seem to be a company around that does an 6-8mm drive away...
  5. Sackmycook

    Tight kador strip on Fiamma F45s

    Just test erected my new (to me) Kampa Air awning.... ....the Kador strip on the figure of 8 kit I bought is nice and easily slideable unlike the slot on the front of the F45s van awning. Seems pretty tight. I'm sure they are both 6mm slots. Is there a technique to it or an easy cheat I could...
  6. B

    Help with awning Kador / clamp options

    Hi all I've bought a Vango cove 2 driveway awning for our van, which has a Reimo Multirail. I'm a bit confused about options for hooking it on. I understand one option is a Kador strip, but seems to be different sizes. Also I've seen people talk about clamps.. Anyone able to help me understand...
  7. S

    Awning rail - Kador strip and pop top

    I have a 2018 t6 with pop top I have a van go awning from elddis motor home with Karol strip advice please on best rail to fit
  8. P

    Kader to pole sleeve adaptor?

    OK here's the issue previously had Kampa Dometic Sunshine AIR Pro VW, not a drive away per se, but really preferred the pole in sleeve and 3 clamps mode of attaching to van over the kader strip (reason is that I configured the awning to be drive away with the addition of a few poles. So easy to...
  9. teddy

    awning rails... magnetic or fixed?

    Is there a thread regarding attaching drive away awnings to a T6 roof that anyone can direct me to? Alternatively anyone having an opinion regarding the best method to attach a drive away awning? Thanks all
  10. M

    Figure of Eight Awning Fixing

    Hi First post on forum - bought a T6, got it converted and have recently added a drive away awning to our rapidly growing collection of 'must-have accessories'! We recently bought a kador strip and figure of eight connector, but one question I do have is how do people carry it? Ours is a 2.5m...
  11. Apretext

    Reimo or VW Awning Rail?

    So, yet another decision that needs making. Our converter will fit either the Reimo or the VW rail, they are both same price, apparently the VW one looks a bit neater, but I can't find any pictures of it. The Reimo one seems to have an integral gutter, which I assume the VW one doesn't? Which...
  12. andy greenwood

    Vango Galli Compact Set Up

    We've just got ourselves a vango galli 3 compact and I have a set up question for any galli experts out there.... For the set up do I ..... put down the footprint ( not pegged ) , insert kador into van awning rail whilst trying to keep the awning on the footprint , blow up awning , get it in...
  13. toonaroon

    Figure Of Eight Awning Fixing

    Hi just wandered if anyone Knows of a better/stronger figure of eight kit for our galli air beam, we are finding that the kador strip keeps popping out in places as the plastic does not seem to hold firm, which is a real pain, also ours is in three sections and I think two sections might be...
  14. VDubnewby666

    Kador And Figure Of 8

    Just set up the drive away awning for the first time in advance of driving to france. All good except the connection to the belle! All new kador and figure of 8 strip but the fig of 8 just started to fall apart and also the kador started to come out of the C section slot. All 6mm so not wrong...