head unit quad lock

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  3. Paynewright

    Speaker Connector Supplier

    Hi, Does anyone have a source for the speaker connectors no longer available from VW / forum shop? Or even the OEM part number which will often help when searching for equivalents. I have some with on tails however I like to avoid unnecessary joints in wiring and have a proper crimp tool. I...
  4. paul5319

    T6 Quad Lock Wiring ?.

    Hi Guy's, Can anyone tell me what the two orange wires are in the grey part of the quad plug ( orange with a green strip and orange with a black strip ? ) see photo i think i know which are the speaker wires, Any help appreciated.
  5. W

    Highline Audio Upgrade Wiring For Kenwood Dnx7017

    I’m seeking some advice on the wiring for upgrading my factory unit to a Kenwood DNX7017DAB. I’ve identified some of the cables in the quad lock on the van, but could do with some help in identifying the extra coloured blocks. The van comes with Park Assist and Steering Wheel Controls as...
  6. Mickymiff

    Discovery Media System - no rear output

    Why is there no rear audio output on the bsck of my discovery media system? I.need to wire some rear speakers but have no output! Any ideas??
  7. RattyMcClelland

    T6 stereo wiring

    I attempted to fit my Alpine X801d-u with the 801t5 plug and play kit. Wasted 2 hours. It didn't plug and play at all. The internet lies. What are these wires. I'm holding the alone wiring harness. Is misses a fair few cables. The blue and green oem wiring blocks are completely missed...