Ral / Bs Equivalent To Acapulco Blue

Discussion in 'Exterior Styling, Bodywork & Detailing' started by seewhy, 13 Jan 2019.

  1. seewhy

    seewhy New Member

    I am soon to take delivery of an Acapulco Blue T6 and I'm having a roof fitted. Obviously, getting the roof painted Acapulco Blue would be the most sensible thing, but if I went with a solid colour, does anyone know what's the nearest RAL or British Standard colour to Acapulco Blue? And how bad would it look? Anyone done the mix of metallic and solid?

    As I don't have my vehicle to hand, I can't do a comparison myself. Going for a contrasting colour might be an option, but not one I would like to take up - before anyone suggests it.

    Hoping someone can help.
  2. Niccus69

    Niccus69 Member

  3. seewhy

    seewhy New Member

    Thanks! Can't really tell how that would look if I put it on my roof (so to speak).
    Looks like you've got the Acapulco blues too? Have you got some solid colour on your van, or are you just a colour genius?
  4. Niccus69

    Niccus69 Member

    Hi.I have Acapulco Blue (the profile’s photo is my Van),and I have an acquaintance who has a Caddy with a solid color roof that I told you and it's not bad.
    Obviously the final choice is yours, tastes are not discussed.

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