hilo surf

  1. Eli

    Hilo Roof

    So as I am part way through my conversion, I am now looking towards a pop top. Hilo is the preferred choice but it would be interesting to see what percentage have had issues against people who have not
  2. S

    No more Surfing - HiLo to Vanmax replacement

    Hopefully, this is the last post I need to make about our HiLo Surf roof. It is no more, it is an ex-roof! A huge round of applause to Vanmax Poptops…They took on the challenge and were more than equal to it. We have now got a spanking new roof that doesn’t leak, has no condensation build up...
  3. V

    VTA: The Future of Hilo Sport Roof

    Please check out our Facebook page for more info on this subject https://www.facebook.com/visiontechsystemsltd/
  4. S

    HiLo Surf roof dimensions wanted

    I am now in a position where I need to replace a broken HiLo Surf Roof but, being located in the far North East of Scotland, there’s no-one nearby that can advise me on the options, so rather than drive 600 miles or more for someone to have a look at the van, I’m wondering if anyone can help...
  5. RS6plusMTM

    HiLo have gone into administration

    Just saw this posted on another forum that HiLo have gone into administration. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/08104434/filing-history Thought this may be useful for anyone that has a roof conversion booked with them or had one fitted
  6. S

    HiLo Surf roof unhinged

    My cup runneth over... The nearside hinge of our HiLo surf roof has just popped off! Has anyone else had a problem like this? They are held on by 2 rivets and I'm not sure how to go about fixing this... Any thoughts (on the repair)? I think it will need to be a 'blind' repair in that I can't...
  7. S

    Hi Drama Lo Quality Roof - Sinking In The Surf

    I thought it might be helpful to others planning their winter projects for me to share our recent experiences with HILO Roofs and their Surf Roof product. For the record, this doesn’t directly relate to the product recall, although we did have to drive around with that bra strap on the roof for...
  8. Carl1974

    Pop Top External Thermal Cover for HiLo

    I’m hoping this is the right section, I’m looking to purchase an external thermal cover for my Hilo surf. Anyone got one or something similar or know where I can get one from please.
  9. DaveyB

    Van Doc Ltd / Vandoc Conversions Ltd

    Having looked through this area, I am quite surprised not to see Van Doc’s name. So here goes with first review for them. I first got in touch with them in January to make an appointment to go and visit with a view to getting a Hilo roof fitted. This was all simple, and within a week Mrs...
  10. C

    Hilo Surf Recall

    It looks like HiLo are recalling their cheaper Surf roof for safety reasons. Temporarily adding some straps and also adding some metal discs to strengthen the roof where it may not have been manufactured incorrectly......still safe to 70mph though but with a warning of 'involuntary elevation of...
  11. T6downsouth

    Hilo Surf Poptop Roof

    Hi All Has anyone fitted a Hilo Surf roof? I would love to go for the more expensive Hilo Sports roof but budget will not allow. The pop top bed will be just for the kids so I’m hoping the Surf will do the job and save me a wedge. Would welcome thoughts and some pictures. Thanks.
  12. S

    Ral / Bs Equivalent To Acapulco Blue

    I am soon to take delivery of an Acapulco Blue T6 and I'm having a roof fitted. Obviously, getting the roof painted Acapulco Blue would be the most sensible thing, but if I went with a solid colour, does anyone know what's the nearest RAL or British Standard colour to Acapulco Blue? And how bad...