flat battery

  1. D

    Battery drain (sorry, another thread)

    Hello I have browsed through other threads on the same theme, but looking for help with battery drain. When I picked the van up 1 month ago, the battery was flat. Jump started and it has been 'fine' since (although I was driving along one dat and noticed the red battery light on the dash). Last...
  2. Glennpea123

    Flat Vehicle battery [Resolved]

    Transporter T6 Hi all, my battery has gone flat again. It was new a few weeks ago because old one was old and kept going flat, now this new one has. Put on charge this morning and alarm came on and i couldn't turn it off..eventually stopped. Am i doing something wrong with how I leave the PMS...
  3. Mattsuze

    Engine battery charging using leisure battery?

    Hi All, due to my limited understanding of electronics, I’m asking for some help! I have a campervan, professionally converted T6.1 Transporter. it has a solar panel and leisure battery with the following kit: Victron units: ORION TR Smart isolated DC-DC CHARGER next to leisure battery under...
  4. D

    Diagnostics Query

    Hello I posted yesterday about a breakdown I had at traffic lights. Essentially, my engine had stopped on auto-stop and then failed to restart when I took my foot off the brake - it turned over and coughed a little but failed to run. A couple of technicians were passing and were kind enough to...
  5. K

    Starter battery draining and dead after a few days [Resolved]

    Hi, I'm at a loss, I've had a new starter and leisure battery installed in the past year and have a B2B Victron Smart Charger, which should be set-up correctly, but I've left my van for a week to find that the starter battery is down to 5 volts. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I...
  6. osman

    Starter battery dead

    I hooked up to 240 to give my leisure battery a well needed boost . Made sure it finished (eg settled down at 14v and after a few hours disconnected . Another couple of hours later I went to start the van and the starter motor was dead . Called the AA and they confirmed it was not taking a...
  7. M

    Electrical issue on my 150PS after flat battery. [Solved]

    Hi, I have an issue where my T6 will not start. It had a low battery warning on Saturday and I tried to start it, 2nd try it fired up for about 2 seconds and now the dash does not light up the electric windows are also not working. I and others (RAC & AA) have checked the small fuse box under...
  8. C

    Flat battery?

    I have just been out to start the van, flat battery. I noticed yesterday that the interior lights did not stay on when the door was opened, as they would normally do,& then fade out after approx 30 seconds after the door was shut, they just went out after approx 30 seconds, no fade out as...
  9. S

    Alarm help (flat battery?)

    Hi all, So stupid me left the switch on my PMS split charger thing to 'car' for the past couple of days so my battery just went flat and alarm started sounding (this is normal according to the VW manual?). Tried to stop it with the key fob but nothing... Alarm stopped after a few minutes so I...
  10. T6oldgits

    Flat battery after weekend away

    First weekend away had a great time until I tried starting the van 2016 t6 automatic called the breakdown man out he jumped me of, by the time I got home van battery fully charged and after two days of short journey to work it still holding 12.7 v??
  11. RickyG

    New member with a flat battery

    Thanks for the membership.
  12. 1

    T6 turns over but slow to start

    Morning my new to me van 2018 t6 only had it a couple of days,this morning it wouldn’t start Engine turned over and over on the 4th attempt just before giving up it just started. Got to work started fine no lights on dash etc any advice welcome as going on holiday with it on Saturday...
  13. 4

    Battery goes flat within 5 days

    I have a 2019 T6 camper van with solar panel. The engine battery has a permanent minor load (van computer, clock tracker etc) which is well within limits according to the local VW van centre. The battery goes flat after aboiut 4 to 5 days. The van centre say that the battery is fine and does...
  14. A

    Battery Dead - Camper & on Hols

    Hi, Appreciate without seeing / knowing further info a difficult one but just any ideas... Camper is hooked up to Camp site electrics - Electrics box in Camper shows power is connected and all good. However just come to start van - ignition on fine but just won't start - rapid clicking noise...
  15. W

    Battery dead after working in the van

    Hi Decided to remove all the timber panelling/ bulkhead today in preparation for starting the conversion. I was probably messing around for 90mins, doors open (so interior light on) and radio on. When I then came to start it, it was completely dead. Luckily I’ve got a boost start charger...
  16. czmate1999

    Mirrors not folding...

    Quick one. Just had cause to use the van and went to give the key fob a long press to fold the mirrors in and they are not moving... any ideas? did have a power drain issue which meant the battery went flat a few times... many suggestions appreciated! CZ
  17. GRM2004

    Battery Failure - Will AA Replace?

    Came home after a 50 mile run this evening (van not me, I'd be dead at 1 mile), parked up on the drive, popped in the house, came out 2 minutes later, engine tried to turn over and then died. Battery flat. Briefly saw a 12v battery too low, turning off audio message. We have only had the van a...
  18. czmate1999

    Van alarm going off at 6am

    Hi All, Alarm started going off at 6am this morning. Battery appeared to be dead. Haven’t used van since 27 Oct. is this normal? Has the cold caused it to drain quicker? cheers Cz.
  19. J

    Flat Moll battery when camping

    Hi, hope someone may be able to help. We have a Jobl Kampa and this morning had a flat battery. We have had the van for 12m and never had any problems before. we are wondering if the cause is the extra fridge we plugged into the 12v socket on the vans main power panel but we were hooked up to...
  20. andy greenwood

    Thinkware dash cam Q800 pro - hard wiring help

    hi I've purchased a Thinkware dash cam Q800 pro, can anyone please give me some advice on how to hard wire it into the fuse box ?