1. D

    Do 16” Clayton’s fit Ford?

    Mornings Just a quickie would 16” Clayton’s fit a Ford connect van ?? Thanks
  2. Niknak

    Why I hate transits

    Monday morning happiness
  3. Urbanfox

    Ford Nugget

    Fords rival to the Cally? Ford launches rival to Volkswagen California camper van
  4. Dellmassive

    Vw & Ford

  5. A

    Help With Ford Galaxy Seat Air Bag Cover

    Hi all, I recently got some Ford Galaxy front swivel seats. The plan is to remove the existing covers, wash and dye them and then put them back on. I have the seat base stripped and now I'm trying to get the plastic air bag cover/trim off the side of the seat back....but I'm struggling. I can...
  6. R

    Transit Van Failures Again

    Hi there gents sorry it's not v.w. But had to show you guy's. Brand new not even touched UK tarmac yet. Transit tourneo people carriers. All have 2 /3 miles on them and have to get jump started every day is the same today there's 12 none runners Friday last there was 9 non runners. Just...
  7. Neil Nicholls

    Advise On A Ford

    Sorry about the swearing in the title... Just wondered if anyone could offer any advise on this. Basically, my nephew was stuck in a bit of a rut at work. He was a machine driver, looking to go self employed, but had no capital. He also lives with me, and is a hard working lad. I lent him some...
  8. True Romance

    Ford Vw Alliance
  9. Nickmac

    Fitting Ford Custom seats in rear of a T6

    Hello chaps and to the forum so please be gentle! I had a search for this topic but couldn't find anything pertinent, many apologies if I am covering ground that has already been thrashed to death! Sooooo, I went and bought a '66 plate Startline T28 Panel van that I...
  10. Markymark

    Detailed Theft Info On Fiats And Fords Data From Insurer

    Very surprised to receive this info from my insurer outlining problems with Fiats and Fords in Essex. Sounds like a gang doing the rounds. Over the past 2 months we have seen an increase in thefts of Fiat Motorhomes due to technology available to purchase online, which overrides the...
  11. 2017 057

    2017 057