1. P

    For Sale Genuine VW T6 Transporter Caravelle Handbrake Shaft Cover

    Genuine VW T6 Transporter Caravelle Handbrake Shaft Cover Used Condition in Titanium Black Colour Will Fit All T5 T6 Transporters, From 2003- Onwards £30
  2. N

    Handbrake Cable

    I have removed the front seat and handbrake a few times and put back with no issues, until today! Whilst putting the seat back in the handbrake cable is now too short to put back into the handbrake lever, has anyone come across this before, it is around 2/3 inches shorter than when i removed...
  3. Tetsudo

    OEM Handbrake alternative?

    Good Evening all, New to this T6 forum, after fitting swivel seats I was wondering if anyone has replaced the hand break mechanism with a hydraulic unit which doesn’t imped the operational swivel of the driver seat. An suggestions or-ideas. Thanks
  4. F

    Hand brake adapter bracket and centre console query

    Hi, I’ve ordered two front seat rust Lee swivel bases for the passenger and drivers seat. Transporter HQ web site says I need a hand brake adapter bracket which are available on eBay for about £19. Problem is I’ve looked and can’t see any. (Tbh not even sure what it looks like !) If anyone...
  5. Rioja John

    Possibly over adjusted handbrake

    Whilst preparing to cut a 64 mm hole in the side of my drivers seat base I lifted the seat base complete with handbrake off the four bolts and inadvertently lifted the handbrake lever, it raised with a number of clicks which I thought nothing about. Anyway I cut the hole for the heater ducting...
  6. M

    Sold Kiravans Handbrake Lowering kit

    Hi I have one of these lowering kits for sale. Some slight marks where it was bolted in, but they are covered by the plastic cover when fitted Kiravans VW T5 T6 Handbrake Lowering Kit Looking for £35 collected from Burgess Hill (RH15) or can post for an extra £5
  7. bullracing

    its got to be said... Cali handbrake for the win

    One of the best mods so far is the Grand California handbrake. You lift it up then let go and it drops to the floor while still being engaged. Allows you to swivel the seat so much easier. Yes yes, I know all you posh gits with dsg can just put it in Park but for those without this is a game...
  8. W

    Handbraking lowering - adjusting original plastic trim?

    Can it be done - re lowered hand brake. Have searched through this forum (awesome information everywhere here - I end up down a rabbit hole and picking up other tips), thought I had seen at some point someone saying - heh if you cut here and there the old trim will fit around the lowered...
  9. T

    Help! Nicked handbrake cable near lever with angle grinder

    I have been very foolish. I was removing the bulkhead retainers in a van with a floor already fitted so I needed to go from the cab side, and the angle grinder nicked the handbrake cable where it enters the van. It's holding, but is there anyway of testing the cable to know if it's good/needs...
  10. Y

    4motion handbrake system

    Anyone got a picture of the 4motion handbrake mounting in front of the diff? I'm removing my handbrake brackets to mount the diff and need to replace them with the 4motion abutment plate.
  11. B

    Van left in D with handbrake on ….

    Hi all …. Have I ( I say I but I actually mean my wife :( ) left the T6 in D and put the hand brake on . Jumped out and then I jumped in a minute later and moved it . Would this have caused any damage at all ? Thanks
  12. hunta

    Handbrake spacer

    Fitted swivel seats today but ran out of adjustment on the handbrake when lowered. Has anyone solved this with a spacer and if so can point me in the direction of an appropriate part?
  13. Roblee

    Handbrake too low.

    Stupid question but, Is there anyway the handbrake could be made higher, my wife drives our T6 but she has to lean over and down the side of the drivers seat to reach the handbrake. Shes only small and the drivers seat is at its lowest setting. Hill starts are hard for her. Thanks
  14. I

    VW T6 Sportscraft handbrake lowering kit

    Hi All, Needing some help. Has anyone fitted a sportscraft hand brake lowering kit? I have attached the bracket to the handbrake but when I put it back on the rear bolt fowls on the seat base. Am I doing something stupid? I have taken a photo. It won’t go in because of that rear bolt Any...
  15. dnoermann

    EPB Retrofit ... the way to Stop & Go

    So with ACC and DSG in the T6 we have the FollowToStop capability. But i wont more, i wont to have "Stop and Go" like it is available in the VW Sharan PQ35 which is very likely like the T6 which is PQ25. Needles to say we need Auto-Hold and EPB to get Stop & Go capability. T6 ABS is a complete...
  16. A

    Sticking rear brakes

    Thought my hand brake was sticking and sprayed some WD40 over the rear springs (behind brake callipers) was better but still get a hot burning smell from them quite often as if brake is permanently on.. yet to take a look but wondered if anyone else has suffered the same and knew the resolve?
  17. M

    Handbrake removal on dsg

    Afternoon all, I have a dsg I'm just converting, and it strikes me the handbrake isn't really necessary in a dsg? Can I not just leave it in 'P'? Had anyone got rid of their handbrake?
  18. D

    Handbrake warning light

    I took out the drivers seat in my T6 today to cut away the bulkhead retaining lip. Removed handbrake assembly from the seat base and unclipped the cable under the seat. After putting it all back the handbrake light is permanently on whether or not the handbrake is applied. Anybody had similar...
  19. J

    Replace handbrake cable

    I need to replace my handbrake cable. The thread on the end of the cable where it adjust on the actual lever has been stripped as such I need to replace the entire cable. The cable exits through the floor covering, through to the underside of the van. Any idea please guys? Much appreciated Jay
  20. V

    Switching handbrake question: move lever from left to right of driver's seat

    Hi All, I haven't yet looked at the handbrake lever setup on my (new-to-me) 2019 T6 DSG - I thought it best to see if anyone has any advice first-off. So, has anyone any experience or heard if this is practical or reasonably possible? At its most basic could a torsion bar through suitable...