1. P

    Cluster 32-pin connector data

    Is there a t32 dash cluster pin data list on here
  2. T

    Reputable aftermarket security fitter - Bristol/South West

    Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster now that we've got ourselves a T6.1. Been reading all the threads on aftermarket security options, and although I've still not entirely decided on the product, I was wondering if any members in the South West/Bristol area can recommend a...
  3. D

    Kill switch / quick question about wires and that

    Morning all I'm in the world of pain that is a 1500 page PDF of all of the possible combinations of wiring anyone could ever imagine might have been needed for troubleshooting T6 electrics. I have gleaned so far that SC56 is the magic fuse that's needed to start the van. If I follow the black...
  4. kombisnaps

    Ghost | Anyone used?

    Had a look in business reviews but couldn't see anything Recently had a chat with Ghost Installations who seemed fairly nice, and wondered if anyone's used them for immobiliser installation? Alternatively if anyone's used anyone good recently who covers...
  5. Vanda

    Thatcham S5 /S5+ tracker recommendations

    hi I want to put a cat 5 tracker on my van. Anyone got any recommendations or advice? Thanks
  6. D

    Howto prevent engine start?

    I have a T6, diesel, 2016 with a CXFA engine. In the past I had a petrol car with a secret switch. To start the engine I had to toggle that switch allowing the +12V to go to the bobine. The switch was in the +12V circuit to the bobine. When you try to start the engine and you are not aware of...
  7. GProud

    Immobilser Installation On 2017 T6 - Yay or Nay?

    Forgive me if this is well-trodden ground, but I was about to book the installation of a ghost immobiliser but after doing some reading, it sounds like the van may already have a decent level of factory-fitted security by way of an alarm and an immobiliser I can't see in the manual what...
  8. B

    Scorpion X Series issues

    Hi, yesterday had scorpion x series fitted to my landrover discovery, and straight away have warning fault for 'suspension fault, drive with caution'. Installers insist it's just coincidence, but didn't have fault driving there! Any help much appreciated
  9. CJW

    Deeper dive into these fault codes

    Hi. For the year I’ve had this T6, there have always been two two faults codes from Carista: 05273 05459 The van runs and starts like a dream. @mmi rightly suggested this: I had the battery tested and it’s tip-top. I’m aware that these might be ghost codes from Carista, but don’t have VCDS...
  10. Jimmmmy

    Scorpion X-Series Immobiliser

    Hi all, looking to have a immobiliser fitted to the van and looked at the Ghost 2 which looks good and while researching them I cam across the Scorpion X-Series which is described as `The Most advanced aftermarket CAN Bus immobiliser on the market` also they say it is a lot easier to use than...
  11. Jim Rey

    VW T6 Trendline immobiliser question

    I have VW T6 Trendline. Insurance company renewal (Adrian Flux) renewal arrived in email. They state it has to have a Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser. Are these standard on a VW 2018 T6?
  12. RedUn

    Ignition or immobiliser dead?

    Stumped on this one but may be missing something simple... Lost the ambient lights this week but not all of them. The heater controls light up fine as do the mfsw buttons. Leccy windows, light switch and push button switches on the dash are completely dead though... Checked the fuses I...
  13. R

    T6.1 Thatcham Alarm / immobiliser category

    Does tknow if my new 6.1 highline has a category 1 thatcham alarm. Trying to sort out my insurance. TIA
  14. RunDSG

    Error: ACC and Error: Brakes… Workshop!

    Ok, someone please save me. I’m worried I’ve seriously wrecked something. I’ve just finished a series of jobs. Most likely to have caused the error, fitting Westfalia towbar electrics. I now get these two errors. Error: ACC *reading here suggests this sometimes happens after towbar install...
  15. Mr blue

    Ignition Kill-switch

    Hi I was thinking last night about van theft and had an idea if you disconnected the clutch down switch,then even if they stole the keys they still couldn’t start the van as it would think the clutch wasn’t down and show depress clutch on mfd. if you had a switch hidden away glove box ,under...
  16. Whiz

    Disconnecting Battery - Impact On Immobiliser

    No abuse please. Want to lock van, then disconnect battery as away for month. Is the immobiliser still operating when battery disconnected? I assume it will remain locked at least. I don't want to leave it on trickle charge. Appreciate your replies in advance. Thanks.Bluey.
  17. B

    Ignition Fault

    Hi guys, Purchased my t6 last week from auctions and since then i’ve been having trouble with the ignition. It doesn’t happen every time but occasionally it will not let me turn the key to the final start position, I’ve tried with the spare key and get the same result. I have since purchased...
  18. Skyliner33

    3rd Key

    when I bought my van I was given 3 keys. 2 of them are the remote key fobs that work as expected. I also received a ‘normal’ key. Non folding no big fob. What is the point of this key? If I open the door with this key the alarm goes off.
  19. N

    STOLEN T6 !!!!!!!!!!!

    BG66MTJ My FANTASTIC mint T6 Mojave beige STOLEN on Monday 21 st March from my own drive way in the middle of the day ! I hope the pair of scroats that stole it die of a slow & painful death !!!! hopefully there is enough CCTV footage of them to put them away! The picture was taken the...
  20. Sabre

    Immobilisers Direct - Veil Tuning

    Hi all, Anyone have any experience of these guys please? Immobilisers Direct was a web site that quoted from Northampton but seem to have subcontracted the install of my Ghost to a guy in Bedford from Veil Tuning. Just thought I'd ask the question.