head unit quad lock

  1. Cnud

    For Sale VW T6 Quadlock Harness To Add Amp / Sub & Rear Speakers

    Travelin-lite VW T6 Quadlock Harness To Add Amp / Sub & Rear Speakers No rear cabling supplied just the output wires (green and purple) £40 posted Or collection from NG13
  2. T

    Wiring a new stereo - ready to poke my eyes out.

    Hi, Can anyone with more stereo wiring experience than me (most!) chip in with some advice? I impulsed bought a use Android unit from a local clearance aution for the wifes van. Regretting it. I had to by an ISO adapter for it - its a 2012 T5.1. Swapped all the various connectors & plugs over...
  3. Saffa365

    Quadlock extension

    Hi Guys I’m trying to understand the wiring loom . Does anyone have a link or know what I need to put an extension on my current wiring harness . There seems to be loads of different quadlocks out there It’s 2016 highline with mfsw and rear parking sensors Cheers
  4. B

    Rear speakers really quiet

    Before I loose the will to live, does anyone have any idea what might be causing a problem with my rear speakers. I upgraded the headunit in my T5.1 to an RCD 360 along with a quad lock harness that feeds rear speakers, front tweeters and has a pre-out for an amp. Both the headunit and harness...
  5. SteH

    Blam RA 704 DSP PRO LOOM

    Hi looking for help if possible, had the Blam amp fitted to my 2011 transporter but removed prior to selling as it a top quality amp. I’ve now got a new 2021 Transporter but the Quadlock is different but I still want to fit this is possible. Tried the original supplier but got no response. Does...
  6. Bluemerlin

    Installing Aftermarket reversing camera to an OEM head unit.

    Good morning all, first post on here but have been using this forum for guidance for some time now, and thank you to @Pauly for accepting me. So he is where I am, I’m looking to install a wired aftermarket camera from ADT and fit it to my OEM composition media head unit. However finding it...
  7. Skyliner33

    Head Unit Wont Go Back In

    I can remember seeing posts about fitting head units but for the life if me I cant find again. I've fitted one of these to the back of the head unit: Now I cant get it back into place : Any tips or tricks Im missing? Thanks.
  8. RattyMcClelland

    T6 Quad Lock Wiring?

    I attempted to fit my Alpine X801d-u with the 801t5 plug and play kit. Wasted 2 hours. It didn't plug and play at all. The internet lies. What are these wires. I'm holding the alone wiring harness. Is misses a fair few cables. The blue and green oem wiring blocks are completely missed...
  9. W

    Highline Audio Upgrade Wiring For Kenwood Dnx7017

    I’m seeking some advice on the wiring for upgrading my factory unit to a Kenwood DNX7017DAB. I’ve identified some of the cables in the quad lock on the van, but could do with some help in identifying the extra coloured blocks. The van comes with Park Assist and Steering Wheel Controls as...
  10. Mickymiff

    Discovery Media System - no rear output

    Why is there no rear audio output on the bsck of my discovery media system? I.need to wire some rear speakers but have no output! Any ideas??
  11. M

    Installing Underseat Subwoofer

    Hi all, Newbie to the forum, so apologies in advance if something like this has already been posted, I did attempt to find a similar thread but to no avail! Anyways, I'm going to be installing an underseat amp/sub in my T6 in the next few weeks and Im looking for help with the quad lock...
  12. C

    [GUIDE] Head unit removal and rear speaker wiring

    I have fitted rear speakers and have run the cables through under the cab floor and they are currently dangling through fuse box access panel at the moment. I shall (hopefully) get them connected tomorrow but first I'll need to remove the head unit (Discover sat-nav). Any pointers or tips on how...