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  1. R

    New member with a flat battery

    Thanks for the membership.
  2. 4

    Battery goes flat within 5 days

    I have a 2019 T6 camper van with solar panel. The engine battery has a permanent minor load (van computer, clock tracker etc) which is well within limits according to the local VW van centre. The battery goes flat after aboiut 4 to 5 days. The van centre say that the battery is fine and does...
  3. A

    Battery Dead - Camper & on Hols

    Hi, Appreciate without seeing / knowing further info a difficult one but just any ideas... Camper is hooked up to Camp site electrics - Electrics box in Camper shows power is connected and all good. However just come to start van - ignition on fine but just won't start - rapid clicking noise...
  4. W

    Battery dead after working in the van

    Hi Decided to remove all the timber panelling/ bulkhead today in preparation for starting the conversion. I was probably messing around for 90mins, doors open (so interior light on) and radio on. When I then came to start it, it was completely dead. Luckily I’ve got a boost start charger...
  5. czmate1999

    Mirrors not folding...

    Quick one. Just had cause to use the van and went to give the key fob a long press to fold the mirrors in and they are not moving... any ideas? did have a power drain issue which meant the battery went flat a few times... many suggestions appreciated! CZ
  6. GRM2004

    Battery Failure - Will AA Replace?

    Came home after a 50 mile run this evening (van not me, I'd be dead at 1 mile), parked up on the drive, popped in the house, came out 2 minutes later, engine tried to turn over and then died. Battery flat. Briefly saw a 12v battery too low, turning off audio message. We have only had the van a...
  7. czmate1999

    Van alarm going off at 6am

    Hi All, Alarm started going off at 6am this morning. Battery appeared to be dead. Haven’t used van since 27 Oct. is this normal? Has the cold caused it to drain quicker? cheers Cz.
  8. J

    Flat Moll battery when camping

    Hi, hope someone may be able to help. We have a Jobl Kampa and this morning had a flat battery. We have had the van for 12m and never had any problems before. we are wondering if the cause is the extra fridge we plugged into the 12v socket on the vans main power panel but we were hooked up to...
  9. andy greenwood

    Thinkware dash cam Q800 pro - hard wiring help

    hi I've purchased a Thinkware dash cam Q800 pro, can anyone please give me some advice on how to hard wire it into the fuse box ?
  10. Josh Corps

    Starter Battery Discharge

    Hi all, I've been having trouble with my battery discharging if the vehicle is not being used. Takes about to weeks to go flat. I've taken it in as it's covered under warranty and they have come back and said that because it's a new type of van the alternator doesn't charge that battery anymore...
  11. Martin Jones

    Battery Flat now nothing works and not even vcds

    Hi Looking for any help on this problem. My battery was dead flat when i went to the van yesterday, having not been anywhere for 4 weeks.... Tried to jump it with a power pack but that was no good. Had the battery on charge overnight and it appears to be holding a voltage but now the half the...
  12. V

    Flat Main Battery Sanity Check

    Another Battery Thread Yay... After reading many threads include @Dellmassive Battery Chargers How I did it. Since the battery is dead (just enough to sound the alarm) I plan on getting this NOCO 10 amp charger to fully charge and then maintain this charge by plugging it in every few days...
  13. J

    Van battery flat from being stood. Voltages and charging ideas?

    So, first off, my main van battery was changed under warranty at the end of last year as the moll was faulty. So the battery fitted now is only a few months old and a varta I believe. I came to start the van last week and it was flat, dead as a dodo. Called out vw assist and he said it's...
  14. Josh Corps

    Battery Dead....again.

    Hello, some of you may have seen my post a while back about how my battery kept dying, but if not ill give you the basics. -Battery died after around 3 weeks no use -VW said everything was ok I just needed my battery charging corrected -VW charged battery correctly -Battery still died -VW blame...
  15. Urbanfox

    Coding in a new battery

    Hi All, I have been perusing this thread, Flat battery and noticed that things had to be reset if you change your main starter battery. Does this apply to all T5/T6 models and if so can it be done with Carista rather than VCDS? A little more knowledge is always appreciated. Next is, what do the...
  16. Surfer

    T6 Won't Start After Insulating And Sound Deadening Rear

    Took the old inside van panelling off the rear drivers side of my t6 LWB van today. Covered in sound deadening then insulation and put the panels back on (temporary until I carpet and replace with fitted panels) Notice the rear light cluster flickering. Checked the dash and when I turned...
  17. Z

    Flat Battery after 3 weeks

    Went on holiday a few months ago and the van was left parked at home for three weeks. Prior to going away I was doing a 42 mile drive to work every day so the battery was as charged as it could have been...no short journeys or having all the electrics on. I also have a spare battery fitted by...
  18. Stay Frosty

    Moll Battery flounders...

    Right second attempt at this thread... Let down really badly by Agnes this morning when she wouldn't start, all loaded up for a cycle ride and... nothing followed by random end of the world messages from the dash display. Thing is we were camping in her last weekend and will be off again in a...
  19. saxoboy

    Main Battery - When Camping With 240v

    Hi Guys, Been camping in the van over Easter and had a problem when I went to start it on Monday morning, it wouldn't. Luckily my sister had a batter changer with her and we got some charge into it and it then started. My question to the group is, when I am connected via 240v and the leisure...
  20. L

    Alternator Lack Of Charging Causing Battery Failure.

    I have a 2017 T6 102hp 28cwt with approx 10,000 miles. Converted to camper with solar panel fit courtesy of Vamoose. I had to have a new battery at start of 2019 due to dead battery. After recharge by AA and diagnostic checks they scrapped original battery and replaced with new Varta battery. My...