heated mirrors

  1. A

    Heated mirror problems, resistance?

    Hi All, Just noticed a problem witht the new van (2016 T6 panel van)... Nearside mirror clears fine, but drives side doesn't. The glass is warm to the touch on the nearside, but not as warm on the drivers. I have measure the voltage and it's fine, but resistance of the nearside mirror is...
  2. JimmyMac74

    Heated mirror wiring - which way round?

    I'm just about to fit the two wires to my heated wing mirror glass (brown & white), I've stupidly forgot which way round to connect these. Brown at the top, or the bottom?
  3. M

    Wing Mirror - Lane Visibility Issue

    I recently had to replace my entire drivers side wing mirror. (Replaced with genuine VW Parts) It's manual fold with electrical adjustment. I have adjusted the mirror fully over to the right and i am still looking at the side of the van. When I was on the motorway I couldn't see the lane next...
  4. Pauly

    T6 Electrically Adjustable Mirrors Wiring Diagram 2017

    Electrically Controlled Exterior Mirrors Circuit Diagram Includes mirror controls, mirror heating and lane change assist warning lamps Does not include radio/infotainment aerials VIP Membership is required to download this document
  5. H

    Heated wing-mirror operation

    Bought my 2017 T6 back in the summer so at the time I didn't even think to look. Now that winter is here the heated windscreen is great but there is no option to turn the heated mirrors on. Am I missing something? Or is it just the case they aren't heated? Would seem a bit odd to have a heated...
  6. Tsixty

    Heated mirrors/rear demister Carista

    Just for information/observation. I used Carista to enable the heated mirrors to come on when the heated rear screen is turned on. This worked. What I wasn't expecting was that if you do that the mirror heating position on the mirror knob no longer works. I was hoping that changing the setting...
  7. Vdubster

    T6 steaming heated wing mirror problem

    T6 steaming heated wing mirror problem. I recently aquired a 2018 T6, i noticed this morning that when i put the mirrors on heat the right one demists quickly with no steam coming off it, the left one however take 10-15 mins longer to demist and steams like a kettle. it doesnt look broken or...
  8. Andysmee

    [SOLVED] Bad radio reception + no electric mirror control = cut loom

    Having read this thread about bad radio reception - T6 Aerials, Gps, Dab, Fm/am, Gsm - How I Did It and knowing that my offside wing mirror is not body colour (as it should be for a Trendline) and was not responding to the electric controls, I decided to take the mirror apart. Thanks to folks...
  9. osman

    Replace Wing Mirror Heated Glass.

    Hi does anyone have a link or a break down of how these things come apart and what’s involved ?
  10. T

    Heated Wing-Mirrors not working?

    I was under the impression my wing mirrors were heated. Had a 1st frost this week and when came to flick the switch to heat there was nothing there :laugh: (no icon like was on my Caddy) , its something i've never took any notice of since owing the van. Am I missing something or are some wing...
  11. S

    Triggering the heated windscreen and wing mirrors remotely.

    I should have never have got this van. Always liked hacking about with stuff but the most expensive thing I've generally messed with is a fridge! Then I got a T6, bad idea. So I have installed a GSM relay into my lesuire electrics. I can trigger 4 different circuits from an app and have 2...
  12. DaveyB

    Heated Mirrors and VCDS

    Following on from a number of threads over the past week relating to heated mirrors, and how they are on a separate switch (on the mirror control stalk). I have had mine hooked up to VCDS today and was playing whilst getting an oil service. There is a code in VCDS that enables "mirror heating on...